Tracy Anderson Likes it on All Fours

So you better like it on all fours because that is where you are going to be for a good part of Perfect Design Series: Sequence 1Tracy upgraded nearly every aspect of production for this round of videos.  From the get, she changed the menu so you can add or subtract music and commentary.  The menu also subdivides the workout, warm-up, and her interview segment.  The music selections, primarily Spanishy guitar instrumentals, also improve over her first effort.

What I like best about this workout is that it feels short, but adequately challenging.  I haven’t actually timed it, but the description says it runs fifty-five minutes.  It feels more like forty-five.  It doesn’t require any special equipment or crazy amounts of space.  Most importantly, I’ve seen subtle improvements in my body without strictly adhering to Tracy‘s program.  I curse her under my breath, but she’s succeeded in lifting my ass a good inch.Tracy biffs it in a few departments.  The woman refuses to hold a stretch.  Most of this routine can’t be learned; it looks and feels pretty random – especially the arms and the standing abs section.  Spending so much time on the knees hurts, easily the first fifteen to twenty minutes of “butt work” is done on all fours.  I shudder to think where she built up all this on-her-knees stamina. 

I also wonder if Gwyneth approved this outfit.

Tracy wants $30 for each sequence or $85 for all three, add to that the dance cardio meant to be done in tandem for $15-$30, and you are over a $100 deep in workout videos.  Furthermore, it is super annoying that none of her videos are available on Netflix — as of yet.In sum, Perfect Design Series: Sequence 1 is an improvement over Tracy’s previous efforts in terms of production and quality.  However, you can dress a whore in Chanel and she’s still a whore, and in this case a leg lift, is a leg lift, is a leg lift.  If you don’t enjoy spending twenty minutes on all fours doing leg lifts, this video is probably not for you.