New Obsession: Goody Spin Pins

A very good friend (shout out to HIL) visited recently and introduced me to Goody Spin Pins, corkscrew-shaped hair accessories that tuck into hair holding it invisibly and securely.

These things fucking rule.  One pin screwed in from the top and one pin screwed in from the bottom keep hair in place even through a vigorous workout.  These babies don’t crease hair like a ponytail holder, so when you pull them out you’re left with soft waves instead of kinks.  They twist in and twist out: no snagging, pulling, or damage.They come in two-per-pack blond and brunette shades, but it really doesn’t matter because they don’t show.  Thanks to all the up-do craving brides and bridesmaids, you may have trouble finding these little do-dads.  Stay the course and seek them out; you won’t be sorry.