Courtney Love: Behind the Music

“Part of what makes me good at my job is because I was built physically for it.  You gotta to be hearty, you gotta be able to like stage dive and fight off big ass fucking guys.  You gotta be able to like play topless and feel like a fucking Amazon.  That’s what I love.”“I can’t remember not wanting to be famous.  All I could see is was that I would be famous and then everything would be fair.”“It was the summer I was 18.  I saw Faith No More playing with Gun Club and they had a crap singer, and I had a wedding gown on, and I looked so fucking cool and I knew it, and I demanded to be in their band, and then I broke a bottle over my head.  That is the legend.  I can’t recall.”“That’s how inappropriate.  I was so raised in a cave; I read a poem about incest trying out for the New Mousekeeters.”

“I didn’t ask to be hated.  I just don’t mind being a bitch.”

“My band’s called Hole.  It’s not called little hole, it’s not called big hole, it’s not flapping noni, it’s not called tiny rosebud, it’s not called Barbie pussy.  It’s called Hole, o.k.”