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Tuesday’s Tarot

The Four of Cups depicts a young man sitting under a tree contemplating three choices.  From nowhere appears a fourth selection.  Despite the dearth of opportunities, none of the options are particularly appealing.  Right now everything conjures disgust.  This disengagement and aversion can lead to apathy.  Turn inward and take a moment.  Don’t feel pressured to make any one decision until a clear path illuminates itself.  When flipped, anticipate new instruction or relations.


After listening to this album several times and feeling strangely repulsed and confused, clearly the only way to process Angles is to acknowledge and accept that the boys are serving 80’s rock nostalgia.  This has got to be an homage, right? First, The Strokes do Duran Duran on Machu Picchu.  Then Tom Petty gets his due with Two Kinds Of Happiness.   The Cars pop up on Taken For A Fool.  Try and deny Billy Joel’s influence when listening to Gratisfaction.   Without mincing words, this is their least listenable album.  The record’s a disappointment – even Strokes apologists will have a hard time defending this collection of lackluster cast-aside tracks. In terms of interpersonal conflict souring creativity, The Strokes could easily become America’s equivalent to Oasis, and sadly Angles sounds like a harbinger of the band’s demise.  Gentlemen, in the future, please show us different.

Sunday with Spring

FALL 2011 RTW: shady

KB’s Special 29th Birthday Horoscope

Good Morning Muffin.  Happy Birthday.  Since you check in first thing, here is a special horoscope to start your day off right.  Interplay between Mars and Neptune conjure the type of power you need to see things through.  No stranger to achievement and the hard work it requires, colleagues and students truly respect your mastery and understanding.  Creative expression produces pleasing results.  Always thick with friends, expect much jubilation today in your honor.  Sop up all the well-wishing and rub it on like cold cream.  Today’s the day to glow.  As for romantic interests, for you honesty is everything.  Navigate accordingly.  Today especially, emotions color judgment.

FALL 2011 RTW: knits

Bethenny Ever After: very nice to meet you

This week Bethenny snatched Bryn for a morning corner store run while Gina caught up on her beauty rest.  Since Bryn sleeps through the night, Bethenny contemplates why Gina’s still residing in the nursery.Bethenny and Jason did some market research on Skinnygirl Margarita by hitting their local liquor store.  After discussing the supply issues with the owner, the two took a step out front where Bethenny again pressured Jason to sort out the problems with her business.  Bethenny wants heads to roll, but she doesn’t want to pick up the axe.  She’s exhausting with her all-bark-no-bite personality.  Nut up or shut up.  (Sidenote: predictions of 1 million cases sold in 2011?  Folks are buying?)Food God Nick delivered rosemary focaccia baglunch from an underground sandwich shop and he and Bethenny discussed the best food carts.  Bethenny offered to give Nick a blog within her website, and the two spent several minutes bandying about ideas.Then out came Bryn, and Nick looked at her very sincerely and said, “very nice to meet you.”  This kid is too much.  Episode highlight.

In therapy Bethenny discussed bringing Jason into the business.  This bitch doesn’t know what she wants.  Out the gate, she states clearly, “I need a chief under me.”  Dr. Amador then asked whether Jason would be working for Bethenny or with her.  Without missing a beat she said, “with me.”  Which is it Bethenny?  Is he under you or beside you?Then it kinda seemed like Dr. Amador was trying to drop B off his therapeutic nutsack, but she wasn’t having it.  She just kept repeating, “You cannot break up with me.”  Awkward.For Gina’s birthday, Bethenny took her to the day spa for a little mani/pedi.  Gina seemed more interested in whether they “waxed vaginas.”  While their feet got werked, Gina explained the source of her bitterness.  She accuses her husband of removing her name from a deed to property she purchased in Trinidad.  Don’t worry too much about Gina.  She’ll break out some island justice on his azz.Bethenny finally decided to confront the minimally helpful assistant Max.  Rather than dealing with the issue weeks ago, Bethenny’s been stewing on her dissatisfaction with his job performance.  As she lectured him about professionalism and appropriateness, it never fully crystallized whether she was firing or just warning him.This show should be renamed Bethenny Bungles Her Business because she kinda sucks at managing things at Skinnygirl headquarters.  Bad hiring decisions, unclear communication, abdication of responsibility, failure to set limits – bossy-biz Bethenny is a hot-ass ineffectual mess.  (Legal disclaimer: all opinions here).  Food God Nick and Bethenny met up for a food crawl.  She seemed outraged by the news that he didn’t eat red meat, and this confession slowed the momentum of the entire adventure.  After, the two met up with Jason and Bryn and got faded on spiked smoothies.Wrapping up this week, Bethenny bestowed Gina with a red velvet birthday cake.  Gina seized the moment to inform Bethenny that she’s planning to stay on until May.  Well played Gina.  Well played.

Tuesday’s Tarot

The Three of Cups unites, encourages sharing, and elicits trust in others.  Three of Cups celebrates the bond of female friendships – the connections that truly hold this planet together.  Love and support are the sentiments filling the cups in this toast.  Drink, dance, and celebrate your most precious platonic relationships.  That struggle?  Consider it concluded.  The compromise?  It is going to work.

Child Please, This is only the beginning…

Evelyn revealed a long-kept secret on last week’s Basketball Wives finale.  Perhaps angling for some extra camera time this season, Evelyn confessed to smashing Tami’s husband, Kenny Anderson, back in the day.  Tami took it as well as you might imagine. Several years after Lozada and Anderson’s affair, the tables have turned.  Now Evelyn’s engaged to marry rumored pussy-hound Chad Ochocinco.The Roman Candle proved payback’s a bitch when she dropped this delish doozy on part one of the reunion…

“So then I don’t need to tell you I fucked Chad.” And then Evelyn’s face looked like this. And then Royce broke out dancing.  In the immortal words of Mr. Ochocinco himself,Child Please, This is only the beginning.