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ida maria

I really enjoy Ida Maria.  Norwegian.  Badass.  Rockstar.Katla, previously released in Norway, is now available world-wide.

A solid collection from start to finish, no need to go skipping around for the highlights on this record.  Every track has flare.

Clever lyrics and creative composition make for a stellar sophomore effort from Miss Ida Maria.  She’s worth a listen for sure.

Veldig hyggelig!

דער בעסטער פון פאַל 2011 קאָוטורע

Maria Kashleva rides the wind at Christian Dior.

Tuesday’s Tarot

Here’s the bad news: the Eight of Swords brings sickness, mental unease, conflict, and slander.  This card surfaces when you feel trapped, persecuted, and blocked by obstacles.  This combination of circumstances leaves us feeling overwhelmed and powerless.  It’s tempting to slip into self-pitying victim mode.  Resist this tendency.  Remember that whether or not you can control the situation, you can always manage yourself and your reactions.  Start by exercising autonomy in this area and see if it doesn’t open up a new path to freedom.  This situation is undoubtedly bleak, albeit temporary.  Instead of an opposing bright side, when reversed the Eight of Swords brings opposition, treachery and even death.

Det bästa från hösten 2011 Couture

The sexiest suit of the Fall 2011 Couture season: Frida Gustavsson for Jean Paul Gaultier.

The Real L Word: Break-up, Breakdown, Rebound

Saj’s mom Sarita flew into to town to help her recover from her split from Chanel.  Her highly amusing and enjoyable mother stated the obvious, that Saj and Chanel moved way too fast way too soon.  After a few days of maternal grounding, Saj literally wept at the thought of her mom’s return home.

Kacy met up with her friend DreaDrea and her wife conceived twins through insemination, and Kacy wanted to pump her for information on the process.  Once Drea admitted the two went through seven rounds of insemination over a year before they achieved a successful pregnancy, Kacy could barely contain her disbelief.

Later, Cori and Kacy tallied the cost of continuing the procedures over the next year.  After adding up all the different expenses, the two realized they were looking at $3,000 a month or roughly half their monthly take-home income.  Upon this realization, Cori wanted to start looking for a flesh and blood man to cooperate in the baby-making.  Kacy was clearly threatened by the thought of an actual dick entering the scene.  When she slightly raised her voice incredulous at the notion, oversensitive Cori reverted to little girl mode and whined for her to stop yelling before she broke down and fled to the other room to cry.

Well aware of their obvious incompatibility, Romi’s been itching for an excuse to dump Kelsey all season.  She unreasonably demanded that Kelsey completely cease drinking and join her in her sobriety.  When Kelsey admitted she had a glass of wine while with her sister the night before, Romi seized on the confession to create a relationship-ending dispute.

These bitches obviously don’t understand the virtues of a clean break. Romi hovered around while Kelsey packed her belongings.  Romi then drove her ex to a mutual friend’s house to crash.  Romi even went so far as to offer to provide groceries to the host on Kelsey’s behalf.

Whitney invited Kacy and Cori over to gift them with the inseminator.  Romi, fresh from the weave shop, also joined the phallic festivities.  When presented with the aqua dong (editorial note: impressive girth Caes), both the babymakers appeared genuinely touched by the gesture, summing up their feelings by saying, “there was never a more thoughtful dildo given.”When the gathering wound down, Romi pretended to leave, but as soon as she exited Whitney was all over her phone texting.  Whitney had that familiar poon-bandit look in her eye, and it was obvious she was orchestrating a rendezvous.  In the least surprising rebound ever, Romi snuck in the door and right back into Whitney’s familiar bed.

Sunday with Anna Paquin

Demeter Clarc Tidy Tip: klean kettle

Over time mineral deposits build up on the inside of a tea kettle which make it less efficient and visually unappealing. 

Demineralize the situation with white vinegar.

Some prefer to dilute the vinegar with water before boiling it in the kettle.  Take into account the degree of build-up and weaken or strengthen the mix accordingly.Once the vinegar reaches a boil, turn the heat down slightly to maintain a controlled bubbling.  After at least ten minutes, remove the kettle from heat and let the vinegar slightly cool.  Rather than pitching the vinegar, consider using the warm solution to clean faucets or shower heads caked with limescale.  This easy and inexpensive method leaves kettles sparkling.  Afterward, be sure to boil a few rounds of plain water to rid the kettle of any lingering vinegar taste or smell.  Coffee drinker?  Vinegar works equally well to descale coffee pots. 

The Best of Herbst 2011 Couture

Everyone’s loving Gallic Aymeline Valade pictured in Chanel.  Is she worthy of the adulation or just an overrated flav of the month?

RHNY: C’est Peaked

Let’s just acknowledge what is blatantly obvious: this sad run sucked from premiere to finale.  Without a central conflict or sincere connections between the ladies, RHNY suffered from RHOC syndrome this season.  Symptoms include ubiquitous fakery, forced scenes, and contrived melodrama. God bless a snotty gay.  Alex showed up for her first paid editorial for The Block.  After listing a string of third tier shows she walked in during fashion week, James the requisite homo elitist, subtly shamed her by repeating, “Perfect then, Perfect then,” in a bored and disdainful tone.  Who can blame him?  Alex’s total lack of self-awareness, paired with her whiny pageant dad Simon, makes her an unbelievably easy target for criticism.  BTW Simon, revealing your wife was chosen 3rd on US Weekly’s worst dressed list isn’t something to brag about in a room of fashion folk.  Though she did live up to the title later in the episode by wearing this utterly fug pink double-breasted short suit.Bravo aired teasers for the finale all week that hinted at a change-of-life baby for Ramona.  The preview giveaways meant to build excitement were dubious since everyone is well aware that at 55, the only change of life happening to Ramona is the retirement of her ovaries.  Bravo’s last ditch effort to salvage the season with engineered baby drama smacks of desperation.In another red-herring subplot, LuAnn and Jacques invited the whole crew to a celebration of their one year anniversary.  The fiesta was held on a boat ironically destined to sail around the Statute of Liberty, a monument presented to America by the Count’s ancestors, as Ramona pointedly reminded us in her personal interview segment.Once on board, Ramona pretended to break the potential pregnancy news to Mario.  Then she and Sonja flitted off to the “head” like two leopard-clad sorority sisters with an eightball.  Sonja conveniently supplied the EPT (how much did they pay for that product placement?), and Ramona supplied the urine.Sensible Jill (relatively speaking) immediately called bullshit and didn’t hesitate to introduce the more obvious explanation of menopause to account for Ramona’s cyclical irregularity.For some unbeknownst reason (did Cohen offer her a kidney?), Natalie Cole agreed to make a cameo and sing a duet with LuAnn.  Fake-ass LuAnn wouldn’t know Natalie Cole from Natalie Merchant, but she pretended to fawn all over the singer when initially introduced by her opportunistic producer.Natalie sang decent, LuAnn sounded nervously pitchy, and Simon looked downright bitchy during the performance.While Jill was hoping for the party to culminate in an engagement announcement, the limp-dick gathering just petered out without any big reveals from either LuAnn or Ramona.If you are attached to this group of ladies, don’t miss the reunion next week.  Chances are it will be the last time you see this ensemble on Cohen’s confrontational couches.  This pathetic excuse for a season proved the NYC franchise is begging to be recast.  At this point, any change would serve as a welcomed improvement.