Clarisonic Mia: week one report

After struggling with persistent skin issues recently, a trustworthy and glowy-faced friend recommended the Clarisonic face brush.  Having owned the “Classic” and “Mia,” she recommended the less expensive and more portable Mia, arguing the expanded features of the Classic cannot justify the added cost.A week ago, I received my very own MiaClarisonic claims the vibrating and rotating brush removes six times more makeup than traditional cleansing.  I concur with this claim; my face passes the white towel test after using the Clarisonic.  Without question, skin is cleaner and makeup is thoroughly and gently eradicated.  The mild humming exfoliation feels like a mini facial massage.  The brush works with virtually any cleanser and the waterproof design makes it shower-friendly.After the first few uses, smoother skin emerges and texture noticeably improves.  Makeup glides on skin.  Breakouts have improved, but this isn’t a magic machine.Consider the following drawbacks.  The initial investment is around $120.  The replacement heads are pricey (2/$40).  And who needs another gadget that requires an outlet to charge?  It is easy to over do it and cause irritation.  Twice a day might be too much for some, even with the sensitive brush.

I look forward to experiencing what the Mia has to offer in week two, and I promise to share it with all of you.  xox, DC