Clarisonic Mia: the 4th and final report

After a month of faithful use, my affection for the Clarisonic Mia has only grown.  It is worth a spot on your Kwanzaa/Chanukah/X-mas list this year, especially if you have been struggling with skin flare-ups this fall.Different brands offer different brushes.  I can’t speak to the efficacy of any other model than the Mia.  As far as it is concerned, the device feels substantial and well built.  The charging mechanism is space conscious and travel friendly.  As for Clarisonic’s claim that regular use of the Mia improves the absorption of skin care products?  Without any empirical proof, I concur.  

The Mia turns twice a day face cleaning into a mini-spa experience.  Addictive and effective, after a month with the Mia my face is better for it and yours will be too.