Bethenny’s House Warming Party

Bethenny Ever After returned last night.  After a few seasons of a spin-off focused on Bethenny’s claw to the top, this season courts our collective envy and resentment by showcasing the expenditure of her new obscene wealth.  A couple of interesting points worth mentioning before we get to Frankel’s new apartment: 1) Bethenny made Jason sign a pre-nup; and 2) He’s still butthurt about it.  As for the dirty details on the family’s new condo, The NY Post reports Bethenny purchased a unit located on the 5th floor at 195 Hudson St. in Tribeca.  The 3,600 square foot, four bedroom joint located in the “baller building” (her words, not mine), was rumored to cost just shy of $5 million.  Did she overpay?  The same unit was sold in oh-five for $3.265 million and again in oh-seven for $3.725 million.  In August of 2011, Bethenny paid $4.995 or $388 more per square foot than the previous owner.  That said, smaller neighboring condo 5A just sold for $5.125 million, so maybe she got a bargain after all?