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Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

I gave it two episodes, but Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis spun off in the wrong direction.  The premise: Jeff, Jenni, and occasionally Zoila move in with a family and rework one room of their house.  Seems promising right?  Yeah, in execution the dynamic just isn’t working. Of course Jeff serves moments of anal-retentive kookiness, but without the whole gang – pets, servants, sycophants, and deviants all shacked up together in a recently renovated flip, this incarnation lacks the drama and heart of the original.  I want to blame this disappointing dud on that creepy Svengali boyfriend Gage, but I know Andy Cohen is the real culprit.

put it in the dishwasher

For some of you, this will be so obvious.  For others, your dish brush is dirty as fuck and you need to be reminded to run it through the dishwasher often. Dirty switch plates sparkle after a cycle in the dishwasher; ditto for vent covers.  Some folks recommend putting weird shit like shoes in the dishwasher, but that idea skeeves me out.  Experiment and broaden your notions about what “belongs” in the appliance, and save yourself significant time and effort in your cleaning routine.  

fall 2012 rtw: diverse dresses

Could Joan Smalls look any better in Diane von Furstenberg?  Perfection. VPLYou know I can’t pass up a horse: Pedro Lourenco.Costello Tagliapietra Prabal GurungGiorgio ArmaniVivienne Tam

Please Don’t get a Boob Job

One of the women involved in this intensive training had her boobs done about 10 years ago.  The last couple weeks have convinced her that her silicone implants are the source of all her pain.  This is a woman who only eats raw snacks, but has plastic titties.  I ask you Ethan Hawke, is that irony?  (According to his definition, I suppose no.)Here are just a few of the possible side-effects of breast augmentation: infection, breast or nipple numbness, capsular contracture, scar tissue, breakage and leakage, necrosis, cognitive impairment, metal poisoning due to platinum exposure (in silicone implants), silicone migration into lymph nodes and other organs, autoimmune disease, and the worst case scenario – death. Were you aware that all breast implants will eventually break?  Nobody knows how long current breast implants will last.  Some break during the first few months, whereas others endure more than 15 years.  Most women had at least one broken implant within 11 years.  In over twenty percent of women, silicone migrated outside of the breast capsule and most of them were unaware of it.Health consequences aside, a boob job smacks of insecurity and vanity.  Save up for a dignity implant instead.  Men in particular, do your best to talk women out of this dumbass procedure. 

Sunday with Adam Levine

Sydney celebrates St. Patrick

Wink, wink, red

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