May 2012 Horoscope


Happy Birthday Dear Taurus!  2012 is a year of amazing opportunity and growth for you.  Don’t want to freak you out, but marriage may be on the horizon.  The first few months of the year have been challenging, but after May momentum builds all the way through the end of the year.  Your achievements will be epic.  During the first three weeks of the month Taurus is positively powerful.  Connections with women result in lucrative deals.  Bulls love a bargain, but May ain’t the month, particularly the 2nd.  Money flows all the way through August; just make sure it is flowing in the direction of your bank account and not the other way around.  Prepare for a long, rough relationship run commencing the 15th and running through June.  Settle feuds early this May.  Enjoy feeling admired at an abundance of social opportunities throughout the month.  Fortune favors you on the 7th.  Free yourself from the opinions and expectations of others and express your creativity.


This May Gemini must side aside personal desires and career ambition for the big picture and greater good.  Nourish others now.  The third brings creative thinking and fantastic ideas.  Gemini is prone to escapism; May brings extra temptation in that area.  You may find yourself zoning out.  Keep away from impulsivity on the 4th, but do feel free to go with the flow this month and let go of rigid expectations.  Focus on getting enough sleep.  Just as you care for others, allow yourself to be cared for.  Fresh and long-standing friends pop up throughout May to remind you why you are so lovable.


Cancer feels lethargic the 7-8th, but after the 10th your energy will resume.  Pay attention to your dreams on the 21st and you will find that your dreams have a very powerful message for you.  This May, focus on achieving goals you have weighed for some time.  Embrace experimental ideas and unconventional angles.  Relax with romantic entanglements this month as you are likely to come off desperate and needy.  Dithering around, for whatever reason, wastes time.  Keep your feelings to yourself.  Low-key is May’s mantra.  Put your effort towards conveying ideas clearly and succinctly.


Leo reaps the rewards of past good deeds this May.  In particular, prepare to sparkle on the 16th.  Reputation and public perception influence your desire to make a great impression on a number of important people this May.  Expand your social circle; the planets create a favorable energy for new connections.  Consider hosting a party which brings together new and lasting friends.  Life-changing connections will come of it.  Keep conservative when making financial decisions.  Improve by initiating and sticking with a better diet or exercise program and ensuring that quality substances pass through your body.


Little sneaky Virgo needs to lay off the manipulation this month.  Money dominates May, and you try to wring every last drop out of your livelihood.  When it comes to their partners, Virgos hold unrealistic expectations, an almost childlike idealism.  The intentions of someone close to you come under scrutiny.  Harness your own power and see how things shake out before making any big decisions.  Now is the time to shift into long term thinking; details become less significant.  An important woman sets the course this month.  Accept her help.


If you fuck up really badly on the 2nd, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Ward off carelessness with mindful attention.  Find co-conspirators after the 7th of the month.  Embrace all your beauty on the 12th.  Mid-month Libras tap into their rich, creative side.  Avoid letting May’s erratic mood swings sweep you into overly emotional fits.  Libras dish secrets by way of confidential advice.  Anything you share with or have a joint interest in with another will become a point of emphasis.  Strategize for the future, de-clutter, and organize.


Scorpios wish they could do everything alone, but this May they have a reckoning with reality and realize they need a partner to move forward.  Build intimacy and work together or cut ties and move on.  May requires a number of decisions, negotiation, and cooperation.  Upgrades and home repairs dominate the practical.  Career performance yields financial rewards on the 5th Scorpios initiate friends slowly, but then for life.  Watch out for this latest comrade who’s offering the world, but may not be sincere.  Luck favors you on the 26th in financial matters.  Delays plague travel.


Surprise, surprise, Sags have the travel bug this month.  During the second week of the month you may find the party comes to you.  Work moves to the forefront on the 23rd.  Now is the time to stop procrastinating and escape an isolated home environment.  Self-start and propel yourself towards pivotal action and a clear direction in life.  Career may veer towards entertainment or leisure.  Mundane chores take up a lot of time, and this month is filled with tedious details.  May requires an increased level of commitment in relationships.  Give support and attention to meaningful alliances.  Love up on parents, children, animals, and honeys.


Funny how subtle shifts at work can bring happiness from misery?  Gloating will land you in trouble; just keep your mouth shut.  Go solo the first week of the month.  Receive dividends on the 19thCaps feel unusually easy-going and spontaneous this May.  This lightheartedness garners attention.  Look your best.  This will be a busy month full of hosting, traveling, and paperwork.  Caps‘ unquenched thirst for learning draws you towards a new area of study.  Pursue a trip to deepen your knowledge.


Aquarius opens the month dodging bullets.  If you know what is good for you, avoid the trappings of a dispute with your partner by keeping mum.  Freedom seduces you mid-month and you can’t wait to get the hell out.  The liberation will light you up and you will shine brighter and enjoy yourself more than you have in some time.  You’ll feel a natural tendency to turn inward, focus on family, and protect the home front.  Are you becoming your parent(s)?  Aquarius starts to see major alarming parallels among generations.  Tender feelings bubble up towards family members.



Work dominates the scene for Pisces this May.  Put all your energy into your profession.  Tune into vivid dreams mid-month and learn how to make them come true towards the 21st.  Rely on strong partners for support after tiring days.  Keep at least one toe out of your escapist bubble of self-delusion.  Contact your sibling.  As for finances, keep discussions practical.  Keep one ear listening for your inner-voice to avoid feeling scattered and anxious this month.  Enjoy a flood of warm social energy that inspires a little redecorating for impromptu entertaining.



Aries enjoy a busy and social May.  Articulate and persuasive, Rams align a strong team to guide through the practical and material challenges of the month.  As for material well-being, concerns over finances and property move front and center in May.  You’ll spend time maintaining, moving, and protecting your possessions.  Aries must decide what to ditch and what to purchase.   This month weigh financial priorities; focus on ways to develop and improve your lifestyle.  Health matters to Aries in May.  You may find yourself extra interested in supplements and remedies; don’t go overboard.  Expect the travel itch the first nine days of the month.  Go ahead and scratch it with a little holiday.