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Seattle Veg

Don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t rain “that much” in Seattle all you darling Pacific Northwest lying-ass bitches.   Seriously, it’s like living in a puddle.  I’ll forgive the shitty constant drizzle only due to the excellent array of plant-based food options.  What Seattle lacks in sunshine, it makes up for in an abundance of vegetarian friendly dining establishments.  I’m a homing pigeon for crunchy, granola, hippy, super specific vegetarian food, and this city provides more than a few dope places for an herbivore to land. At Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe the lentil burger looked like a turd, but tasted delightful.  Casual and unpretentious, come prepared to place an order at the counter and bus your own mess.  Come equally prepared to chow down on filling fresh veggie goodness.  A respectable B+.Next up, the adorably odd Star Life on the Oasis Café, step into a cute little house, decorated with quirky found furniture, and manned by “Wings,” a super nice guy with killer knife skills.  The beautifully fresh veggie sandwich filled my tummy full for the whole day, and the self-serve loose tea bar is a tea drinker’s dream.  AWe waffled on whether or not to hit up Araya’s Vegetarian Place, an all vegetarian Thai restaurant.  I like my food to punish me and Araya’s served up the 4 star spicy all right.  We were sweating balls after the delicious and impressively presented Tom Yum soup.  My dinner companion over estimated his spice tolerance and struggled to finish his meal, but that was his own damn fault for writing a spicy check his non-Thai ass couldn’t cash.  Amateur.  Overall, a solid B.

Bite of Hype: Piroshky, Piroshky

A trip to Seattle isn’t complete without the obligatory visit to Pike’s Place Market.  It’s a cliché, yes, but it is an experience unique to the city and therefore a requisite stop.  In conversations about Pike’s Place Market, one establishment consistently gets mentioned – Piroshky, Piroshky.  As a simple explanation, a piroshky is a Russian bun baked and filled with sweet or savory filling.  Pike’s Piroshky, Piroshky is a crowded little bakery nestled among the flower stalls and fish throwers.  (Don’t you fucking scroll past that picture without drinking in those sexy mom capri pants.)Established in the early 1990’s, this place is so legit the instructions behind the counter are still in Russian.  Anthony Bourdain even featured the little family-run joint on No Reservations.I tried a savory bun – onion, cheese, and potato.  It reminded me of a stuffed pretzel with distinct Russian flare.  I also ordered a sweet rhubarb and enjoyed it very much until I stumbled upon a short dark hair.  Total food boner killer.  Are the Slavic buns tasty?  Sure.  If you have never had one, by all means endure the line and try one.  Are they worthy of all the hyperbolic praise?  Truthfully, not really.  First, for $5 a bun, I prefer my snack follicle-free.  Secondly, the middle got mushy and greasy.  Just an off day for the popular dive or is Piroshky, Piroshky really just an overrated bite of hype? 

Sunday starts a holiday

Resort 2013: a moment with Bottega Veneta

hot tip

I’m about to take an adventure and I went on a Hotwire binge.  I haven’t used the site before, but I do like a deal on lodging.  I like to keep it under $100 a night including taxes and extra expenses.  Free breakfast is an added bonus, free wifi – an obvious necessity.  You’d be surprised how difficult a $100 budget-restraint can be in both major cities and small towns, assuming you don’t want to go the two star route.  In my opinion a 2 star rating pretty much guarantees a dreaded foreign pube encounter. So here is the tricky shit.  If you are willing to risk the unknown, you can do quite well on Hotwire.  The steepest savings lurk in the Hotwire Hot Rates.  Book an accommodation based on a star rating, general geographical area, and/or amenities, but the identity of the hotel remains a mystery until after you reserve a non-refundable stay.  Risky business, I know.  Those who take risks are well-rewarded.  A 2 night stay in a 4 star accommodation listed for $311.02 on Orbitz.  I booked the same hotel for $228.92 on Hotwire –  for a total savings of $82.10.  To be clear, I didn’t know what hotel I was booking at the time of irreversible billing, I just pressed the button and hoped for the best.  I was pleasantly surprised 3 x in a row in three different locations.  When I compared my booking rate to the available published rates, the savings always ranged from super to spectacular.  It is easy to feel smug from the plush cushiness of my own chair, but when I arrive at these hotels, they better live up to their promised cleanliness ratings.  A rogue hair can really spoil an evening.  In keeping with my budget, Hotwire allowed me to upgrade a full class of hotels.  Plus, I enjoy a thrill when confirming a reservation and the big name reveal comes.  I immediately skip to the other travel sites and gloat over what a fantastic deal I scored.  Fear not, I plan to keep you bitches fully informed from the road as to whether choosing this site was a wise or poor decision.  

Didja get yur Coachella 2013 tix?


I’m currently beverage-obsessed with delicious fruit-laced variations of sparkling San Pellegrino.The tart Limonata is all you want from an effervescent sparkling lemonade – impressively piquant with a grown-up sour intensity. If lemon makes you pucker, try Aranciata, a delicious orangy-flavored delight introduced way back in the 1930’s.I’ve yet to experience the Pompelmo (grapefruit) or Aranciata Rossa (blood orange), but anticipate they are just as divine as their fruity cousins.  Ounce for ounce San Pellegrino aint cheap, so you may want to hide these in the back of the fridge away from all your mooch friends.  Also, at around 150 calories a serving, wise to pace yourself.

Resort 2013: Spotlight Chanel

Give Good Hair: L’Oreal EverCreme

I’ve been working my way through the L’Oreal EverCrème product line and have yet to be disappointed.  I’ve tried the Nourishing Shampoo, the Intense Nourishing Conditioner, and my favorite – the Nourishing Leave-In SprayI’m not big on heavily fragranced products, but I frequently receive smell-good compliments when I use this effective detangler.    Overall, EverCrème has proved a highly enjoyable return for little investment.  Worth a try.