catch a color

Not all laundry gimmicks turn out to be such great inventions or additions to the traditional routine.  Remember the dumbass Downy Ball?Shout Color Catchers really work to prevent laundry disasters.  The novel product effectively captures color bleed before it transfers to other fabrics in the wash.  I’ve had a great deal of success washing highly-pigmented fabrics with the single-use sheets.  The newest version includes a shot of Oxi Booster in a Color Catcher pouch.  Truthfully, I haven’t noticed a measurable difference with the addition of the Oxi Booster, but I had a coupon so I tried it.  In the future, I will return to the original version which is a better value. Throw a sheet in with any new clothes, or if you feel a little nervous about a mixed load.  Shout Color Catchers definitely warrant a spot on your laundry room shelf.  Make room for these legit laundry helpers by throwing last decade’s Downy Ball in the recycling bin.