One Nation Under Dog

You guys seen this challenging yet interesting documentary One Nation Under Dog on HBO yet?  The film takes a layered look at humankind’s relationship with canines for better and worse.  I don’t have pets for a variety of reasons: most are messy, they make it difficult to travel, and truthfully I think it is a little desperate and insecure to bribe an animal with food and shelter in exchange for unconditional love.  On the flip side, I had one close friend who said my lack of pet ownership growing up counts among my greatest character defects.  I had a horse, so he can fuck off.  Anyway, One Nation Under Dog only reinforces my belief that pet ownership is often more selfish than selfless. While memorable and heartbreaking (prepare for dead puppies), the documentary leaves room for you to form your own impression and opinion.  Whether you love dogs or hate them, don’t miss this exceptional movie.