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It Worked

Great news folks, my master plan worked, and now I’m moving into a sweet new place in a matter of days.  Gonna go meet the owner tomorrow and sign an intensely negotiated lease.  Even though my current landlord occasionally behaves like a hag, I met with her face-to-face and gave her proper written notice, respect, and gratitude.  No matter how much I wish to flee, I can’t leave a mess physically or psychologically.  My mama taught me right ya’ll.  So now, it’s onwards and upwards.  Instead of working myself ragged this move, I’m going to hire a team of professional cleaners to help with the transition from old space to new.  I’ll clean quite a bit myself too, but this time I want support.  Even though it’s a ton of work, don’t you love a good move?  New season, new energy, new space.  Happy Summer.

Resort 2013 Louis Vuitton: Layered and Ladylike


Don’t forget about the Marshmallow Fluff.  It’s a great alternative to using marshmallows which contain gelatin.  Use marshmallow creme to make vegetarian-friendly rice treats and s’mores.  Ricemellow for the vegans.

Marshmallow-in-a-jar makes a delicious icing too and is much lighter than many other options based in butter or cheese.

catch a color

Not all laundry gimmicks turn out to be such great inventions or additions to the traditional routine.  Remember the dumbass Downy Ball?Shout Color Catchers really work to prevent laundry disasters.  The novel product effectively captures color bleed before it transfers to other fabrics in the wash.  I’ve had a great deal of success washing highly-pigmented fabrics with the single-use sheets.  The newest version includes a shot of Oxi Booster in a Color Catcher pouch.  Truthfully, I haven’t noticed a measurable difference with the addition of the Oxi Booster, but I had a coupon so I tried it.  In the future, I will return to the original version which is a better value. Throw a sheet in with any new clothes, or if you feel a little nervous about a mixed load.  Shout Color Catchers definitely warrant a spot on your laundry room shelf.  Make room for these legit laundry helpers by throwing last decade’s Downy Ball in the recycling bin. 

Sunday with Kendrick Lamar

fresh mint

Fresh mint is super healthy and easy to grow.  Just cultivate the plant in a pot rather than in the garden since it is an invasive mutherfucker.Howza ’bout some mint tea?  Boiling water + shredded fresh mint leaves + sugar + lemon to taste.  Drink hot or cold.Need a little more social lubrication with your fresh mint beverage?  Mint Julep = mint + bourbon + sugar + water.Head a little further south with the delicious-if-tired mojito = white rum +  sugar cane juice + lime juice + sparkling water + fresh mint.  Even if it isn’t that stylish anymore, I never really tire of an excellent, well-balanced mojito. When enjoying cocktails, it’s top shelf only.  More often than not, I skip the booze.  Just don’t miss the mint.  I think I’ll make it my new signature.  Just sashay over to the mint pot and tear off a few sprigs for a fresh and tasty bev.  Chic.


details, details, Alexander Wang Resort 2013

Drop the needle on Frankie Rose ~ Interstellar

I’m fucking obsessed with Frankie Rose.  You may know her from her other projects Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and the Vivian Girls.

Her recent solo release Interstellar is sublime.  Someone else somewhere compared the album structure to Disintegration, and I have to agree that there are definite similarities between the two records.   That’s not to say Rose’s Interstellar is derivative in the least bit unlike many, many, many, many artists inspired by The Cure. Couple of my favorite songs ~ Know Me and Pair of Wings, but listen to the whole collection of songs as a complete thought because it is absolutely excellent from top to bottom.  Catch Frankie on tour with Real Estate this summer.

Obagi Professional-C Serum 20%

One of my nearest and dearest friends Anne-Marie swears by Obagi Professional-C Serum 20%.  I can see why.  It is truly fantastic.  After two days, my skin shows active positive development.  This Vitamin C Serum comes in 5%, 10%, basically weaker variations – just go for the full 20%.  It is pricey, so you might as well get a product with punch.  I’ll keep you posted on the on-going results.