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happy easter to all my peeps

dirty door

Unless you have a fleet of housekeepers like Joan Crawford, even the most well-kept homes have areas where filth inevitably accumulates.  Doors are often overlooked.  While germaphobes have made wiping the door knob de rigueur, the door itself retains its unsightly grime.  The best part of cleaning your door is that it is super easy.  For most doors, a good wipe down with a surface-appropriate cleaner produces gleaming like-new results.  You’ll be surprised how much funk you dislodge during this oddly gratifying tidy moment.

peel pro/cons

Ten days post-peel, I’m ready to discuss the final verdict on the paint-on glycolic acid procedure.  Shall we review the pros and cons?

Peel Pros

non-invasive ♥ little down time ♥ relatively inexpensive ♥ quick ♥ produces measurable results ♥ addresses sun damage ♥ immediate gratification ♥ addictive

Peel Cons

unpredictable — must avoid the sun — triggers breakouts and fever blisters — requires professional application — causes flaking skin — thoughtful timing needed

I look forward to my next peel and plan to book one in the next few days well in advance of Coachella.  Next time I will ask for more intensity on the cheeks, forehead, and jawline and less intensity around the eyes, mouth and on the nose.  I will also request my neck and the tops of my hands get a little glycolic love too.  One appointment produced noticeable benefits.  A second is bound to improve upon the first.  I have a hunch that three is the magic number, and it’s only after the third appointment that optimal results are achieved.  From there on out, it’s all maintenance.


Nude Face

Karlie Kloss at Burberry ProrsumEsther Heesch for Calvin Klein CollectionChiharu Okunugi gives good face to Stella McCartneyNude with pink accents at RochasSam Rollinson serves freckle-infused freshness at Narciso RodriguezDiana Moldovan “reads” backstage at Chloé

Wednesday’s Whys

Why does Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans have the time and resources for a boob job, but not enough of either to maintain primary custody of her son Jace? Why does my nose always itch as soon as I start doing the dishes?Why do guys think the girls in straight porn are authentically reaching climax?Why does Patti Stanger give the worst relationship advice ever and still get renewed season after season?Why do the vaguely upbeat promotional promises plastered all over fast-casual restaurants send me into a state of ennui?Why does Mila Kunis insist on continuing with this unsettling real life Jackie/Kelso fantasy?


Fall 2013 RTW: Chalayan

sweet taters

I’m not going to pretend that Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are any healthier than regular corn chips, but I will say they are quite scrumptiously munchy.Personally, the sweet-salty oblong chip stands alone in its deliciousness.  Some may prefer some sort of salsa or dip.  I trust you can navigate this profound choice on your own.   Prepare to take down an entire (somewhat diminutive) bag of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.  Just don’t let the packaging, propaganda, or rhetoric convince you doing so is a healthy decision.


Sunday Birthday Party

Kelly LeBrockJessica ChastainMatilda Joslyn GageJoseph BarberaNenaRobert CarradineStar JonesTommy HilfigerLara Flynn Boyle

the peel problem

A few days ago, I shared with you that I indulged in a chemical peel (if one can call a controlled burn an “indulgence”).  Upon first application, the glycolic acid tingles and itches a bit.  My skin turned pink and then the inflammation more or less subsided within an hour or two.  The next day my skin looked great and much improved.  The stubborn bitch of a spot flaked away.  I couldn’t have been more pleased.  The third day brought on a challenging set of problems.  All over light peeling and flaking left a splotchy and undesirable canvas for makeup.  I turned down a highly enticing lunch date because I felt so self-conscious.  These awkward, un-phenomenal face moments are the price one must pay to hopefully achieve clearer and more even texture once all that old skin is gone. Timing is everything.  Remember that while the recovery period isn’t very long for most of these peels, there are a few days that you won’t look your best before the optimal results emerge.