August 2014 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday Leo!  You like to pretend you don’t like a fuss Leo, but that’s just because you know darn well everyone always makes a fuss for you on your birthday.  Welcome change by altering your look without falling prey to rampant materialism.  Mars-Saturn energy can be used for good or evil.  At worst this combo evokes jealousy, stubbornness, and revenge, but those qualities are not characteristic of you, so instead use the influence as a moral barometer.  In August, if situations feel even a little hinky take the ethical high ground.  Usually a good communicator, you are even better in August, so speak your truth and have “the talk.”  Fertile with creativity, channel your talent into producing tangible beauty.  Surely you already feel Jupiter’s invigorating influence in Leo urging you to fuck and travel, not necessarily in that order.  Mid-August, turn down the covers for Venus as she enters your bedroom, Leo.  Have your sexy fun.  Then pull it together and clean yourself up after the 23rd.


Astrologically speaking Virgo, the weeks before your birthday are a wise time to quietly regroup for the coming year.  A dietary cleanse, house purge, and visit to the doctor for an annual physical are good places to start.  While experiencing lagging energy, some of your regular routines fall by the way side.  It may feel like you are active because of the demands on your time, but when is the last occasion you actually broke a sweat (unrelated to anxiety)?  You can’t afford to waste energy worrying.  August offers a respite and opportunity to turn inward.  Within this period of soul searching, Virgo may experience some feelings of disappointment, depression, and isolation which should dissipate after the 23rd.  Timing plays a pivotal role in your success this month.


Financial concerns preoccupy your mind through most of the August, Libra.  Partnered Libras must work through these money worries with your mate which could stir domestic discord when sacrifices must be made for the benefit of the budget.  Professionally, Libra wants to work with and for people you admire and trust.  Your little work family means more than you realize.  Value them accordingly because this is a big year for collaborating in groups.  When you are in the trenches, you want someone to have your back.  August presents a number of chances for fun and random encounters.  Libras looking to spark with another should make themselves available at such gatherings (especially August 10th).  Enjoy yourself; just don’t get too wasted.



Scorpio benefits from an amazing career boosting configuration in August.  Jupiter provides a steady positive influence until this time next year.  Add the glow of the Sun, the popularity and collaboration of Venus, and Mercury’s clarity of communication and you have all the makings for a professionally unstoppable Scorpio.  Strive for excellence to make the most of this power.  While happy to hear that your prestige and earnings are on the upswing, Scorpios long for love.  Family and friends supply the emotional nourishment you need this month.  Look to a strong woman for support.  Scorpio’s health and wellness are vulnerable now, so take quality care of yourself in August.


Sags, your theme in August is distance which manifests in travel, receiving guests, or news from afar.  Take that last minute trip you are itching for.  If geographically bound to home, make an internet friend from the other side of the world.  Sags have a hankering for foreign culture this summer.  August 10th brings long awaited news.  When the going gets tough, love lubricates the difficult moments.  Partnered Sags connect through a deep sense of gratitude.  Over the next year, Jupiter will influence your desire to pursue specialized education.  Practice and study to achieve true mastery.  The areas of concern this month are money and health.  August serves up financial peril – at best delays, at worst substantial loss.  Care for yourself properly and minimize unnecessary risks.



Venus waltzes in to romance Capricorn and make you especially lucky in love, but watch out because the Sun is in Leo your house of extremes.  The upside to this influence is that it leaves you pliant, easy-going, warm, sexual, and snuggly.  The downside is that emotionally you will feel embarrassingly needy, uncomfortable, and pathetic.  Finances look favorable.  An unexpected investment opportunity may spring forth from the romantic relationship you’re cultivating.  For Cap, money and love make comfortable bedfellows.  Collaboration creates cash flow in August.  Just be judicious with whom you invest with when it comes to friends.  To remain healthy, spend your free time fucking or sleeping instead of fussing and fretting.


Relationships play a central theme for Aquarius over the next year with Jupiter’s influence.  The Sun and Mercury enter the scene to add magnetic glow and support clear communication.  Seek relationships based on reciprocity and balance.  With this three-way energetic influence no one can resist your charm.  A full schedule keeps boredom at bay, but when you get worn out you also get combative, bitchy, and intolerable.  Know when to say no.  August isn’t the time to burn bridges with prosperous contacts because you’re in a bad mood.  Sleep soundly.  Drink less booze.  Eat better.  Spend devoted time with members of your family who nourish, fortify, and love you.


Love, sex, and lust, these are the prominent themes for Pisces this August. With this energy comes risk for a certain degree of naughtiness.  The least prudent among you may commence an illicit affair or engage in other ill-advised risky sexual behavior.  Practical partnered Pisces pour this energy into strengthening the dynamic duo.  Eventually, the tingle in your pants dissipates enough for you to begin to think clearly again.  August offers opportunities for you to make the highest and best use of your talents.  You can relax because you are competent and have a genuine camaraderie with coworkers.  Book beauty and therapy appointments for very favorable results in August.



August has all the makings for a damn good month, Aries.  The atmosphere is ripe for love.  You look good.  You feel good, and you are ready to take chances.  The Sun, Mercury, and Venus play matchmakers.  People enjoy your charisma and want to make friends.  Open up to the idea of expanding your social circle.  Ambition amps your attitude towards work.  Clear professional objectives literally pay off; initiate mass organization on the 23rd.  Avoid financing and just pay cash.  Resist day-trading or other speculative financial dealings this month.  Push yourself to get sweaty, go beyond working out in the gym and get outside.  Wear a helmet to remain safe during accident-prone August.


Taurus adopts a stubborn and detrimental stance in relationships in August.  Already unyielding, this influence adds a layer of irrationality that only a hard-headed Bull would entertain.  You’ll find yourself in sticky situations personally and professionally.  Committed Bulls have the added pressure of working through the struggle with your partner.  The discord provides a meaningful test for your relationship.  If you can get through this without tearing each other apart then there’s substance there worth retaining.  Single Bulls should stay that way, as your shitty attitude will spoil the nascent stirrings of love.  August is a favorable time to add to your real estate holdings, so spend the month torturing your real estate agent.



Connecting through communication is your theme for August, Gemini.  Hearing the right phrase at the right time, a sense of intellectual collaboration, these are the moments that bring you closer to others this month.  When you find someone that sees the world as you do, it sparks your passion and a number of intense, bonding conversations will follow.  Travel may be on the calendar, but even Geminis remaining close to home will have a packed schedule.  This month, Gemini encounters challenging problems which can leave you in a state of overwhelmed paralysis.  Use humor to get you through the roughest patches.  You are strong enough and smart enough to ultimately persevere.



Cancer craves stability and security in August.  Practical matters like budgets and organizing your daily routine dominate.  With Jupiter influencing your pocketbook, you can look forward to a full year of solid income.  When some Crabs get their claws on more cash, they spend, spend, spend.  No. No. No.  Line your shell with savings.  Order the small.  Do not take a dessert to go.  Emotionally tender, your closest moments will happen with a loved one near the 10th.  Failure to make your health a priority will result in disastrous consequences.  Keep your body moving and force yourself to break a sweat.  Generally speaking, discipline isn’t your strength, but it’s time to start flexing that muscle.