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give it a year

WORKING GIRLProfessionally, the last five years have been difficult for many folks, myself included.  My undergraduate degree in philosophy prepared me to think deep thoughts while working retail, so I went the great fallback route and got a law degree to make my mom happy.  I litigated asses for a few years, hated it, and got swept up in the mass layoffs of 2009.  Shortly thereafter, my mom got terminally ill and I concentrated on seeing her through her last days in dignity.  Facing the brevity of life, I couldn’t go back to my soul-suck of career as a paper-pushing attorney.

So a little over a year ago against everyone’s expectations, I chose to pursue what is essentially a mythical career: a full-time yoga teacher.  I know you are rolling your eyes.  Everyone is a yoga instructor.  I get it.  Judge away.  You think I don’t get my share of jaw drops when I tell people I’m a licensed attorney teaching yoga full time?  Girl, please.  I’m not going to bore you with my credentials because I have nothing to prove, but let’s just say I have quite a bit more training than some eight week program at a local studio.  This decision was not made on a whim, I’ve been practicing and teaching for several years.YOGINI

I bargained with myself that I would give it a year; work hard, take every opportunity to teach, and ride out the financial valleys and peaks of this unpredictable career.  Not everyday was a success story.  I taught long stretches without a day off, on holidays, and subbed constantly.  Soon my income began to reflect my commitment level.  I’m doing exactly what I want to do and I couldn’t be happier.  I was a good attorney, but I’m an exceptional teacher.  I only feel comfortable saying that because I’ve worked hard to make it true (to the tune of 576+classes last year).BIKRAM CHILE

It isn’t too late to do what you want.  Yeah, it may require sacrifice, compromise, and strategic planning.  It will require you to bravely defy expectations, embrace humility, and realign priorities.  When you do get your ass on the golden path towards your soul’s rightful journey, your fate will rise up to meet you as the wind presses you towards your destiny.  Why spend your life slugging through the muddy path of resistance?  NEVERENDING STORYGive it at least a year.  Give it everything you’ve got.  Even if you fail miserably, at least you’ll avoid the tragic regret of abandoned dreams.  The more likely outcome is that you’ll succeed and never look back.FOLLOW YOUR HEART


fuck yeah fraggle faux fur

MISS SELFRIDGE FAUX FUR ROSEI’m over the moto.  I’m not some fracket wearing basic bitch either.  Freezing is not chic.  I won’t shiver with indignity on festive winter evenings.  I conceive cold-weather outfits as a visually complete thought including outerwear. CHUNKY FAUX FURBoth oversize and texture remain strong outerwear trends through Pre-Fall 2015, so an investment in a big, chunky, statement-making fake fur would not be a hasty or ill-advised decision.  PRINTED FAUX FUROn snowy days, add a top layer of faux fur for an interesting pop of color and dimension.  TRI COLOR FAUX FURDifferentiate yourself from the leather-clad masses with a colorful conversation-starting puff of acrylic.  Yes, dudes might accuse you of skinning a Muppet, but I said fake fur was a conversation starter, I didn’t say what kind of conversation. RIHANNAMISS SELFRIDGE FAUX FUR BLACK TANWhen contemplating a faux fur purchase, avoid cheap imitations attempting to fool for real fur.  We don’t like try-hard fakes.  Embrace the alien when it comes to faux fur.  Your fur shouldn’t look like it came from any living thing on Earth.  Think more Fraggle Rock than Arctic Fox.  FAUX FUR OMBRE SHOULDERWH BL OMBREDon’t be afraid to offer your faux fur in unexpected and visually challenging ways.  Throw it over a print, layer, treat it like a neutral.  Matching is for cowards. BLUE FAUX FUR

The Holidays Sans Familia

SOLO XMASSince my parents passed on, I don’t really have any family to celebrate the holidays with anymore.  My extended family isn’t close, and I don’t feel like trying to force it out of a misguided sense of obligation.  When I was in a relationship, it was all about his family.  He would drag me to his parents house and abandon me with his mean mother for hours.  After years of enduring that misery, now he doesn’t even bother to wish me a Merry Christmas.  My close friends have their own agendas, none of which include me.  I always get a lot of well-meaning invitations from random outer circle pals and acquaintances, but the thought of accepting any of those invitations triggers major small-talk anxiety.CHRISTMAS ALONETIMESI work so much that two whole days off in a row is a once a year luxury that I can’t afford to misspend.  Some people might consider spending Christmas alone tragic, but the upside is I didn’t have to buy one bullshit present.  Though I happily tipped some well-deserving folks to show gratitude for their day-to-day service.HOLIDAY CASH

My Christmas wish is to relax, sleep-in, eat Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, and binge-watch the rest of The Affair.  Most folks are plagued with obligations and expectations during the holidays.  This Christmas I’ll be thanking baby Jesus for the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want.WATCHING RUBBISH

The longest night

SNOWY CABINWishing you a warm winter solstice on the longest night of the year.  BABY BIRDS

Many blessings and much love.



pre-fall 2015 <<< Prabal Gurung


I Don’t Like Andy Cohen Anymore

ANDY COHEN DIARIESThe Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year may be the laziest book I’ve ever read.  Once, I kinda liked Andy Cohen the way you like your annoying gay cousin.  After drudging through an absurdly tedious 352 pages of narcissistic drivel, now I know that I imbued more credit to Cohen than he rightfully deserves (though my expectations weren’t high for this book).  Cohen meagerly attempts Warholian observation, but the total lack of insight makes his diary read like a glorified to-do list.  A better title might have been The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shallow Queen.  Cohen name drops to the point of disorientation failing to provide the reader with even a last name or crumb of context.  Half the time I’m like who the fuck are you talking about, but I never bother to dig very deeply because it’s not even like there’s a morsel of noteworthy gossip to geek out on.  Cohen adopted a dog, Wacha, and like many first-time dog owners is obsessed with his canine to the point of co-dependency.  He had me considering dog adoption for a minute, but then I talked to this lovely woman who warned me she spent $12,000 on vet bills last year for her adopted golden lab.  Poop in the house and a drain on the savings account, no thanks; I’ll keep my clean carpets and compound interest.  Back to the scathing review.  Is there a Razzie equivalent for shitty books?  If so, I nominate The Andy Cohen Diaries for worst book of the year. ANDY COHEN MOWS

comfort & joy

CAUDALIE DIVINE OILCaudalíe Divine Oil soothes my weather-worn skin and hair.  Smell this mix of luxury oils first before you buy.  Potent and intense, I love the fragrance, but not everyone will.  THIS IS THE END

This is the End.  I know I’m late to the party, but I rarely get to theater.  When a movie makes me laugh out loud while alone in my apartment I know it’s funny.  Campy and self-aware, even though it meandered, I still greatly enjoyed the motion picture This is the End.  I will never look at Michael Cera or Channing Tatum the same way ever again.  MICHAEL CERA


Repressed Spousal Rage

GEMMA SOALook, I’m not trying to bore you with some belabored analysis of the SOA finale.  I know some of you (dudes) probably loved, loved, loved it.  But I can’t put it to bed without making a point about Kurt Sutter’s repressed spousal rage.  Did you notice his perverse enthusiasm for showing his wife in a body bag?  Get that lingering tight shot of them zipping up the morgue sack over her purple lips and gray skin.  The motivations behind writing the gruesome gang rape from earlier in the series could be easily chalked up to awards-baiting, and Katey did deserve recognition for her work in that season of SOA.  Such justifications don’t apply here.  It doesn’t take much in the way of acting to play dead.  Sutter presented numerous images of his lifeless wife; truly, gratuitously dead Gemma served up ten different ways.  GEMMA BODYBAG


CHIA SEEDSI know the chia rage has been going on for a few years now, but I never really understood the fuss (and I’m skeptical of food trends – enough with the kale).  I’m not trying to spend $4 a bottle for those fancy chia drinks at Whole Foods.  On a whim, I bought a bag of chia seeds with thoughts of adding them to my muffin mix.  My first attempt at baking with chia wasn’t that successful.  I’ve since learned to soak the seeds first, so the seeds don’t soak up your liquid.  What I’ve enjoyed most is adding the seeds to my hot tea in the morning and at night.  The seeds absorb water and take on a tapioca-type consistency.  It’s tea + texture = fun.  In addition to the much-touted health benefits and impressive nutritional profile of the seed, the gelatinous mucilage creates a sensation of satiety as well as cleaning the bowels.  Known for sustaining energy, these little seeds do provide a notable lift.  I’ve integrated the fad-food into my daily routine and must admit I’m better for it.   CHIA TEA