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BURRUSS TUCKER DRAMAI’m not going to pretend there aren’t things I don’t miss about my ex.  I wouldn’t have been with him for close to a decade if he didn’t have some redeeming qualities.  Since we’ve split, we rarely talk.  His hateful parents were a major reason we broke up.  They aren’t very nice.  They don’t seem to like anyone.  They participate in long estrangements from family for flimsy reasons.  They grumble.  They complain.  Too cowardly to say it to your face, they would rather just passive aggressively back-bite.  I did not want to form a family amidst the discord.  And the thought of dealing with them over a lifetime felt like an emotional prison sentence destined to indefinitely ruin every holiday and cause innumerable conflicts.  My ex’s sister and husband just had a baby, and the parents came out to visit from another state.  After years of ill-feelings, not even a brand new little sweet baby could serve to keep the peace.  The parents departed early leaving behind a dirty diaper full of fermenting bad feelings.IN LAW DRAMAIn the wake of their departure, I got the inevitable text from the son-in-law with concerns he didn’t know how much longer he could take it.  The hateful parents are causing a major strain on the marriage even from hundreds of miles away.  I can’t help but feel like I dodged a bullet getting out when I did.  Even though my ex has a number of wonderful qualities, his inability to appropriately deal with his unreasonable parents spelled disaster for the future of our union.  If you don’t like your partner’s family, don’t get married because it can only really play out two ways.  Either 1) suck it up and forever deal with people who despise you; or 2) set boundaries limiting your contact with the mean ones which in turn distances your partner from his family thereby breeding resentment in your relationship.  See why this will never work?  Don’t even bother.MONSTER IN LAW

March 2015 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday Pisces!  It’s your turn to dance with the Sun in March, and the warm embrace couldn’t come a moment sooner as far as you’re concerned.  You already understand your capacity for visionary dreams, but execution isn’t your strength.  The universe provides Pisces that added kick of power in March to actually effectuate on those lofty ambitions.  Even during this auspicious time, a bitch fight between Pluto and Uranus bleeds aggravation and tension into mid-March like an unwelcome crampy period.  The lesson for you Little Fish is how to not give a fuck about what other people think or let their opinions navigate your swim.  Instinctively, you know the right way.  Don’t let the crushing pressure of conformity dim your creativity or cause you to compromise your true values.


With the Sun in Pisces, the universe wants you to rest now, Aries, and you are happy to oblige.  Blame it on the long, cold, winter.  Sift through the past twelve months for unresolved anguish.  Give yourself the gift of dissolving that angst before we move into your time to shine later this month and into the next.  Doing so will provide you the clarity you need to determine your next major leap.  If you can afford it, hire someone to tidy your home.  You’ll feel so much better in an organized space, but you won’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself this March.  The acrimony between Uranus and Pluto influences your feelings about authority this month.  If someone is making you his little bitch, it’s because you are letting him.


Your theme this March is teamwork, Taurus.  The Sun activates collaborative energy and adds a buzzy quality to your social and professional interactions.  March is a get-shit-done month for you, Taurus, during which you demonstrate your efficiency, effectiveness, and most valuable qualities.  Your best day for self-confidence is March 5th.  When you feel good about yourself others notice, so don’t be surprised if a little recognition or flirtation gravitates your way.  The challenge for March is Pluto and Uranus at odds.  This conflicting energy calls into question your coping mechanism, which let’s be honest is just a euphemism for addiction.  Take responsibility.  Virtually nothing is in our control, Taurus, and accepting this precariousness is your ongoing challenge.


Greetings Gemini, with the Sun in Pisces your focus in March is on how your career trajectory may or may not support your long-term ambitions.  Your ongoing resistance to change is a major source of frustration for you.  Gemini’s most fortuitous day this month is March 3rd.  March 5th is the best day to spend with your family tidying and nesting at home.  With regard to relationships, Gemini’s bound for a breakthrough or a break-up.  As for the Pluto/Uranus standoff, over the last few years you’ve been tied down and totally free.  Your emotional extremes have wrecked havoc on your relationships and financial stability.  A reckoning comes with Saturn’s retrograde when you realize just how disconnected you’ve become from the people who truly matter.


These last months have forced you to face some hard truths, Cancer.  Whether it’s loss, change, or disappointment, you’ve been a little melancholy over the finality of life’s harder lessons.  March brings a renewed optimism about what is possible with the resources available to you.  As you get over what you don’t have, you better appreciate your own abundance.  The first week of March brings an answer you’ve been waiting for.  Spend the 5th with your sibling.  On the 16th, the percolating tension between your personal life and your professional life simmers over into a mess.  You’ll be scrubbing off the residue for the rest of the month.  Saturn’s retrograde will make it impossible to ignore your ongoing health issues.



March proves more low-key for Leo.  Snugging up at home with your sweetie and waiting it out for spring sounds pretty good to most Lions this time year.  Your best career day falls on March 5th when a bonus, raise, or recognition is likely.  Pluto and Uranus call you out on your bullshit this month.  Any hyperbole on your part will be met with a cold splash of reality.  Don’t exaggerate on what you can deliver.  March is a good month to talk less and relax.  Do only the essential; contribute what is required.  Save your energy and resources for a time when you can navigate matters with more grace and efficiency, Leo.


The light shines on your relationships in March, Virgo.  Even with all this delicious coupling, March 5th is your best day to go it alone.  Mid-month, an uncomfortably tense power struggle between Uranus and Pluto make it impossible for you to hide your true feelings.  Strip away the artifice lest you be stripped bare and caught defenseless.  Relax your retentive tendencies this March.  Talk a little less and listen with an open heart.  Such a strategy should get you cleanly through the thicket of possible misfortune.  Saturn’s retrograde triggers a reflection on your current home life.  Are you ready for a change?


Mundane March you might call it, Libra.  This month has you sweeping, mopping, dusting, and donating, all in service to your home.  While it may not be the sexiest use of your time, the very action of cleaning and sorting will inspire change in a number of other key areas of your life.  The hostility between Pluto and Uranus challenges family dynamics.  Aren’t you a little old for trying to please your folks?  You’ll never make them happy anyway, so just do you.  Yeah, you may experience a bit of a backlash, but don’t let it affect your self-worth.  Usher in the official start of spring with a commitment to a new and sustainable wellness plan.  Keep it simple and commit.


March means well, Scorpio, with the stars aligning to shine a glamorous spotlight on you.  March 5th is your best day for connecting through technology which allows you to expand your reach and influence to a much broader audience.  Connect with your spiritual community.  Jupiter influences your career, especially the 3rd, when you may receive an unusual, but interesting professional opportunity that takes you away for awhile.  While at first, it seems outlandish, don’t discard the notion outright.  Pluto’s standoff with Uranus encourages Scorpio to soften your delivery.  Mid-month, no one will have any patience for one of your ill-timed barbs.  Don’t let a health concern become a health crisis.  The first day of Spring brings love and luck.


For you Sag, March is a maternal, homebound time for family rooted in domesticity.  Bake a muffin, bitch.  When you’ve soaked up all the homespun charm you can handle, March 5th is your best career day where you finally start to net what you are worth.  Sags are prone to bouts of self-doubt.  The Pluto and Uranus pissing contest strikes a deep chord of insecurity.  Your challenge is to dig deep into your well of self-confidence.  You can’t be so easily rattled by life’s little divots.  Saturn is all up in your business for the next few years, and goes retrograde for a spell this month.  Saturn doesn’t allow for any short cuts.  Connections and nepotism aren’t going to get you there, but hard work will.


You are especially smart and intellectually nimble this March, Capricorn.  If you want to learn something new, this is the time to do it.  March 5th is your best day for travel and revelations.  Pluto’s been fucking with you a little bit, and this month he wedges his boot in your ass in a cosmic tug of war with Uranus.  You’ll feel the stress in your home and intimate relationships.  Stay out of the numerous power struggles taking place in your realm.  This isn’t the time to throw your weight around just because you’ve lost your temper.  If you lack the self-control to manage your temper, then just stay home and isolate, especially mid-month.  A few days alone would do you good, Capricorn.


After your birthday blowout last month Aquarius, the most basic and simple concerns come back into focus this March.  You take a good look at your incoming resources and your current expenditures and find an unsustainable imbalance.  An immediate raise may not be possible, but present yourself at work as if it were.  You never know.  Another option?  On March 5th, consider a merger either professional or personal that helps ease both parties’ economic burdens.  With Pluto and Uranus at odds, March isn’t an ideal month for big decisions like marriage or a new home.  This energy also makes you a bit snippy, so add an extra layer of icing to your conversational cake.

3 for Friday

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY1) The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to suck ass.  The books were a joke and the movie will be worse.  I don’t know who these hopeful presale bitches are breaking box office records.  Strike that, yes I do; the same bitches that bought tickets to that indefensible Twilight mess.  Charlie Hunnam really dodged a semi-sized dookie by dropping out of this project.  BRUCE JENNER2) Is it possible to support the courageous bravery of Bruce Jenner’s transition and still be a little unsettled by it?GARY SHIPLEY TEEN MOM3) Best product to come out of a reality show?  Teen Mom’s Gary Shipley launched his own line of prophylactics. GARY SHIPLEY CONDOM


On the Lam, Over the Threshold

GIUDICE PRISONTeresa Giudice spent her first night in federal prison last night.  Have you ever spent a night in jail?  It is so dirty and terrifying.  (No, I didn’t get a DUI.  I know what you are thinking – assault charge!)  I could not make it a year in jail.  The temporary nature and constant influx of inmates makes jail crazy chaos.  Federal prison is surely a more orderly and structured experience, but any style incarceration makes one day feel like one week.  Teresa’s sentenced to over year.  Another downside to fame, you can’t go on the lam.  I’d so be on the lam.  Sometimes I think about where I might lam off to.  Certainly not Mexico.  Iceland?  Switzerland?  Argentina?  Thailand?POKEY

DIAZ MADDENBenji and Cam got married.  Cammie D has been preaching the single girl gospel for years and now she runs off and marries some tubby third rate rocker who hasn’t seen a hit in a decade?  I’m so annoyed.  What’s next?  Fertility treatments?  So standard issue, Cam, really I’m disappointed.  I’m not surprised though, recently she has been looking really desperate, and it’s been one professional failure after another as of late.  Eh em, Annie.CAM ANNIE


comfort & joy

CAUDALIE DIVINE OILCaudalíe Divine Oil soothes my weather-worn skin and hair.  Smell this mix of luxury oils first before you buy.  Potent and intense, I love the fragrance, but not everyone will.  THIS IS THE END

This is the End.  I know I’m late to the party, but I rarely get to theater.  When a movie makes me laugh out loud while alone in my apartment I know it’s funny.  Campy and self-aware, even though it meandered, I still greatly enjoyed the motion picture This is the End.  I will never look at Michael Cera or Channing Tatum the same way ever again.  MICHAEL CERA



OG DUSTBUSTER BTTFBack in the glory of the 80’s, my family had a Dustbuster.  The hand-held vacuum was as revolutionary as the VCR.  When confronted with a dry spill, my spic-n-span mother would first gasp, then clutch her pearls, and then order me to fetch the Dustbuster!  It was my family’s version of Joan Crawford’sTina, bring me the ax” rant.  Eventually, the Dustbuster caught an unshakable funky smell, so we had to bid adieu.  Maybe these repressed mini-vac memories explain why it took me 25 years to buy my own hand-held.  Neat-freak that I am, I don’t understand how I went so long without the handy cleaning companion.  I hate vacuuming with the big vacuum so much.  Not only is it cumbersome and loud, but it doesn’t fit into every nook.  I love running the hand-held along, in the corners, and underneath.  I even employed it to suck the crumbs out of the bottom of the oven (when the heat was off, duh).  The little device tidies up a room quickly and efficiently without entering the weight-lifting portion of the competition with a hefty full-size vac.  I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to cheap appliances, so I bought the best Wal-mart had to offer: the Black & Decker 16v Dustbuster.  It sucks hard and brings me several satisfying intermittent cleaning moments everyday.BLACK AND DECKER DUSTBUSTER

read. saw. splurged

NOT THAT KIND OF GIRLObviously, I bought Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl because I’m a voracious consumer of all of Dunham’s creative output.  It doesn’t disappoint.  Girls fans will enjoy retreading source material in what I guess you would call her first book of essays.  What I like most is her intelligent use of rarely used four letter words – example “ford the river.”GONE GIRLI sat through a matinee of Gone Girl with the AARP set today.  In case you haven’t heard, there’s Affleck and NPH peen involved.  It’s a totally serviceable adaptation; true to the novel and stylish, but the movie lacks the urgency I felt while reading the book.  At well over 2 dragging-ass hours, the movie could have benefited from an little edit to accelerate the overall pacing.  In reflecting back, the best part of the cinema experience was listening to the grayhairs chuckle at the preceding Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.LIPSHTICKDid you hear that Wendy Williams is doing another couple shows at the Venetian for their Lipshtick series?  With the exception of the Veggie House, I don’t love Las Vegas, but I do love Wendy Williams.  Snag a ticket and I’ll meet you there.  We’ll make it cute.WENDY WILLIAMS LIPSHTICK


October 2014 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday Libra!  Enjoy the warm glow of the sun shining on you during October.  Your flock has been rather needy lately, but this month focus on yourself and your own agenda.  Instead of trying to organize a self-fête, let your friends plan your birthday celebration.  Use Mercury’s retrograde to bathe in nostalgia; include a few pals from the past in your party.  Libras will feel the impact of the retrograde professionally.  Leave yourself extra time and patience to deal with the accompanying snafus.  Realize that the retrograde has a protective quality.  Should a situation that you’ve pinned your hopes on fall apart, consider it a blessing in disguise.  A lunar eclipse on the 8th strongly nudges Libra to make a decision with regard to your relationship.  The second eclipse on the 23rd shifts your standard of living.  You’re movin’ on up.  Dress the part.


The month before your birthday is best spent resting and preparing for the excitement to come, Scorpio.  This restorative energy supports healing and closure.  With Mercury in retrograde for most of the month, work the backspinning energy to finish what’s undone and release whatever you need to let go.  Retire your bossy and assertive qualities in October in favor of quiet and easy-going because (unusually) you just won’t feel up to a fight.  Optimize your health on the lunar eclipse which lands on the 8th.  Use this energy to restore balance, clean up any personal messiness, and see a professional if you have any lingering concerns.  By the 23rd, the cocooning concludes and you are ready to step into the light of your birthday shine.  Caution: October is NOT the month for a radical alteration of your physical appearance.


October yields numerous social benefits as Sagittarius acts as unofficial cruise director for the rest of the zodiac.  Gee wiz, with Mercury in retrograde and two different eclipses occurring this month, we could all use a little levity.  The best connections come from situations where you are selflessly giving of your time, talent, and resources.  Embrace an “out with the old in with the new” philosophy when it comes to relationships.  A person in your sphere may be dicking around working unscrupulous angles behind your back.  If the situation smells fishy, pass on the sushi.  This is a terrible month to rely heavily or exclusively on technology.  Have a secondary plan in place should your device fail you.


October spells achievement for Capricorn.  No aim is too high.  Go for it because success is likely with the sun illuminating your professional accomplishments.  Mercury goes retrograde for most of this month.  This energy can cause disruptions in technology and communication, so be patient if your underlings spend most of the month pathetically thrashing around in their own chaos.  The first eclipse on the 8th is bound to influence the way you see your relationships.  A definitive answer will reveal itself clearly.  The second eclipse on the 23rd invites a new circle of friends into your life.  Single Caps may find a suitable partner among this new group.


October has a conflicted agenda for you Aquarius.  You are imbued with an urge to fly free and travel, but grounded by the complications of pesky Mercury in retrograde which can really fuck up your travel plans.  Plan a getaway to commence after the 25th for your best luck in adventuring.  For sure you’ll want to flee because an uncomfortably tense work environment develops over the next month.  Avoiding the conflict or annoying person won’t work this time.  You’re gonna have to nut-up and address it lest it escalate further into a professional embarrassment.  The first eclipse of the month on the 8th drops unexpected news.  The second eclipse later in the month provides a fresh start at work.


October is best spent with your most trusted circle, Pisces.  Distribution of finances serves as a major theme this month.  Suddenly, you are very interested in where your money goes and with whom you share it.  Money plays out as a key issue in relationships – from whether you choose to partner to whether you opt to split.  Opportunities for passive income are great, just don’t get seduced by sketchy schemers offering you the world before you see a dime.  Use Mercury’s retrograde energy to seal up any old heartbreaks.  Reach out to make amends.  Avoid signing contracts this month as you are likely to miss important details.



I wouldn’t call it flailing, but the last couple months haven’t been your most graceful, Aries.  October blows a crisp wind of change in your favor.  You return to your rightful place at the head of the pack where you express your individuality without reservation.  Especially interested getting noticed and heard, take effort to look your best.  Quality food and sleep make a substantive difference in your attitude and appearance.  Others notice you’re bursting with extra fruit flavor this month and want to get close for a taste.  The lunar eclipse in Aries happens on the 8th which will be one of your most auspicious days of the year, and therefore a perfect day for setting a plan into motion.  Drop any dead (relationship) weight before this day so as not to obstruct your good luck.


Taurus loves a good organization sesh, and October is the perfect time to clean up the mess.  Which dark corners of your life could use a good sweep, Taurus?  Are you fat?  Are you living in filth?  Is your credit shameful?  Of course not, you’re perfect, right?  You work well within the structure of a system, just keep it simple.  When you over-complicate you’re less likely to follow through.  Mercury’s retrograde tosses in the standard communication complications this month, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with your trademark patience.  The lunar eclipse is known for suddenly shifting energy, so change is on the menu for October especially in the realm of healing.


October brings big fun Gemini!  You are especially attractive and bold this month.  Choose among your many admirers.  Mercury retrogrades for most of the month.  For Gemini this backspin manifests in saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.  A verbal lapse in judgment could cost you dearly.  Curtail your gossipy nature this fall.  The lunar eclipse promises a healthy dose of like-it-or-not change.  Expect to clean out your friendship circle under the influence of this eclipse in particular.  On the 23rd, take proactive steps to protect your health.  Administrate kid!  Become the Tracy Flick of your own life.


Snug in at home this October, Cancer.  While you’re staring at the wall, rearrange the furniture so you can stare at a different one.  Funnel your energy into a home makeover, it’s a lot more constructive than most of your other self-soothing activities.  From October 4-25, Mercury goes retrograde and travel plans delay, communication breaks down and electronics glitch.  Draw upon your most saintly patience and wait out the storm.  Provide yourself options in the event you’re stranded.  Wrap yourself up in nostalgia to take your mind off annoying retrograde-related distractions.  October makes a great month to catch up with old allies.



Speak your truth, Leo!  October makes an excellent time for devout honesty.  Expect October to fly by with a ton of responsibility and opportunities for fun.  Get your best fall outfit together and go get ‘em.  You catch wind of a number of inspiring ideas from interesting people during your myriad engagements.  Mercury goes retrograde and with all the possible complications, there are definitely better times to travel, contract, and communicate crucial information.  That said, life can’t grind to a halt based on one little backspining planet, so take the proper precautions, back up your data and march ahead soldier.  With regard to relationships, Leo feels this retrograde in dealings with a female relative this month.  Say what needs to be said Lion – after all your theme this month is devout honesty!  Just take a cue from the retrograde and pause a beat before you go hard on anyone.  Some words can’t be unsaid.


VIRGOPrioritize work this October, Virgo.  Always industrious, October’s work focus allays some of your post-birthday financial anxiety.  As you may have heard, Mercury goes retrograde for most of October and that means electronics glitch, planes delay, and contracting should be avoided.  In addition to the retrograde, a pair of eclipses – a lunar on the 8th and a new moon on the 23rd – cause quite a reckoning.  The first event forces blunt endings to unsatisfying situations, especially shitty relationships.  The second of these two celestial events makes an ideal time for seeding a dream into a future reality.

I’m Really Sad About Joan Rivers