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The Current Rotation: January planning, April tanning

RAINBOW KITTEN SURPRISEDevil Like Me ⇔ Rainbow Kitten SurpriseSANTIGOLD CHASING SHADOWSSantigold ⇔ Chasing ShadowsST LUCIALove Somebody ⇔ St. LuciaELEANOR FRIEDBERGERNever is a Long Time ⇔ Eleanor Friedberger

sing me a song


Say My Name ∴ Peking Duk


Psycho Killer (Acoustic) ◊ Talking Heads


Hold on to Your Friends ∇ MorrisseyTRENTEMOLLER ANSWER

The Answer ∗ Trentemøller remix UNKLE


I Know ⇔ Fiona Apple

Lip Sync Showcase

ANNE HATHAWAY LIP SYNC BATTLENext weekend is the First Annual Lip Sync Showcase.  I have to prepare a number.  What song would you choose?  I’ve been profoundly contemplating my choice.  I’m not sure what to perform.  As a fan of Lip Sync Battle, I’ve been paying close attention to what works and what doesn’t.  Nobody wants an earnest lip sync situation.  The song must be worded with a wink.  There are some obvious go-to’s.  I want to avoid those.  No Gloria Gaynor.  No Madonna.  But you don’t want to go too obscure or dark.  It’s preferable when everyone in the audience knows the words.  Speaking of audience, the selection must hype the people.  I know a kid who insists on karaoke-ing Happiness is a Warm Gun, and it is such a bummer every single time.  Don’t be that guy.  An upbeat song choice is key, but you don’t want to go too corny either.  I’m auditioning a few different ditties – and there’s choreography to consider.  I gotta get to werk.  And for those of you participating, I look forward to experiencing the full gamut of magic you have to offer.   RU

Sylvan Esso

AMELIA SYLVAN ESSOI went to see the indie duo Sylvan Esso recently.  I had weak expectations of the folk singer/EDM collabo, but these two found a way to fill up the stage and the sold-out venue despite their lean two-party operation.  Amelia and Nick only have one eponymous record, so it was a quick and dirty performance.  They had to dig deep for the encore.  Nonetheless, the show was a delightful little treat.  I’m sure these two will hit the festival circuit hard this summer, so catch a set if you get a chance.  SYLVAN ESSO MINNE


Girl in a Band: A Memoir

KIM THURSTON COCOI’ve always admired Kim Gordon.  I’ve listened to her music.  I’ve followed her efforts at fashion.  I delighted at her family’s cameo on Gilmore Girls and her scrunchy moment on Girls.  One of my first and most memorable boyfriends loved Sonic Youth, and every time I hear Mildred Pierce I think of him.   As some of you know, Kim and Thurston recently split.  Sonic Youth is no more.  Gordon wrote a memoir, and yes, it includes some mention of the other woman, but Kim Gordon’s life is so fucking interesting and intersected with dynamic and influential people that her split with Moore represents just one sad (but matter of fact) song in the EP of her life.  I love her straight-forward and insightful writing.  You will too.  Read Girl in a Band: A MemoirKIM GORDON GIRL IN A BAND

the current rotation: december warming


Good Lovin ⊗ Ludacris featuring Miguel


Shelter Song ⊗ TemplesLISA ALMA FINEFine ⊗ Lisa Alma


Love Trials ⊗ Alexandre

DMB REMEMBER TWO THINGSSeek Up ⊗ Dave Matthews Band


ANDERS TRENTEMOLLERWent out for Trentemøller and it was like stepping into a total 1980’s New Wave Joy-Division-Depeche-Mode moment, a moment I was grateful to experience since I was barely old enough to remember the first time around.  Anders is touring with a band which I didn’t necessarily expect, but sure appreciated for the dimension it added to show.  The performance wasn’t pitch-perfect-polished, but it did organically build to ultimately bond the small (but devoted and mostly gay) audience.TRENTEMOLLER BAND

Wedding Gown Rundown

JESSICA SIMPSON WEDDINGJessica Simpson wore custom Carolina Herrera.  It’s such a princess-y Jessica Simpson dress.  It is exactly what you’d expect her to wear.  I do like the candlelight color, the snatched waist, and the how the beading catches the light.  I don’t love the pattern of the beading on the skirt and the way it creates a weighty bedspread feeling to the bottom of the dress. JESSICA SIMPSON BRIDEOLIVIA PALERMOAlso in Carolina Herrera, I feel like Olivia Palermo is trying to be the hipster chick that wears Chuck Taylors to prom.  Like she’s above the fuss of an actual wedding dress.  She can only bother with a skirt and sweater (in the summer).  I offer you begrudging props for originality paired with an eyeroll, Palermo.  She looks way baked in this picture, no?  KANDI BURRESSKandi fucking Burruss.  Did you watch that hot fucking mess of a televised shitshow?  Coming to America, for real girl?  Today is just about dresses and this one makes me recall that line from Steel Magnolias, “Looks like two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.”  What do you expect from a designer who delivers your dress in a bedsheet?TAYLOR ARMSTRONGI threw Taylor Armstrong in here for a little Real Housewives compare and contrast.  She’s wearing Chagoury Couture.  The dress is dated; it’s giving me a very 1997 prom sensation. NAYA RIVERA REFLECTIONPoor Naya Rivera, attempting to bride her post-Big Sean pain away in Monique Lhuillier.  This dress is totally inappropriate for a Cabo wedding.  Could you imagine wearing all that lace and long sleeves in Mexico in the summerNAYA RIVERA WEDDING DRESSKALEY CUOCOKaley Cuoco opted for carnation pink Vera Wang.  I’m all for non-white, but this gown isn’t really that special.  The color borders on cloying. KATIE COURICCarmen Marc Valvo made Katie Couric’s dress for her ceremony in the Hamptons.  I know she’s nearing 60, but that has nothing to do with the bad cut, fabric, and color of this frock.  She could have looked a whole lot cuter, and it’s a damn shame she wore this disservice of a dress on such a blessed occasion.  KIM AND KANYEI actually like elements of Kim’s Givenchy dress, just not the part that looks like she’s wearing North’s bib.  The back is beautiful, especially with the totally impractical exaggerated veil.  For sure, that skinny white belt will be ripped off and all over the bridal runways next season – you heard it here first. KIM K WEDDING DAY

The Current Rotation: July Flyby

COWBOY JUNKIES SWEET JANESweet Jane ↔ Cowboy Junkies


My Silver Lining ↔ First Aid Kit


Pilgrim ↔ MØ


We Used to Be Friends ↔ The Dandy Warhols


Hey Miami ↔ Sylvan Esso


Dark Parts ↔ Perfume Genius


I’m Your Man ↔ Leonard Cohen