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Gone Today

SNOWTRACKSSomeone I really loved and respected died tragically and unexpectedly yesterday.  He was a great man.  He treated others most kindly.  He will be sorely missed by many.  May his wife and daughter find solace in the wake of this life-changing loss.  Just when the mundane details of life lull me into a false sense of security, the universe comes along with a kick to the balls to remind us all just how precariously we hang in the balance of fate.  Love fiercely without restraint.  Forgive easily.  Life is short, and then in an instant you are gone. GONE

Girls Love Horses

REBEL TESTLike most girls, I love horses.  I had a horse when I was a girl.  Yes, I actually got the pony, eyeroll.  I drifted away from riding horses around 14, but as a grown woman I take every opportunity to ride that I can.  Through a thoughtful and generous friend, I was invited to ride this weekend.  A woman just moved out this way with her horses and was up for hosting a little group trot.HORSE MAGIC

Because horses are dangerous, usually equine owners are understandably cautious.  I expected very little excitement or free rein (if you will) during the evening, and was frankly just happy for the opportunity to ride.  One horse needed to rest, so we all took turns riding the mare, Peanut.  First, very nice owner mounted and completed a few laps on Peanut in the hopes of tuckering her out for the novice riders.  Perhaps not exercised as frequently since the recent move, Peanut was all full of piss and vinegar, itching to run, buck, and act wildly.BUCK WILD

Finally, it was my turn to ride Peanut.  I turned to owner and I said “Look, I know horses are dangerous. I really appreciate you letting me ride.  I won’t do anything crazy.  I will ask permission before I change gaits.”  So I hop on, and Peanut understandably runs me through all the standard horsey antics to see what she can get away with, which is nothing.  After I got the feel of her, I ask owner if I may trot.  She said “yeah, go ahead.”  Seriously she was the chillest horse mom ever.  After a few circles and half-halting obedience conversations with Peanut, I asked her for an easy canter.  Peanut is a Maserati of a horse and we had a good speedy go around the ring.  I kept Peanut in control, so owner apparently trusted me enough to have a nice little ride without any interference.  I was so stunned by her permissive and easy-going attitude.  I may make her my new best friend.  We can go riding together.HORSE LOVEI’m super grateful for my homie who organized the evening because he would much rather ride a skateboard than a horse and just arranged the gathering to make me happy.  Sweet, right?GIRLS LOVE HORSES


No Complaining Weekend Challenge

NEVER COMPLAIN NEVER EXPLAINThis weekend, challenge yourself to stop complaining.  From Friday to Sunday, every time you start to bitch – stop.  Substitute a positive statement or say nothing.  For some of us, it’s going to be a really quiet weekend. STOP WHINING


give it a year

WORKING GIRLProfessionally, the last five years have been difficult for many folks, myself included.  My undergraduate degree in philosophy prepared me to think deep thoughts while working retail, so I went the great fallback route and got a law degree to make my mom happy.  I litigated asses for a few years, hated it, and got swept up in the mass layoffs of 2009.  Shortly thereafter, my mom got terminally ill and I concentrated on seeing her through her last days in dignity.  Facing the brevity of life, I couldn’t go back to my soul-suck of career as a paper-pushing attorney.

So a little over a year ago against everyone’s expectations, I chose to pursue what is essentially a mythical career: a full-time yoga teacher.  I know you are rolling your eyes.  Everyone is a yoga instructor.  I get it.  Judge away.  You think I don’t get my share of jaw drops when I tell people I’m a licensed attorney teaching yoga full time?  Girl, please.  I’m not going to bore you with my credentials because I have nothing to prove, but let’s just say I have quite a bit more training than some eight week program at a local studio.  This decision was not made on a whim, I’ve been practicing and teaching for several years.YOGINI

I bargained with myself that I would give it a year; work hard, take every opportunity to teach, and ride out the financial valleys and peaks of this unpredictable career.  Not everyday was a success story.  I taught long stretches without a day off, on holidays, and subbed constantly.  Soon my income began to reflect my commitment level.  I’m doing exactly what I want to do and I couldn’t be happier.  I was a good attorney, but I’m an exceptional teacher.  I only feel comfortable saying that because I’ve worked hard to make it true (to the tune of 576+classes last year).BIKRAM CHILE

It isn’t too late to do what you want.  Yeah, it may require sacrifice, compromise, and strategic planning.  It will require you to bravely defy expectations, embrace humility, and realign priorities.  When you do get your ass on the golden path towards your soul’s rightful journey, your fate will rise up to meet you as the wind presses you towards your destiny.  Why spend your life slugging through the muddy path of resistance?  NEVERENDING STORYGive it at least a year.  Give it everything you’ve got.  Even if you fail miserably, at least you’ll avoid the tragic regret of abandoned dreams.  The more likely outcome is that you’ll succeed and never look back.FOLLOW YOUR HEART


The Holidays Sans Familia

SOLO XMASSince my parents passed on, I don’t really have any family to celebrate the holidays with anymore.  My extended family isn’t close, and I don’t feel like trying to force it out of a misguided sense of obligation.  When I was in a relationship, it was all about his family.  He would drag me to his parents house and abandon me with his mean mother for hours.  After years of enduring that misery, now he doesn’t even bother to wish me a Merry Christmas.  My close friends have their own agendas, none of which include me.  I always get a lot of well-meaning invitations from random outer circle pals and acquaintances, but the thought of accepting any of those invitations triggers major small-talk anxiety.CHRISTMAS ALONETIMESI work so much that two whole days off in a row is a once a year luxury that I can’t afford to misspend.  Some people might consider spending Christmas alone tragic, but the upside is I didn’t have to buy one bullshit present.  Though I happily tipped some well-deserving folks to show gratitude for their day-to-day service.HOLIDAY CASH

My Christmas wish is to relax, sleep-in, eat Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, and binge-watch the rest of The Affair.  Most folks are plagued with obligations and expectations during the holidays.  This Christmas I’ll be thanking baby Jesus for the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want.WATCHING RUBBISH

The longest night

SNOWY CABINWishing you a warm winter solstice on the longest night of the year.  BABY BIRDS

Many blessings and much love.



I’m Grateful For You


throw the baby shower out with the bath water

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN BABY SHOWERJust got back from a baby shower.  Said my Hellos.  I stayed 30 minutes because there was nothing for me at this party.  First, it was one of those invite the whole family type showers and I don’t have a kid or husband to reluctantly drag.  The mutual co-worker who was supposed to attend with me cancelled (ugh, 4th time in a row this bitch has bailed on concrete plans).  I showed up with my thick stack of Dr. Suess books elegantly wrapped.  I dropped the present off at the designated table occupied by several medium-sized gift bags.   I greeted the mom-to-be who was dressed in a tight, fuchsia, cotton, ruched tube dress.  She looked like a raspberry.  I told her as much, which in hindsight she may not have appreciated, but I love raspberries so I didn’t intend the comment pejoratively.  Dad-to-be and I chatted for awhile, but I noticed the side-eye of the older ladies when our conversation extended beyond 5 minutes of appropriate small talk.  Who is that predatory single woman circling the dad-in-waiting?  Please.  There are no secret yearnings.  Excuse the blatant bitchery, but if I wanted him I could have him a year ago when we first met and he was drooling all over himself.HOLLY MADISON BABY SHOWER

After I was done talking to the two guests of honor, I wandered around a little bit and introduced myself to a few other folks standing solo.  Nobody seemed very interested in small talk, and it’s not my strength anyway.  When in doubt, hit the buffet, right?  Well you already know that I refer to buffets at barffets and am never in the mood for a group feeding.  This spread was particularly bleak.  Two circular trays of Subway-style sandwiches of dubious origin and questionable content.  The fold-out tables lacked proper placards describing the menu.  Just down from the sandwich wheels where huge bowls of standard potato chips.  Why do people do this?  Put out enough potato chips to feed and army just to watch them soften into stale after the first hour.  Plate of pickles, ok, I get the nod to pregnancy cravings.   A couple of large bowls of mystery potato-salad glop remained untouched.  The beverage options included electric yellow “lemonade” and something that looked like soda.  Not a cupcake in sight.  Killing time with mindless eating would not be an option at this shindig.BABY BUMCAKES

The one activity provided for the children was butcher paper on the tables and crayons.  I made a doodle.  I met a couple kids.  I drank some neon lemonade.  Then I split.  There was nothing left for me.KROY KIM

To that end, if you want people to stay at your baby shower for more than the obligatory 30 minutes, consider the following:

1) With regard to length. 2 hours maximum.  This one was scheduled for a tedious 3.  I like the idea of a short and sweet 90 minutes.

2) Delicious food.  Lots of options.  Baked goods.  Simple non-dressed salads.  Fruit. Cheese. Crudites. Readily available sweets. Warm offerings.  Coffee. Tea. Iced Tea. Water.  I personally prefer an elegant seated brunch.JESSICA SIMPSON

3) Make introductions.  Reign in loners.  Ensure everyone feels included.WIZ AND AMBER

4) Create intimate seating arrangements to encourage eating, drinking, and conversation.EVEYLN LOZADA

5) Designate a separate (but within eyeshot/earshot of helicopter parents) fun space for the kids.MINNIE DRIVER

6) It’s fine if you aren’t into “baby games,” but do provide some sort of entertainment or fun.  Music. Dancing. Karaoke. Ice your own cupcake.  Whatever.  These activities start conversations and save people from dreaded awkward mingling.MINDY WEISS

7) Attentive hosting takes work, the preggo shouldn’t be hosting her own baby shower, but these two did it as a couple.  Designate a host devoted to socially lubricating the shower.  Mothers and mothers-in-law love this job.KRIS AND KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN


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