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Spring 2014 RTW.sparklers



LIEBESKIND BERLINI confess I am not one of those Kate Spade carrying bitches.  I could give a shit about preppy-ass CoachLV logos are so over (debatable if they were ever under).  I covet Bottega Veneta, but would never spend $5,000+ on a bag.  This fall, I wanted a mid-priced bag, made of quality materials, that looked like a high-end bag, and wasn’t boring black.LIEBESKIND JOHANNA

Enter Liebeskind Berlin.  Leave it to the Germans to turn out a practical and stylish accessory.  Liebeskind offers up a generous variety of quality bags in a range of interesting colors.  The leather is buttery.  These bags are loaded with practical pockets and compartments without looking fussy.  I don’t like a lot of useless extra fussy crap dangling off my bag.LIEBESKIND AQUA

Liebeskind delivers on styling, construction, and choice, now what about price you ask?  The line pretty much tops out at $500 with most bags falling in the $200-$300 range.  I just scored a delicious pistachio colored studded cross body on sale for $200 and it feels as luscious as carrying a $2000 bag.  Advanced accessorizing.  LIEBESKIND STUDDED

August 2013 Horoscopes



Happy Birthday Leo!  Another year older, but are you any wiser for the wear and tear?  For sure.  Even though Leo is blessed with a number of desirable qualities which tend to stack the deck in your favor (looks, charisma, innate likeability), this year presented a number of character-building challenges that proved you are made of more than just an attractive veneer.  Life’s low points are wonderful indicators of who truly supports you when Leo isn’t pinning the tail on the donkey.  As you well learned, some bitches are just in it for the party.  Shed limiting obligations the first week of August.  By foregoing certain responsibilities other windows of opportunities arise.  Little Lion that anxiety you’ve been feeling shall pass, but you suffer a lack of motivation and a sense of weightiness that endures for at least the next three weeks.  August is not the month for major purchases or executing contracts.  You just aren’t up for reading the fine print and are likely to get suckered at worst and confused at best.  Expect a friend or colleague to throw a little salt your way.  The comment will sting, but you’ll get over it.


The first half of the month Virgo benefits from the influence of Venus with a gain in popularity and amplified affection.  That flirtatious spark you’ve been flaming within the campfire of your social circle has all the planetary momentum to set fully ablaze.  Unfortunately, Virgo suffers a major letdown by someone you trust.  This betrayal changes an important relationship.  Don’t let the untrustworthy dealings of one person lead you to deep-freeze everyone.  Office politics, which you usually negotiate deftly, cause problems, delays, and frustrating losses.  With Neptune’s influence, Virgo’s efforts at clear communication get received like smoke signals.  Don’t expect folks to understand you this month.  This August, you may not even understand yourself.  Unresolved anger continues to surface and form into solid undeniable chunks of fury.  Better clean it up because it’s becoming a tripping hazard.


Work and travel twist into themes of upheaval this August for Libra.  A charismatic, (if somewhat shadowy) influence enters into your professional sphere and offers you everything under the Sun to relocate to a major professional opportunity.  Will you stay or will you go?  A fresh wave of optimism sweeps in the second week of August which is only further boosted by a dollop of nepotism/networking.  Libra makes connections with your easy-going nature, and these relationships prove influential.  Libra likes to keep everybody happy, but even with organized time management (which you lack this month) you won’t be able to satisfy all the demands coming your way.  Expect a heavy-handed guilting when you have to say no to certain invitations.  Fuck ‘em. Do you.


August presents Scorpio the opportunity to recast yourself in a new role.  Quite literally, this may mean a professional reinvention or more subtly a personal redefining.  This rewriting of your own narrative will require you to shed one or more self-limiting definitions you’ve clung to for comfort and acceptance.  Scorpio may find that this new trajectory involves relocation, travel, or connecting with great numbers of people via the web.  Pal up with one super supportive friend who sincerely shares your enthusiasm.  This is a good time to soak in other’s ideas and share your thoughts which will be well-received.   Expect an encounter with a ruthless asshole in some official capacity – a cop, a lawyer, someone wielding their despotic power in an annoying way.  Don’t even bother engaging in any kind of challenge, you will be treated unfairly and you will lose.  An unsatisfying relationship meets its demise before month’s end.  Exit with integrity.     


The theme for Sags this month is random unexpected adventure.  A last minute trip, stepping in where someone else dropped out, Sags are great at seizing moments of spontaneity.  I would advise you not to hesitate, but hesitancy has never really been your problem.  For quite some time now, Sags have been suffering from an intimacy drought in their central relationship.  Intimacy and independence make uneasy bedfellows, and right now hacking your own way through life feels more important than hacking down your partner’s walls.  Past historical messiness comes back to haunt you in August, and you have no choice but to clean it up.  Socially Sags bubble and if you admit it, you have a little crush on someone in your group.  You love to talk, but you must let others have their say.  Sags are not great listeners and this month it becomes a problem.  August is not a favorable time to purchase a property or make family investments.  Just wait.


 Capricorns hunt for avenues of wealth, and to that end August creates a fortunate window to pursue property investment for Capricorn.  Influenced by the confusion of the retrograde, Capricorn suffered a number of misunderstandings stemming from the end of last month.  Though you hate to admit it, you are hurting from the disconnection between yourself and folks you truly care for.  August clears the way and allows Caps to initiate a mending of those relationships.  Make no mistake: it’s on you.  This month bond with a distant someone who inspires you.  The energy you two create feeds a variety of positive outlets.  Professionally, Caps must curb overreaching ambitions which lead you to behave impatiently and without strategy.  Cut out extracurricular personal spending in August.  You can’t afford it.


The first three weeks of August are all about relationships and meaningful interaction Aquarius.  Forge new connections and strengthen existing ones.  An interesting and influential iconoclast comes your way and stirs deep inspiration. Your mutual appreciation for each other’s weirdness manifests in supreme synergy.  A needling unresolved issue finally sees its satisfactory close.  Work hard in August.  Aquariaus interested in financial reorganization should pursue options this month.  A new interest rate could be in your future.  Appreciate the broad sweeping optimism that comes with Jupiter’s influence, but maintain realistic limits or suffer fatigue and frayed nerves.  When you overdo it this month, it will show up in your body.  A specific nexus ripens conditions for an opportunist.  Remain skeptical of big promises.  Keep an eye on business advisers and side-eye shady business practices.   A chilly, awkward relationship with a co-worker begins to thaw these last days of summer.  Single Aquarius find their strongest opportunities for love long distance.  Attached Aquarius must root out the truth like a pig in truffle season.


 A wave of practicality shapes Pisces’ professional focus in the beginning of August.  Get shit done and cross it off the list.  Watch out for the shit-talking backstabber at work.  Dreamy as always, that creative thinking leads you to an unexpected, brilliant scheme for money-making.  Rather than just roll the idea over in your mouth, innovate!  Pursue your hunches.  Doing so is what separates the mere dreamers from the doers.  For you Pisces, power comes from long-term persistence, but commitment and thoroughness are weaknesses for you.  Avoid speculative financial ventures.  Remember to balance optimism against realism.  This is the right time to hit up the bank for credit.  Pisces exudes lovely and sexy evocative swagger all month long, and the last two weeks of the month you experience magical love and hear the mood music swelling in the background.


 August ushers in a fascinating time for your love life Aries.  If your central relationship has gone a little limp, from the 9th-12th is the time to stiffen your resolve and get assertive in the bedroom.  August is the time to seriously look at the relationship between work and your health.  Are you personally satisfied with your job?  Are you taking proper care of yourself?  Aries don’t like to admit human weakness.  You must sleep.  You must eat well.  You must move moderately.  Failure on any of these three points sets you up for a really crappy time in August.  Why not slow down a little bit and enjoy the few last drops of summer?  Beware of liars right now as Jupiter makes creates susceptibility to untruths.  August has Aries pinned down by an opponent.  Admit you’ve been bested; sulk for a day, and regroup for revenge.  Now is not the time to leverage your personal wealth for business.


Taurus likes to run a tight ship and this month you turn that editorial eye towards your home.  First, throw out all the clutter.  Next physically rearrange your home to make it more practical.  Consider the manner and frequency that you use things order your space from there.  Bulls love to create self-systems, just remember that complicated arrangements are difficult to live up to.  Swirling conflict settles, technical glitches resolve, and Taurus hits a diplomatic stride at work.  Fixed or evangelical thinking – yours or theirs – won’t serve you.  Steer clear.  August ain’t the month for rebellion or rule breaking; you are definitely going to get caught.  No caving to your crazy friend’s peer-pressure.  Work relations hit a diplomatic stride.  Maintain a super-realistic if not down right skeptical attitude in your love life.  Either your partner is lying or you might be lying to yourself about your partner.


GEMINIGemini demonstrates sparkling style this month and uses ample resources to play host, entertain with delicious food, and enjoy intimate, relaxed, romantic evenings.  Tech driven Gemini shines chatting about gadgets and whatnot.  You enjoy exchanging information with other nerds and find all the novel ideas very exciting.  Over the next year, Gemini’s everyday finances remain quite stable.  In August, greed and your attempts to manipulate prove counterproductive.  Shame on you for acting against your higher values.  Beware of involvement with loose ethics in your business dealings.  The Full moon brings opportunity for dynamic change.  Fear is holding you back.  This is all about your self-perception and your interactions with others.  You’ve tried to strengthen relationships with your family, but August brings a series of lousy, unfulfilling exchanges.  Though frustrating, the discord isn’t permanent.


In August the stars align for romance dear Cancer.  Your normal mode of sulky communication shifts into compelling and sensual conversations.  An out-of-nowhere opportunity lands at your doorstep and you must decide whether to take it without much time to weigh it over.  Go with your gut.  Over the last month, your home situation hasn’t felt quite right.  Spend time arranging your space in a way that genuinely supports you.  Crabs always prefer tidy surroundings.  Rather flexible with the truth, now is the time to communicate without exaggeration.  Cancer stresses over fiscal concerns and feels like there are never quite enough resources to meet every demand.  Spend consciously, and balance everyday costs against long term expenses.  When it comes to your income, stand up for what you deserve and what is rightfully yours.

Fall 2013 RTW: Shoe Shopping

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the new shades

Tom FordMarc JacobsMarniAlexander McQueen3.1 Phillip LimOpening CeremonyRoberto CavalliMarc JacobsValentinoDolce & Gabbana

Designer Spotlight: Liat Ginzburg

fall 2012 rtw: armament

Yves Saint LaurentAlexander McQueenValentinoNina RicciBottega VenetaOscar de la RentaYves Saint Laurent


Loving my unicorn ring from Rabid Fox Jewelry.  It is 50% whimsy and 50% weapon.  These unusual and eye-catching pieces attract second and third glances – conversation starters indeed. Choose from a a variety of animal friends in gold, silver, and brass.

SPRING 2012 RTW: headgear

Karen Elson headlines Anna Sui.Haider AckermannBalenciagaComme des GarconsKate Moss for Louis Vuitton.Christian DiorLindsey Wixson works a doll pout at Nina Ricci.Giorgio Armani.Jil Sander.Abbey Lee at Nina Ricci.  Anybody else think she looked a little off this season?