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Oprah’s Awkward Next Chapter

Who watched the premiere of Oprah’s Next Chapter last night?  Oprah visited Steven Tyler at his Sunapee, New Hampshire home and more often than not it was awkward and uncomfortable.  First, Oprah showed up with two huge buckets full of hydrangeas “she cut herself from her garden,” as a totally random gift for the singer. Without their personal assistants to wrangle the flowers, Oprah and Steven dithered indecisively over where to set them down until eventually plopping them down next to a tree.In case you didn’t know, Steven Tyler randomly bursts into song without provocation.  Regular Oprah Winfrey Show watchers remember how embarrassing Oprah gets in the midst of live music.  The two of them together made for some weird moments over the first hour.  Tyler intermittently released guttural screeches, and in response Oprah froze in an uncomfortable smile, not sure of whether to do her usual pretend lip synch routine, laugh, or gaze on in admiration.   Even though it was laced with uneasiness, we learned a few things about Steven Tyler from the interview.  He believes the rest of Aerosmith envies him – a phenomenon his describes as LSD – Lead Singer Disorder.  Tyler literally thinks he’s magic and proclaims he always knew he would be a famous rockstar, informing his mother of the fact as a child.  In a nutshell, he totally buys into his own delusions of grandeur.  As Steven pontificated on his many gifts, a wash of recognition came over Oprah as she realized he sounded like a self-aggrandizing asshole.  Did the queen of self-reflection consider whether she came off equally as pompous when talking about herself?  This remains to be seen.  Later in the interview, during a ride in his antique car, Steven clasped Oprah’s hand and said, “I’m so lonely in life.  I have no friends like you.  I’m alone.  I’m alone.”  Oprah responded, “Now you’re not, cause now we will be friends.”  How can you be friends with a self-important, insufferable asshole who believes musical talent and a lot of good luck makes you a superior species?  And I say that with a total fondness for the delightful kooky genius that is Steven Tyler. During the last twenty minutes of the 2 hour program, Tyler’s new fiancé Erin Brady joined the interview.  In an unexpected turn, I kinda like her.Industry gossips say Oprah and the pockets behind the struggling network were hoping Next Chapter would improve the ratings and begin to turn things around at OWN.  While the interviews may perform decently in the ratings, this is not Oprah at her best.  And I don’t think I’m the first to wonder if much like Madonna, her best days are done.