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Oh Hell Naw Stephanie Pratt

MADE IN CHELSEA S6 TEASEI’ve been catching up with my favorite guilty pleasure Made in Chelsea and guess who has turned up to ruin it but Stephanie Pratt!?  Made in Chelsea is a Hills-like reality show which takes place in the aristocrat-dense area of Chelsea.  It is filled with girls called “Binky” and “Millie” and boys called “Proudlock” and “Ollie” who have very dignified arguments over shagging each other.  The show is fully orchestrated and as thick with faux-drama as a plop of clotted cream.  I crackishly love it.  Don’t judge me.  However, I do not enjoy a side order of has-been Stephanie Pratt on my otherwise yummy Made in ChelseaStephanie Pratt’s too orange complexion and too closely set eyes left her fourth fiddle on The Hills, but now she’s rolling in as the New Hot American Girlfriend of Spencer Matthews?  I think not.  Lucy Watson, I’m counting on you to remedy this unfortunate Pratt situation posthaste. SPENCER AND STEPH PRATT

Sunday with Ellie Goulding

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Recently, I saw New Order live.  New Order has been together on and off for over thirty years, albeit with some lineup changes.  As I watched New Order, I just kept thinking, damn they’ve been playing together a long time.  You can hear it.  You can feel it.  These musicians play like one fused organism.  The legacy stirs an undeniable devotion in the fans.   Most couples can’t keep relationships together.  Imagine trying to balance the interests of four or five people with the added complications of fame, ego, and money.  I would never make it in a band.  Solo Act.  Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the effort, patience, and commitment it must require to work 30+ years on an evolving project with essentially the same people and manage to stay inspired.  Rockstar ambitions notwithstanding, for some of us, a lifetime bound to the same four people too closely resembles a Sartre play.


Downton Abbey is Everything.

Now I’m not even trying to front like this hugely popular show hasn’t been all over everyone’s top list for the last year, but I just got around to it, so now I’m going to throw some shine on Downton Abbey too.  Why risk redundancy?  Because it is just that fucking excellent. Obviously Maggie Smith rules, and she is in top form here as a domineering Countess.  She’s just one yummy morsel of an all around delicious ensemble cast.   Truthfully, there isn’t a bad actor in the bunch. So you are thinking period drama = snoozy, right?  Wrong bitches.  Academy Award-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) propels the story forward using death, love, accusations, and swirling intrigue to keep the viewer super engaged.There’s even a little Edwardian style man-on-man fun for those queens that need further convincing. Downton Abbey is everything.  Obtain, devour, and enjoy seasons 1 & 2 now.

JAMIE WOON: mirrorwriting

Lead single Night Air caught my attention a few months ago and had me looking forward to the release of Mirrorwriting, Jamie Woon’s new album.  This has been on heavy rotation, but I needed to soak in it before offering you my thoughts. Without rushing to any conclusions, I adore MirrorwritingWoon’s memorable and enchanting voice layered over head-nod worthy beats sounds as sweet as frosted cake tastes.  The danger with this genre is that it can easily curdle into fromage, but Woon keeps it in the pocket and maintains a credible swagger throughout the collection of a dozen songs.Pursue the entire album; it’s a complete thought and worthy of your attention.  Some personal favorites include Shoulda, Lady Luck, Street, and Night Air.

Royal Wedding Ennui

I realize this may be a minority position, but anybody else find the whole union oddly depressing?  Anachronistic, conformist, transactional, and remarkably beige, it was like watching the death of freedom.  While the mainstream loved her gown, it was at best unoffensive and at worst a boring Grace Kelly knock-off.  The dress did not particularly embody the McQueen aesthetic, but credit to Burton and her team for  achieving a flawless fit.  Even though the press made a big deal over Kate’s choice to do her own makeup, can we agree the brows were a little too dark, her under-eye area needed attention, and the blush was a little muddy?  While the nuptials weren’t a style disaster, there were certainly imperfections swept over in the universal hyperbolic praise.  Maybe it is this Teflon-quality that makes Mizz Middleton absolutely perfect for her new job?


Sorry for the delay on this; it was released a year ago.  Not really sure how it slipped through the butt crack, but 2010 can be the year of The XX in the US.  Procure XX by The XX immediately.  Need an extra nudge?  This one is Karl Lagerfeld approved.Their sound, brimming with dichotomies, is at once familiar and new, atmospheric and intimate, feminine and masculine.  Think Cat Power paired with Pete Yorn singing over Radiohead, and then subtract fifteen years.  The XX is sadly one of the few examples I can think of where a male and female vocal pairing strengthens rather than diminishes the overall sound.Strong composition and musicality backs up the interesting vocal arrangements.  The XX ain’t no one trick pony; the whole record is worth your time.  The down tempo vibe may annoy some, but critics need to puff a doobie and relax.  This is the good shit.

This is a perfect record for a nascent love affair, but don’t waste it on just anyone.