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minoxidil: i think it’s working

LADY HAIR LOSSSo I told you awhile back that I was experimenting with minoxidil to see if I could coax some regrowth from the front of my hair which I’m convinced is thinning (due to a hormone imbalance I suspect, I’m looking into it).  My preliminary research suggested that twice daily long term commitment was required, so I wasn’t expecting sudden results.  Furthermore, according to the instructions and warnings I’m doing everything wrong.  For one, I’m using the 5% intended for men.  It states quite clearly that the product is not intended for regrowth in the front or to combat receding.  I personally think this is bullshit because if it grows hair in one place it will grow hair elsewhere; some dudes are even using minoxodil to fill out their patchy-ass hipster beards.  Of six bottles of foam, I’ve exhausted one.  I’ve been devoted even though the twice daily application can get really annoying.  I do believe it is paying off.  The results are subtle, but I’m convinced the front is filling in thicker.  Call it the placebo effect or self-delusion, but I’m sticking with the program to see what comes of it.  minoxidil

Sleeper Hit ~ Hotel Impossible

The Travel Channel recently rolled out Hotel Impossible with Anthony Melchiorri.  I love this guy and I love this show.  I really don’t need “fancy” when it comes to hotel accommodations.  I would settle for clean, a luxury I rarely enjoy when I travel.  Melchiorri swoops in to struggling establishments and straightens up everyone from the bellboy to the head of housekeeping.  The visit includes a light renovation of a hotel common area executed by assertive designer Blanche GarciaThe show works because Melchiorri serves straight-up, practical, common sense advice.  Under his guidance, these messy joints exhibit immediate improvement.Anthony hates errant hairs so much he rolls Bruce Willis bald.  Thanks for keeping it tidy for the people Melchiorri.