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it Cosmetics

BYE BYE UNDEREYEI received a tiny sample tube of It Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Under Eye concealer.  I immediately loved it and rushed to purchase a full size.  While at the Ulta, I also acquired It Cosmetic’s CC cream.  Yeah, I know, there are about fifty trillion BB, CC, and FU creams on the market right now, so what makes It so special?IT COSMETICS CC CREAM It Bye Bye Under Eye ($24) concealer works wonders face-wide, not just under the eye, and offers sensational coverage on blemishes too.  It CC cream ($38) provides exceptional sun protection, redness neutralization, and rich moisture.  I prefer It CC to Stila, Benefit, TheBalm, and Miracle Skin Transformer.  The moral of this cosmetics story is that I urge you to try those random samples because you never know the product treasure you might discover!    IT COSMETICS BYE BYE

Bobbi’s BB Bungle?

You guys know I had such high hopes for BB’s BB Cream.  I ordered two different shades and used one for the first time today.  My issues are as follows: 1) I was expecting major slip, easy glide, blend-ability, but not so much.  2) The coverage was slightly better than tinted moisturizer; I actually prefer Bobbi’s tinted moisturizer to this.  3)  I got sweaty, and it ran into my eyes, and it burned like the dickens.  In sum, this BB was a big limp-dick let down. 

I still prefer TheBalm’s BalmShelter.  Since my recommendation you bitches keep buying it all up because it’s been back ordered from my fav retailer for an annoyingly long time.  It’s a Demeter Clarc-induced beauty drought. 

BB Cream Invasion

Popular for many years in Asia, particularly South Korea, BB Creams have invaded the American market in a major way over the last 24 months.  Just what is a BB Cream you ask?  Short for “blemish balm,” BB Creams are soothing, medium-to-full coverage products packed with beneficial skin improving extras.  The “extras” vary, but typically include sunscreen, vitamins, and lighteners.With many high-end and mass options popping up, should you buy in to the latest trend?  With the all-in-one nature of these products you will get some bang for your buck.  The major drawback?  Very limited color choices.DC favorite Bobbi Brown just came out with her own version of BB Cream.  I ordered two colors to transition through fall.  I’ll let you know how it goes.