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Make an Ugly Chair Cute


I had this chair lying around in disrepair.  The loose seat needed screws, and the cushion wore a tragic 80’s country colonial hell fabric.  

Still solid and sturdy, this chair just needed a new sexy outfit.  Unscrew the seat and remove.  Gather a substantial stapler, staples, and scissors. 149“Know your colors and know your fabrics.  That’s what I tell all my little girls.”  Cut your fabric with enough extra to staple, but not so much it covers the screw holes. Staple that bitch. Screw her back together.  Flip her right side up and admire the transformation.

Dark, rich, printed fabrics are more forgiving for slobs like me.  I purchased 3/4 of a yard and had quite a bit left over intentionally.  Buy enough that you can arrange the print on the cushion as you like it.

A vast improvement, no?  I love to restore beauty.

Cruelty-Free Beauty: EcoTools

Make-up brushes present a challenge; most are made from from animal hair like sable, badger, squirrel, pony, or goat.

Instead of participating in the skinning of our animal friends, try EcoTools.  Endorsed by vegan Alicia Silverstone, these brushes are soft, durable, non-shedding, and cruelty-free.  They have a high-end feel at a drugstore price.

Luxuriate with Dita Von Teese


Want better results from your skincare?  Try sleeping with a humidifier.  It keeps your skin and upper respiratory system hydrated and healthy.

Keep your humidifier clean though, a dirty humidifier can make you sick. 

Add some whimsy to your room with these super cute Crane critters.


Spackle your face all you want, beautiful makeup cannot be without the canvas of beautiful skin.  Make-up should be optional.  Your skin should glow with or without it.  Therefore, skincare is essential and no amount of make-up can conceal or compensate for lazy hygiene.

To give good face, start with Borghese Fango Active Mud.  It tightens, calms red, and brightens in about twenty minutes.  This mud mask is worth the investment and a little goes a long way.  I’ve tried the others and they don’t do what Fango does.  Cut corners elsewhere.


I love blush.  A rosy glow can really change a face.  I’ve tried so many different blushes over the years, creams, powders, gels, and sticks, but I keep coming back to Nars Orgasm powder blush.  Somehow this product looks natural, but still pops.  Magically, it’s almost universally flattering.  A favorite of beauty editors for years, Nars Orgasm has achieved cult status.  It is worth every penny, and there is no substitute.