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Sunday with Santa

WTF with Alexis and Jennifer

Along with the rest of the Martha Stewart empire, Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer moved to the Hallmark Channel (go to Lifetime and take a sharp left down Geriatric Lane).

These two have shit the bed.  They abandoned their uptown girl Beavis and Butthead routine in exchange for an hour long interview-heavy format.  The original premise, Alexis and Jen mercilessly mocking Martha, was good.  Why switch to an interview format?  You bitches suck at interviewing people.  Stick with what you do best — talking shit with an air of superiority and condescension.

The most frustrating part?  On the newest incarnation of the MARTHA show, Martha Stewart is in particularly rare form.  Know-it-all Martha condescends (where you think Alexis got it?) ridicules, and insults guests and their expertise five days a week on her talk show.  For instance, when Jeff Leatham was on, she taught him a thing or two about flowers.  Like fine fromage, this bitch just keeps getting better with age.  With this much readily available source material for Whatever Martha!, it is a damn shame Alexis and Jennifer don’t do a MARTHA after show, because truthfully, their new show fucking sucks.  Pull it together ladies, nothing offends like squandered potential.