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Cinco de Salsa

cherry tomatoes +white onion +bell pepper +jalapeño +the juice of 3 limes +optional cilantro

= fresca cinco de salsa ++=




Happy Birthday Crabs!  A Cardinal sign, the Cancerian energy flows like the ocean tides in one clear direction – usually towards home.  Guardians of the Moon, introverted and feminine Cancers are the heart of the family.  Running things in July, increased responsibility burdens relationships.  Continue the theme of constructive stress relief.  Reduce the overall load by relying on trustworthy confidants.  Heightened emotional attunement results in prosperous partnerships and business ventures.  Leash spending and enjoy a thick wallet.


Leos should cancel road trips and stay off the road when possible this month.  Exercise extra caution while out and about locally.  Particularly vulnerable to pressure in July, don’t cave.  You’ll end up stuck in a very unfavorable position.  Others slack professionally; set yourself apart by seizing bonus opportunities.  The extra effort will result in recognition.  Best to keep a low profile for now; next month brings improvements.


Virgos have avoided making tough and permanent decisions about some major unresolved issues.  Conflicts with finances, offspring, amici, and colleagues require legitimate action this time around.  Now is the time to take up the rug and sweep up all that dust and dirt.  Busy worktimes require organization and strategy.  Domestically, trips keep the temperature warm and the mood romantic.  Couples teetering on the brink?  July’s the time to let go for good.


Blindsiding professional upheaval disrupts progress at work.  The drama could easily suck up the first two weeks of the month.  Find a way to  attract attention because competitive sharks circle Libras.  If you want it, you will have to fight for it.  In other respects, July looks calm and easy.  Casual summer entertaining fills up warm evenings with innocent fun.  The invitations don’t stop all summer and the socializing expands your social sphere.  Many of these upcoming events have a charitable angle; don’t show your ass by being cheap.





Put on your party pants Scorpios; whether you like it or not socializing is the summer agenda.  Instead of shutting everyone out, keep the lines of communication open.  It is unlike you to fuck up, so mind invitation details to avoid offending your host.  A heartbreaker of an old flame resurfaces this month.  Will you play with fire?  This grudge has taken up enough cardiac real estate.  Whether you ignore the overture or reciprocate, find a way to let go of the long-standing bitterness.



Sags are looking good right now; take advantage of your heightened appeal and enjoy a day or two off the usual grind.  Reunions make for unexpected sparks with random acquaintances.  Have fun with the nostalgia, but don’t get too serious.  Focus some attention on gathering intel socially and professionally.  Knowledge is power.  Financially, Sags can expect more steady drip than flowing stream.  Manage accordingly.



May I congratulate you on the steps you’ve taken to make things right?  Effort duly noted.  Relationships aren’t ever easy for Caps, but after the New Moon positive change arrives.  Professional disappointments discourage and frustrate Caps in July.  A temper tantrum won’t help.  Keep work and home separate or suffer interpersonal misery.  No big shopping sprees in July for you.  Schedule important biznass sometime between the 8th-11th.



Aquarius enjoys great relationships or love prospects this July.  Keep the vibe easy breezy and without strings.  Code word: summer fling.  Let the good sexytimes distract you from office drama.  Storms gather at work; expect ego clashes, posturing, and backstabbing due to some planetary fuckery.  Fear not; by month’s end, Aquarius enjoy professional glory.



Reasonably financially prudent, Pisces swim in unfamiliar water this month when you run into some unexpected money issues (which are totally your fault).  Rather than waste time stressing funds, devote time to DIY home improvement and gardening.  Midmonth, friends lighten the mood, and Pisces always get invited to the party.  However, romantic strings tangle in July and have you hunting for the scissors.  In contrast, work looks really fantastic, so enjoy the sun where it shines.


The first half of the month brings struggles to Aries.  Both romantic and familial connections suffer interference.  Consider the best way to defuse the drama.  Celestial movements make the second half of July an entirely different conversation.  Get ready for some super fun times and the potential for new love.  Already prone to sluttiness, don’t get carried away with the short-shorts and tequila.



July brings drastic changes in almost every important relationship in your life.  Everyone close will feel the aches and pains.  Others may behave erratically; calm them with your steady reliability.  Enjoy long talks with those nearest and dearest during lazy lovely summer days.  Now is the time for a trip, long or short – make it happen if you can.  Always financially savvy, Taurus are extra amped to earn this month.



Gemini glows in July.  Take the extra charm and direct it towards meeting new friends or getting back in touch with far-flung relatives.  We know how much Geminis hate to make decisions, but July demands you take a stand in that impossible relationship.  This time, you must initiate action.  Others may try to weasel into private financial dealings.  Stay vigilant and keep intruders out of your biznass.  Expect a flux of household income, but manage surplus wisely.



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