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Ugh, sucralose.

SPENDA CONTAINMENT TEAMI should have read more closely.  I consider myself a good label reader, but I was willfully blind to the sucralose buried in the thicket of ingredients comprising Kirkland Sparking Flavored Water.  Sucralose = Splenda.  It wasn’t my intention to trade one artificial sweetener addiction for another.  Apologies if my hasty and overly enthusiastic post led you astray.  The quest continues…KIRKLAND SIGNATURE SPARKLING FLAVORED WATER


I’m currently beverage-obsessed with delicious fruit-laced variations of sparkling San Pellegrino.The tart Limonata is all you want from an effervescent sparkling lemonade – impressively piquant with a grown-up sour intensity. If lemon makes you pucker, try Aranciata, a delicious orangy-flavored delight introduced way back in the 1930’s.I’ve yet to experience the Pompelmo (grapefruit) or Aranciata Rossa (blood orange), but anticipate they are just as divine as their fruity cousins.  Ounce for ounce San Pellegrino aint cheap, so you may want to hide these in the back of the fridge away from all your mooch friends.  Also, at around 150 calories a serving, wise to pace yourself.

Raise a Pinkie

Need a new tea for your pot?  Nothing compares to Aveda Comforting Tea.  The complex and full flavor is unparalleled. It comes loose and bagged, with loose the better value.  It is pricey; $24 for 4.9 ounces, but worth every penny.  One hundred percent certified organic peppermint and licorice anchor the blend.

This caffeine-free tea brews deliciously hot or cold.  This beverage makes the perfect accompaniment to a luxurious afternoon of gossip with the girls.