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Redken Anti-Snap: Just a little jizz

Like Rapunzel, hair must look beautiful and glide through the hand like silk.  Others must be compelled to reach out and touch it.

To achieve soft, shiny, lustrous, attention-begging hair, try Redken Anti-Snap.  Work through wet hair to detangle, protect, and fortify.  Add a second layer to your ends after you blow dry to smooth any split ends, frizzies, or fly-aways.

Similar products abound, but a hefty 8.5 oz bottle of Anti-Snap can easily last a year, making it the best value.

My only criticism: it looks like jizz.

Poor Lady Highlights

Times are bleak.  Are your roots showing?  Lemme let you in on a good old fashioned white trash beauty secret.  Sun-In.  Okay, okay, so Sun-In isn’t exactly a secret, especially to the cold war babies, it is, however, criminally underrated.I won’t belabor the cautions printed on the bottle, but suffice to say, it just isn’t going to work if your base color is darker than light brown or if you have a lot of red undertones. You’ll end up brassy as hell and hate me forever.  If your base color is pretty light, meaning you get natural blond highlights in the summer sun without color, then you are probably safe to proceed.

Back in the day, I never really had the patience for this stuff.  I would spray it on and end up in the pool ten minutes later washing it all out.  The key to dramatic results is heat, so I started spraying it in and working conditioner or apricot oil through my hair before hot yoga class.  I get both deep conditioning and lightening benefits all while working out.  The color is multi-dimensional, looks totally natural, and the process overall is less damaging than traditional highlights.  Not to mention it costs about $5.

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