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Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation

Last month I hit up the Bobbi Brown friends & family event and used the discount to justify trying a few new products.  Always on the look out for an amazing new makeup moment, I splurged on Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation.  This ultra-rich base contains shea butter, evening primrose oil, broad spectrum SPF 25, and color corrector.  It seems like I’d love it, but I don’t.  

I’m a fan of Bobbi’s tinted moisturizer, but occasionally crave more coverage.   Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation definitely provides it, but the richness of the formula makes it difficult to blend.  Furthermore, the seemingly genius notion of adding color corrector in practical application doesn’t really work.  First, we don’t need color corrector everywhere.  Second, it compromises the integrity of Bobbi’s otherwise usually flawless foundation shades.  Meaning the shade “Warm Ivory” in Bobbi’s tinted moisturizer isn’t the same “Warm Ivory” of Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation.  The latter has a decidedly yellow cast.  Lastly, the SPF burns my eyes.  These broad spectrum sunscreen ingredients irritate me to the point of tears. 

When a Bitch Botches Your Brows

As we all know, a precisely groomed brow does wonders for a face.  Conversely, a fucked up brow situation can take you from cute to the google images poster child for bad brows.  No one wants to be a web cautionary tale.  A couple of weeks ago, I visited my threading shop for only the second time.  My OG threader was not there.  In her place was another woman.  I trusted this woman, but I shouldn’t have.  She jacked up my brows good, all while telling me that many women who come to see her have faces as hairy as monkeys.  Was this bitch calling me a hairy monkey while botching my brows?!  How very dare you!Once an eyebrow raping is done, it’s temporarily irreversible, so let’s talk damage control.  Resist the urge to go in and “correct” what is already fucked with tweezers.  Best to fill a fucked brow than over-tweeze into oblivion.  Brow powder provides the easiest solution.  Match the color precisely, and use it to fill in sparse areas and camouflage mistakes.  Powder works best for brows that are too thin or light.  Use sparingly or dark powder will rain on your face all day. Pencils can provide more control and precision, but a pencil line can look really fake if done incorrectly.  Think short feathery strokes, not long solid lines.  Approach conservatively, especially when attempting to extend the horizontal reach of the brow.  This is where a lot of folks get into trouble.  

I know someone who at age 14 Naired her brows.  They never really grew back quite right.  If the brow disaster is of epic proportions, I’ve heard Latisse can work to regrow and thicken brows.  Now, I clearly ain’t no doctor.  I suspect this is a sketchy off-label use, so consult with a professional who knows what they are talking about before taking such a drastic measure. Even if a bitch really botched your brows, they are just two tiny strips of hair.  They’ll grow back.  Do what you can to temporarily correct the travesty, and remember most people are too self-absorbed to notice your brows anyway. 

Bobbi’s BB Bungle?

You guys know I had such high hopes for BB’s BB Cream.  I ordered two different shades and used one for the first time today.  My issues are as follows: 1) I was expecting major slip, easy glide, blend-ability, but not so much.  2) The coverage was slightly better than tinted moisturizer; I actually prefer Bobbi’s tinted moisturizer to this.  3)  I got sweaty, and it ran into my eyes, and it burned like the dickens.  In sum, this BB was a big limp-dick let down. 

I still prefer TheBalm’s BalmShelter.  Since my recommendation you bitches keep buying it all up because it’s been back ordered from my fav retailer for an annoyingly long time.  It’s a Demeter Clarc-induced beauty drought. 

BB Cream Invasion

Popular for many years in Asia, particularly South Korea, BB Creams have invaded the American market in a major way over the last 24 months.  Just what is a BB Cream you ask?  Short for “blemish balm,” BB Creams are soothing, medium-to-full coverage products packed with beneficial skin improving extras.  The “extras” vary, but typically include sunscreen, vitamins, and lighteners.With many high-end and mass options popping up, should you buy in to the latest trend?  With the all-in-one nature of these products you will get some bang for your buck.  The major drawback?  Very limited color choices.DC favorite Bobbi Brown just came out with her own version of BB Cream.  I ordered two colors to transition through fall.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  


Anybody else notice Bobbi Brown has been hiking her prices every 6 months for at least the last three years?  That greedy gouging is chapping my ass and has me on the hunt for alternatives.  Having enjoyed TheBalm’s Bahama Mama bronzer, I took a risk and tried their tinted moisterizer BalmShelter. This product has a thicker, more luxurious consistency than most tinted moisterizers.  The rich cream provides above average coverage within its category.  BalmShelter creates a plump and smooth surface for layering other products and doesn’t encourage migration.  With broad spectrum SPF 18 and a $25 price tag for a generous 2.25 oz, it is a competitive alternative to Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisterizers (1.69 oz for $40!).  The main drawback?  Color selection.  BalmShelter needs a variety of inclusive shades to lure more ladies and gents their way.

Kevyn Aucoin The Radiant Reflection

You bitches know I love a good stick foundation.  Usually, I’m loyal to Bobbi Brown without deviation, but an online coupon deal lured me to try Kevyn Aucoin’s The Radiant Reflection Solid Foundation.  I’m a fan of Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer for its intense coverage, so I looked forward to seeing what this brand could do in a convenient stick format.

It pains me to report The Radiant Reflection is a serious disappointment.  First, the colors are all named after six different supermodels:

Shalom Amber, Linda, Christy, Yasmeen, Beverly. The limited range makes finding the right shade challenging.

Some reviews complained of an odor; there are always some folks bitching about fragrance within the sensitive crowd.  I am not among them.  I have preferences, but am not wholeheartedly fragrance-resistant.  I mention this because I’m about to concur that this product does have a funky smell.  If otherwise the foundation performed beautifully, maybe the artificial smell would be less noticeable, but alas that is not the case.  Ultimately, the formula fails for lack of creaminess and blendability.  It applies with a cooling sensation, but then hovers on the skin without ever really sinking in to vanishing perfection.  This product takes work to look natural, and life is filled with enough work.  Back to Bobbi Brown, $4 savings per stick and foundation that melts into the skin providing flawless unspookable coverage.


see spot vanish

Really nothing ruins a beautiful day like a great big zit.  Don’t even front like you don’t consider staying home on account of a bad skin day.  Well those days are done.  Today, learn how to expertly camouflage imperfections and give good face even when it isn’t cooperating.


First gather your tools.  You will need the following items: foundation, concealer, loose powder, bronzer, good light, a mirror, a clean eyeliner brush, and makeup sponges.First prepare the skin by physically exfoliating with a scrub, washcloth, Buf-puf, or the like.  If the little inflamed friend is giving you a full 3-D effect, get the area as smooth as possible by removing all the dead and flaky skin.  Be gentle; redness is hard to cover up.

Toner helps tighten and remove residue, but it isn’t required.

Apply moisturizer all over.  Moisterizer will not cause further breakouts.  This essential step plumps the skin and readies it for foundation.  Let moisturizer soak in for several minutes before proceeding to avoid pilling.  Go blow dry your hair or puff a doobie while you wait.

Set up right in front of a well-lit mirror.  Let’s parse that sentence for meaning.  When I say right in front of, I mean right fucking in front of – like inches away.  I set a stool up in front of a full length mirror so I can get right up on it.  A counter separating your face from the mirror ain’t gonna work unless you have phenomenal vision.


The benefit of daylight cannot be understated, but if good lighting + daylight isn’t an option, take the shades off a couple lamps and set them on a chair or nearby table.  Remember, the light should be directed towards your face, not the mirror.  Yes, this much exposure can be terrifying at first, but you must face the truth before running for cover up.

The goal is always to use the least amount of product and aim for the most natural, effortless finish.  Keep these guiding principles in mind as we forge ahead.

Start with foundation, concentrate product where you need the most coverage and then blend down and out in the direction facial hair grows.  Keep blending; using the fingers helps temper the foundation.  Sponges help blend along the hairline.  A decent foundation should take care of a great deal of minor imperfections, but even full-coverage formulas lack the might required for a full-on blemish.Enter the eyeliner brush: indeed unorthodox, but a tiny tipped eyeliner brush allows for ultimate precision.  If the pesky spot flames with color, go a shade lighter with the concealer.  Steady your elbow, dab the brush into the concealer and gingerly apply it to the imperfection.  Paint the area, and wait.  Again, don’t forget our guiding principles – use a light hand.  Let the product set up for a minute.  Now is a good time to address any other little issues like under eye circles or broken capillaries.After a minute, if the mound remains totally covered, pat gently with fingertip to soften and blend edges.  If color has peaked through, reapply only to that area and then blend.

Lightly powder and bronze for an all over glow.

Complete face with blush, mascara, and gloss.  Amp it up further with eyeliner and shadow when the occasion warrants it.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how expertly your eyes and mouth are painted, a throbbing blemish distracts from the overall look.  Take the time to perfect the skin before getting into heavy color.

Good Luck and Good Face.

Give Good Face

When it comes to giving good face nothing beats Bobbi Brown foundation and concealer.  Even if you go drugstore on every other product, a high quality base is worth the investment, and Bobbi is the gold standard.

Bobbi Brown’s strength as a cosmetic line rests with the creamy, blendable face make-up.  When it comes to eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer — go elsewhere.