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Top of the Morning To Ya

Total Crock

Ask yourself, do you skip or compromise breakfast because integrating cooking into your morning routine is just way too much?  Discover the beauty of waking up every morning with a ready-made, delicious bowl of warm goodness without having to operate your stove, toaster, or microwave.Here’s what’s up: crock pot steel cut oats cooked in apple juice and water.  Add the oats, juice, and water and cook on the lowest setting overnight (ideally, invest in an inexpensive unit with a “warm” setting).  Overcompensate for the extended cooking time by adding slightly more liquid than the recipe calls for.  The ratio is roughly one cup of oats to three or four cups of liquid depending on temperature and altitude.  Don’t go overboard with the juice; it adds depth of flavor, but also calories and fructose.In the morning time, add berries, cinnamon, whatever you like.  Warm your belly on chilly mornings with nourishing homemade (vegan) oatmeal and see what good comes of it.