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Roller Girl

For some of you, the words “hot rollers” may bring you right back to Lucy Ewing on Dallas. For a couple decades, most ladies have forsaken their hot rollers in favor of a curling iron.  This means many of you have never experienced the unadulterated joy of hot roller head.

I prefer hot rollers because the curl lasts longer.  Once I get my hair rolled, I wrap a scarf around my head and put on my face.  This gives my ‘do time to set.  Once the rollers have cooled, there are many different options for finishing the hair.  Try a sleek, sculpted retro vibe like January Jones.  Go big and bouncy like Farrah, or loose and tousled like GiseleOr better yet, bust out a Bardot-style beehive with volume and texture.

Give hot rollers a try.  You might be surprised what this simple and inexpensive tool  can do to amp your look.  Read the reviews carefully and select a set that gets super hot super fast.


Let’s face it, most models turned musicians make pretty shitty records.

Remember Naomi’s gem, Baby Woman?  Yeah, I know, it was huge in Japan.

How could we forget Tyra’s embarrassing single Shake Ya Body, for which she shot a video on ANTM? Even the models who put out semi-successful records have never been taken very seriously.

Like Milla Jovovich

…and even Carla Bruni.

Karen Elson’s debut solo album, The Ghost Who Walks, has a southern, gothic, bluesy, atmospheric sound from a bygone era.  It is no surprise this record came from a vintage store owner; she captures a lush sense of nostalgia.Don’t let the model thing dissuade you, if you like Jenny Lewis or Norah Jones, give The Ghost Who Walks a listen.