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Just the Tip

JUST THE TIPWhen the squeaky door drives you crazy, but you are are too lazy to get the WD40, use cooking spray to silence the hinges. PAM DOOR HINGEKeep flossers in your makeup kit and use the gum stimulator part to separate clumped lashes and smooth unruly eyebrows. DENTEK COMPLETEObsessively moisturize your feet.  Polished toes won’t excuse or disguise dry, dirty, rough skin.    FEET

4 for Friday: Turn it Out Tonight

TUNIC 2Feelin’ the easy, alluring, effortlessness of a tunic right now.  TUNICRIHANNA FANNY PACKI’m obsessed with my fanny pack.  Keeps the hands free for dirty work. RIHANNA LOVES FANNY PACKSCANDY COLORED TOESUsually I prefer neutral, but tonight, why not candy-coated toes?NARSCARA DELEVINGNEModern summer makeup in four words: strong brow, neutral lip.CARA DELEVINGNE 1See you tonight sexy bitches. WERK

Brow Addendum: Castor Oil

My girl Annie sent me an email that I think is worth sharing with you.  Annie is an eyebrow goddess, and therefore I implicitly trust her advice (though I haven’t yet tried this trick myself).

Here is her brow wisdom.


Two words for you:  castor oil.  Rub it in 2 times a day, then use what remains on a finger on lashes.  You’ll find it is in almost all brow/lash growth products, and that is actually how I fell upon that beauty jam.



Castor oil has many useful applications, including breaking up scar tissue I hear.  One word of caution, after some advice from a well-known body worker, my friend Trisha rubbed castor oil all over her midsection in an effort to break up scar tissue from a gnarly accident and subsequent surgeries.  Trish tends to do things balls to the wall and the intensity of her bedtime castor oil application wasn’t any exception.  The next morning after a vigorous 2 hour yoga intensive, Trisha darted back to her apartment, but didn’t quite make it before she shit her pants.  Even worse?  She dropped her drawers and ran up the stairs Porky Pig style (shirt + no pants), and a dude was walking his dog in the alley and caught her bare shitty ass running up the stairs.  Let Trisha’s humiliation serve as your warning.  Castor oil is great, but take it easy or you can shit your pants.

When a Bitch Botches Your Brows

As we all know, a precisely groomed brow does wonders for a face.  Conversely, a fucked up brow situation can take you from cute to the google images poster child for bad brows.  No one wants to be a web cautionary tale.  A couple of weeks ago, I visited my threading shop for only the second time.  My OG threader was not there.  In her place was another woman.  I trusted this woman, but I shouldn’t have.  She jacked up my brows good, all while telling me that many women who come to see her have faces as hairy as monkeys.  Was this bitch calling me a hairy monkey while botching my brows?!  How very dare you!Once an eyebrow raping is done, it’s temporarily irreversible, so let’s talk damage control.  Resist the urge to go in and “correct” what is already fucked with tweezers.  Best to fill a fucked brow than over-tweeze into oblivion.  Brow powder provides the easiest solution.  Match the color precisely, and use it to fill in sparse areas and camouflage mistakes.  Powder works best for brows that are too thin or light.  Use sparingly or dark powder will rain on your face all day. Pencils can provide more control and precision, but a pencil line can look really fake if done incorrectly.  Think short feathery strokes, not long solid lines.  Approach conservatively, especially when attempting to extend the horizontal reach of the brow.  This is where a lot of folks get into trouble.  

I know someone who at age 14 Naired her brows.  They never really grew back quite right.  If the brow disaster is of epic proportions, I’ve heard Latisse can work to regrow and thicken brows.  Now, I clearly ain’t no doctor.  I suspect this is a sketchy off-label use, so consult with a professional who knows what they are talking about before taking such a drastic measure. Even if a bitch really botched your brows, they are just two tiny strips of hair.  They’ll grow back.  Do what you can to temporarily correct the travesty, and remember most people are too self-absorbed to notice your brows anyway. 

new face

The face for this spring starts with a translucent sheer foundation finished with little to no powder.  Berry-stained lips provide interest as shown at Carolina HerreraAs beauty strategies go, emphasizing one feature isn’t a revelation, but most get it wrong.  Perfect execution requires an extremely subtle hand. Brows play an essential part in framing an otherwise mostly unadorned face.  The most forward-thinking interpretation serves a super strong, darker sculpted brow with impeccable skin and modest color.  The finish on lips and cheeks reciprocate each other – think color wash – a single shade layered for various levels of intensity. Eye smokers, you don’t have to give up the liner, but please exercise some restraint.  See WangVera or Alexander – for different ways to smoke it out.