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Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Master Class

My first impression of Bryan Kest was from his cheesy Power Yoga videos from way back in the day.  Let’s be frank, it’s hard to take a man seriously who looks like this, see below with a super nubile Seane Corn.   Over the last year, I’ve taken a couple of Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Master Classes and he’s surprisingly down to earth and practical in his approach.  He begins the class with an informal lecture, followed by over an hour and a half of physical asana practice, and concludes with a guided meditation. Yeah, he recycles cheesy one liners like “yoga, it’s like dancing without the bulimia,” but he also peppers the practice with gems like (my personal favorite), “If you bring your shit into yoga, you turn your yoga into shit.”  He’s currently winding his way through the country teaching his 3 hour master class at different yoga studios.  He calls it a “master class,” but don’t be intimidated.  Kest keeps it basic and accessible to most.  I wouldn’t make it your first yoga class ever, but if you practice regularly you’ll be fine.  If the opportunity arises to take his class, I recommend it.And I hate to bring this up, but for the starfuckers that need a little more persuading….he dated Lisa Bonet a few years ago, and there is a persistent (but false) web rumor that he fathered a love child with her.