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Tuesday’s Tarot

The Six of Pentacles illustrates the stratus between the rich, poor, and everything in between.  Life has a funny way of divvying up resources.  One day you’re down; the next day up.  The Six of Pentacles represents the exchange of giving and receiving.  The fortunate have a responsibility to share, and those in need must accept help with humble gratitude.  Remember – the big-hearted give generously. While Pentacles automatically get associated with money, no need to rush to conclusions with this card.  The give and take can take numerous forms: advice, sponsorship, domination and submission.

Gigolos: The Cock Cage

This week on Gigolos, Mistress Samantha justified her late-night sex-toy shopping spree by locking Jimmy’s cock in a cage.  During the first encounter, she administered the device and this was their exchange.

“Oh, you’ve got some big balls.”“They come from my Mom’s side.”

Later the guys hung at Brace’s house.  Note that he and Teresa Giudice share the same interior design aesthetic.

“I’m not being weird or anything, but I wanna see that sonofabitch.”

Jimmy revealed his accessory, and this was the Gigolo gang’s reaction to the shocking sight of the cock cage.“A cock cage, alright, now that’s some fucked up white people shit because you’d never catch a brother with a cage around his dick.” “A cock cage kinda feels like an eagle is clutching your junk like it’s a salmon.  You know, it’s just one of the most uncomfortable things ever.”



Handcuffs are officially pedestrian, but BSDM-inspired fashion accessories aren’t going anywhere.  Up the style ante with a provactive chastity belt.

They sort of resemble metal diapers with a locking feature.

No one is suggesting you bust out a full-on chastity belt, but there are interesting ways to manipulate the concept in a modern way. Exercise self-restraint (pun intended) when translating sex shop trends to the street.  Don’t confuse cutting edge with a cut cooch.  You feel me?