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Portia de Rossi Gossip Part Two

So here’s the second edition of Portia de Rossi gossip from her recent eating disorder memoir, Unbearable Lightness.  When it comes to anorexia, everyone is morbidly curious about the rock-bottom weight.  At her thinnest, Portia weighed an alarming 82 pounds.  At her heaviest, she weighed 168.  For awhile she sustained herself on tuna, instant oatmeal, Mrs. Dash, Splenda, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray, gum, and Parliament LightsPortia’s wake up call came in the form of osteoporosis, cirrhosis, and lupus.  Don’t worry; she’s fine now.

“Effortlessness is an attractive thing.  And it takes a lot of effort to achieve it.”

“I knew that once I had made enough money where I no longer had to worry about losing my career, I would find a girlfriend.  I needed a lot of money, however, because I had an apartment to renovate.  But after that, I would find someone to love.” “I had always been secretly in awe of anorexics with their superhuman self-restraint.  There is a neatness to it, a perfection.”

“I was half butch, half femme, neither here nor there.”

“It suddenly occurred to me that maybe people who stay thin are the people who eat whatever they want.”