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3 ways to lose a sale

As many of you know, I’ve been car shopping.   After test driving several models, I’ve it narrowed down and know which one I want.  More on that later, right now I want to discuss how quickly and easily a salesperson can blow a deal.Don’t open the conversation by saying, “Do you know how much these things cost?” 

Make us feel welcome.  I’m no fan of small talk, but sitting silently in the backseat offering up nothing to the conversation is no way to make an impression.  Like you have nothing to say about the car?  At least bullshit about the weather.  jeesh.  Don’t assume that the dude is making the decision.  Because he’s not.  Furthermore, learn how to sell cars to women.  We don’t want to fuck with the tiptronic shit on the test drive.  Focus on safety, responsiveness, efficiency, and style, not gadgets and gears. Letcha know all the dirty details when I close a deal.  Special thanks to Annie and the super auto-wise Leah Love for the insightful advice.  xoxo, DC