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Happy Birthday Capricorn!  Mature, intelligent, and in possession of a great number of esteemed qualities, Capricorns portray themselves honorably and conduct themselves with practicality and patience.  Caps can be blunt and straight to the point which can be off-putting to bullshitters.  Even though you can be serious, your dry sense of humor and keen insights make you a valuable addition to any social circle.  2012 will be a major year for you Capricorn.  While others chase their tails in the tizzy of the New Year, ambition and focus help you forge ahead with confidence and intense purpose.  After much struggle, 2012 will be a year of achievement, advantage, and ultimately success.  Interpersonally, recognize the changes that must take place before you can move past heavy regrets from the past.  Once you do begin to change, the emotions will pass.


Aquarius kicks of the new year with a flurry of social activities involving friends and groups.  Brainy and inquisitive, you’ll discover an avenue that allows you to express yourself.  You’ll explore ideas this year which outsiders perceive as typically uncharacteristic.  This deviation from expectation challenges others, so don’t be surprised if tension surfaces in relationships.  This time it is them, not you, so don’t let their conformity get you down – as if you would.  Now is the time to lead, not follow.


Pisces feel overwhelmed by work at the start of the year.  Make lists and knock out responsibilities and obligations in an orderly fashion.  All the hard work pays off and recognition and praise are forecasted in the coming months.  With all this professional momentum, take pause and consider if this is really the direction you want to go.  It is never too late to re-chart the course.  Relationships aren’t the priority this month, which could become a problem for needy partners.  Find small ways to make your nearest and dearest feel special.


Aries becomes uncharacteristically philosophical in January.  The New Year triggers existential angst and has you reading into every little thing.  Aries navel-gaze in January.  Whatever, just don’t start dressing like a hipster and telling me how great Zooey Deschanel is.  You’re in the mood for London.  Try to get there.  Discover new music and ideas.  Let it fill out your understanding of the world and the big picture of your life.


Taurus is back in the game this month and ready to fight for a power position on the path to success.  Don’t be surprised by opposition to your ascent.  In January, others will try to capitalize on your mistakes.   Don’t stoop to the level of petty haters.  Rise above whenever possible; seek reinforcement from higher-ups if necessary.  Your knee-jerk reaction is to take a defensive position.  Choose another strategy this time.


Geminis are a little off this month.  You’ll feel disconnected, isolated and distanced from your friends and family.  This dip is just part of the natural cycle for you during this time; don’t read too much into it.  Balance, particularly managing demands on your time, continues to be an issue.  Bring awareness to how you spend your time and energy.  Schedule time for self-care and relaxation.  Be especially kind and patient with yourself.


January isn’t going to be the most intellectually satisfying for Crabs.  In fact, you will neither retain nor understand much of what you try to learn.  Your time is better spent exercising and getting your body into shape.  Find a method of exercise you love, so it doesn’t feel like work.  Keep an eye on papers and protect personal information.  Have fun with friends and enjoy a new look for the New Year.


January is all about shining your artistic and creative heart, Leos.  Your glow will attract others and bring a new energy to your personality.  A new year requires an update to wardrobe and hair.  Keep it fresh kid.  Why?  Because you are on everyone’s invite list and you will be the belle of the ball.  January has you feeling especially nostalgic.  Find comfort by going through old objects and pictures that take you back to childhood.  Listen to the oldies.  By walking through some of the memories you will reach greater forgiveness and understanding.


During the first week of the year listen to your love.  Your sweetie hands you some pretty incredible inspiration.  While implementing action at work, beware of the unconscious motivations of others.  With regard to office gossip, don’t believe everything you hear.  Virgos value logic, but the lingering question that haunts you requires an intuitive rather than intellectual answer.


Rolling in the New Year with low energy, Libras don’t have much to give this January.  Most of your conversations will occur in snippets this month.  You’ll take in information here and there, but there won’t be much in the way of meaningful communication.  After burning a few bridges lately, your social life looks sparse.  Every handful of years, you abandon one group of friends for another.  How has your fear of conflict kept you in this holding pattern?


Scorpios are ready for 2012 after a difficult 2011.  Ring in the New Year by entertaining and organizing fun outings with friends.  Enjoy affection and love from your nearest and dearest.  This month brings increased security which provides Scorpios a welcome opportunity to relax.  You and your sweetie pal around in January.  The sense of camaraderie makes for fun times and will make for great memories.  Grow the friendship and grow the love.


Sags embrace the nascent spirit of the New Year and consider what possibilities lurk on the horizon.  Spruce up your look.  Get a facial.  Whiten the teeth.  Restore that Sag swagger.  A little superficial, you can get all twisted by the physical change.  Don’t forget what is essential and important to you.  It is fantastic to feel a renewed sense of self-worth, just remember to stay rooted and humble.