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Happy 420 Easter Bunnies



TCHO SeriousMilk Milk Chocolate

TCHO MILK CHOC BOXHave you tried TCHO SeriousMilk Milk Chocolate?  Milky, with a richly assertive chocolate taste, it may be the bar you’ve been dreaming for, but didn’t think possible.  Unfold the stylish packaging to uncover an ennead of elegantly embossed chocolate squares.  A luxury bar of superior quality, TCHO SeriousMilk Milk Chocolate may cost twice that of Hershey’s, but it’s worth the splurge since this chocolate provides more interesting and nuanced companionship than most people.  Enjoy. TCHO CHOCOLATE BAR

Would You Rather?

Would you rather have your car washed and gassed every week or receive a pair of diamond earrings?Me = care for the car bitch. Would you rather couple with someone of means with no sex drive or a poor person who is always pawing at you?Me = desire over dinero. Would you rather take an exotic trip with four people you barely know or stay home alone?Me = I’d rather be domestically bored than internationally annoyed. Would you rather have 1 oz of premium chocolate or a whole bag of Hershey’s?Me = It’s chocolate so I’ll take either in a pinch, but quality over quantity. Would you rather have a $100,000 home that is paid for or a $1,000,000 home with a mortgage? Me = free and clear. 



So this isn’t going to help with your pre-Hawaii crash diet or anything, but these Chocolove bars are fucking everything okay.  Per everyone’s advice, we are supposed to eat the dark chocolate.  Add in a little dried fruit to cut the bitterness and I’m with you.Honestly though, in my most Chocoloving moments I can take an entire milk chocolate bar down all by myself.  Judge me. Go ahead.


Don’t forget about the Marshmallow Fluff.  It’s a great alternative to using marshmallows which contain gelatin.  Use marshmallow creme to make vegetarian-friendly rice treats and s’mores.  Ricemellow for the vegans.

Marshmallow-in-a-jar makes a delicious icing too and is much lighter than many other options based in butter or cheese.

Luna Protein Bars

Try these Luna Protein Bars yet?  Introduced in 2010, I prefer these to the original Luna BarsLuna Protein Bars have a rounder shape and are covered in chocolatey goodness.  The texture and mouth feel are addictive.  These could become a habit-forming problem.  In addition to a respectable amount of calcium, folate, and other minerals, gain a whopping 7 grams of protein and save 70 calories and 2 grams of fat over a similarly sized Snickers bar. 

Sunday with Easter