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missed you Mad Men

Yes Joanie everyone’s staring at you.  You know you’re not exactly at your fighting weight.

Try me. I should not be allowed to drink at work functions, or at all honestly. 

You don’t get to have this.  Go sit over there.  All you get to do is watch.

March 2012 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday little fishies!  I have a special fondness for you.  Pisces usher in the last painful days of winter.  The time of Pisces ends with the vernal equinox and the dawn of spring.  Expect to walk a path that follows the trajectory of your sign in March.  A period of darkness comes before the light shines.  These dark days feel interminable.  Find a few highlights to look forward to this month, like a festival or concert.  Now more than ever you are focused on the future and what it has in store for you.  Continue to craft your destiny.  Fortify your current ideals and discard the flimsy, unsubstantiated leanings of the past.  Pisces must persevere to thrive.  Rewards are sure to follow.


Over the past few months, circumstances and energy funneled to place Aries in a leadership position.  From this vortex you feel good, and this boost has increased productivity and ultimately heightened your desire for success.  Keep your ego and character in check.  Success and integrity are not mutually exclusive – quite the contrary.  Continue to take the lead, make mindful decisions, and gain esteem through your efforts.


Bulls find themselves paired with Libras this month in a situation where you work together.  Even though you can be hard to get along with, Libras typically aren’t, so this may be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship between the two of you.  A less literal interpretation of the stars means Taurus must find balance in March, particularly in the areas of daily life, health and environment.  Taurus feels the full Moon this month and it inspires a change in dreams, hopes, and goals.  Even though you are not always a fan of change, soldier forward.


In March, Geminis must speak their truth.  What do you need?  What do you want?  What do you know is true?  Share your wisdom and unapologetically state your point of view.  Rather than turning folks off, you will ease their insecurities.  Gemini’s natural problem-solving skills come in handy for those who receive the benefit of your company this month.  Share your bounty of intelligence.  Be especially careful not to overlook anyone.


Crabs experience an influx of creativity in March and for several months after.  Working with family enhances and supports this surge.  Over the last month, outside influences have caused a shift.  Life has demanded that you recalibrate and reprioritize.  Cope with these new demands by preparing and maintaining a balanced and beautiful home.


In March, Leos ponder an investment, possibly in real estate.  Could this be the means to ensuring your future?  Could this opportunity free you to pursue your creative interests while securing lasting wealth?  Evaluate the deal carefully.  It may feel well outside your comfort zone.  Long-buried family secrets shake up trauma at home.  Maintain your guard and steer the family towards the clear.


March brings a mess of chaos to Virgo’s life over the next month.  If you have heeded the advice provided over the last few months, your careful handling of financial resources is about to save your ass.  Good looking out.  Expect an unforeseen overabundance, extra cash in the drawer, an extra deposit, something of that nature.  This extra is a result of a secret, a secret that should be kept hidden.  Proceed carefully and with complete discretion.  Plan a trip to visit far-flung family for later this summer.


Libras may just have to swallow their pride and ask for help this month.  Some require financial need, others need emotional support.  Friends and family make themselves available, just be sure to lean on someone you trust.  As you receive gifts from once source, find a way to pay it forward to someone else in your life that desperately needs an upgrade.  Through your Librian influence you make people, things, and places more attractive and valuable.  Don’t let technological glitches twist your panties.


One of your worst qualities Scorpio is that you suck at taking criticism.  Like right now, you are bristling at that tiny disparagement.  When you overcome the kryptonite power of other people’s judgments, you will ascend to your highest self.  This month will be an excellent test.  A barrage of opinions will come your way like a season of harsh and unrelenting winds whipping at your face.  Scorpios hear every opposing opinion as a challenge.  Keep big picture plans to yourself.  Check in on old friends, and clean up any messes you’ve left behind.  Resolving past conflicts with integrity paves the path for a pure and clean future.


Sagittarius experiences an unusual sense of self-limitation this month.  Usually free and confident, a cloud of self-doubt settles over Sags in March.  Are you hyper-focused on your own personal problems?  If you find yourself stuck in a negative mind-loop, hop the wheel and flee the scene.  Get sucked into all that noise and March will slip through your fingers as you piss it away wallowing.  Replace hateful thoughts with prayers and meditation.  Think about someone or something other than yourself.


After last month’s bitter disappointment, Caps take their dashed hopes and find new friends and expand their social circle.  A fascination with a new hobby or interests helps bring a new community into the mix.  This is an exciting opportunity to begin anew.  Amidst all these new social connections, don’t fail your current friends.  Relationship garden beds need tending; don’t let yours overrun with weeds.


Quite a bit of shine comes your way this month Aquarius.  Can you receive the glory with grace, or will you seek refuge from the glare of the spotlight?  Influential people take interest in you.  This is an opportunity for you to leave a major impression.  Enjoy honor and praise, and contemplate the possibility of professional advancement.  Whether plugged into the machine or making your way more independently, in March apply tactics for growth and personal satisfaction.

emmy 2011 style review: red, wrong, and blue

The best and worst of the A-list: Kate Winslet in Elie Saab and Gwyneth Paltrow in PucciGwyneth’s face looks better than it has in a while, but the dress is confusing and wrong.  A transparent midriff, really G?Another disappointing turn for Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein Collection.  Bad fit, uninspired color, and boring shoes combined to create another dud for Mrs. CruiseEvan Rachel Wood provided a refreshing relief from the onslaught of red in an immaculately tailored Elie Saab.

Hate to say Christina Hendricks looked unnecessarily big in an embellished Johanna Johnson gown.  The open toe and low heeled shoe makes her legs appear chunky.  A darker tressed Elisabeth Moss stayed in the same color family as her co-star in a pinky-nudish Marchesa adorned with shimmering vines.  Damn, I miss Mad Men.Let’s get the Glee bitches out of the way: self-important Lea Michele vamping for the flashbulbs in Marchesa, Jenna Ushkowitz in an architectural Ghadah Paris, and Diana Agron in Roskanda Ilinic. Naya Rivera’s chic, black, subtly-detailed gown made Heather Morris‘ selection look fussy by comparison. Colfer proves that photographically satin betrays both genders.  Darren Criss showed up his more well-known cast mate in a slender suit by John Varvatos. Of the hostesses, Cat Deeley didn’t embarrass herself or wow in Monique L’Huillier.  I question the clutch choice with this particular gown.  Even with ample style resources, Padma Lakshmi in Armani Privé and Heidi Klum in Christian Siriano reinforce the notion that most models can’t dress themselves worth a shit. You would think that the Fashion Police might dress a skosh more fashionably, right?  Giuliana wore a crimson Cavalli which got lost in the sea of red gowns.  Kelly Osbourne did a bit better in plum J. Mendel.  However, for someone who regularly critiques others for failing to make fashion forward choices, this safe dress felt more Lea Michele than Kelly Osbourne.  Though let’s face it, none of these third tier hangers-on get first pick of the best gowns. Prettier than most ladies, how about a little Mario Lopez palette cleanser?  Werk those dimples son. Joel McHale also looked dapper and fresh in his icy tux coat. Not much better than that dreadful Wonder Woman costume, Adrianne Palicki arrived in anti-photogenic satin.  Super likable Connie Britton looked lovely in a deeper shade of the night’s most favored hue.  For a woman her age, the face and body are damn aspirational and underrated. Minka’s old lady Christian Dior underscored the impact of Galliano’s departure on the house.  This gown isn’t going to give Jeter any regrets.   Usually Claire does Narciso or Calvin Klein; instead she went in a different direction with this flashy Oscar de la Renta gown.  The perennially overrated Emily Blunt donned Elie SaabElie Saab provided many of the evening’s strongest looks, but this wasn’t one of them.  Why does she always have that just-ate-a-canary mug on her face?Julie Bowen did de la Renta this year and kept the accessories minimal.  Sofia Vergara rocked Wang (Vera not Alexander, obviously).  Don’t match the lipstick to the dress please.For comics,  Kristen Wiig impressed in ombre Zac Posen, and Amy Poehler rocked Peter Som.  Her dress was featured right here on Demeter Clarc in the best of blue for Fall 2011 RTW.

Pint-sized Nina Dobrev was swallowed whole by bloodshot Donna Karan.   Hate the necklace too.  Margulies‘ unseasonable white Armani Privé evoked Styrofoam cup. Let’s finish strong and severe with Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey in Alessandra Rich.  A different bag and belt could have catapulted her from an eight to a ten.  The fantastic Christine Baranski served a seasonally appropriate dark blue Zac Posen and outshone many attendees half her age.


Gemini – arms

Mutable and governed by air, Gemini’s moods, ideas, and opinions shift as easily as the breeze.  Others may find your fickle personality frustrating, but versatility provides a distinct advantage in certain situations.  Geminis have a leitmotif of fun, relaxation, and good times this summer.  A care-free fling, platonic or romantic, imbues new energy in the atmosphere and adds a little glide to the stride.  Financially, June proves unpredictable, so mellow on the extracurricular spending.  Don’t front the cost for your own birthday fun.  If cheap friends bristle at the expense of the celebration, leave them out.

Extra special Birthday Shoutout to Demeter Clarc’s favorite Gemini and in-house tech-support EMC.  Without your genius, DC could not be. xox

Cancer – chest

Here we are in June, what have you accomplished so far this year?  For Crabs, the answer is quite a bit – thank you very much!  All the recent upheaval has taxed your energy and resources.  Be especially mindful of overdrafting your account, literally and metaphorically.  The stars signal self-indulgence, but since you trend toward giving into worldly desires, consider a novel approach to self-care.  Maybe a cleanse or meditation retreat?  The second-half of 2011 looks fruitful, with broader influence and game-changing leadership opportunities at work.

Leo – spine

“Got a secret.  Can you keep it?  Swear this one you’ll save.  Better lock it, in your pocket.  Taking this one to the grave.  If I show you then I know you.  Won’t tell what I said.  Cause two can keep a secret.  If one of them is dead…” The Pierces Secret song is your theme this month.  You got your lion paws on some intel which suggests an opportunity.  How will you play it?  Always popular with the opposite sex, June connects Leos with an insightful comrade who guides you towards an epiphany concerning your life’s work.

Virgo – belly

June serves up a slew of group gatherings; some aspects of the get-togethers will be pleasurable and others annoying.  Dress comfortably so one of the irritations isn’t ill-advised attire.  Throughout this year, Virgos have struggled when ethics and money clash.  June is no different.  Prepare for the possibility that this fermenting struggle might blow this month.  Virgos spend time and energy sprucing up the abode.  This investment brings about a new sense of domesticity, happiness, and renewed feelings.

Libra – skin

Feelings of anxiety surface due to unpredictable relationship and career news.  Don’t freak; everything will go according to design.  Make stress relief a priority, keep up with yoga, meditate, and take unpressured strolls.  In-laws suck up some attention in June.  Expect a flurry of extra emails, texts and errands that will vampire your already taxed time.  One area of concern you can set aside?  Finances.  Libras enjoy a gilded June.  Save more than you spend.

Scorpio – genitals

June rains bank on Scorpios from multiple directions and sources.  Even though Scorpios roll in the deep, keep out of the shops a third of the way through the month to avoid credit issues.  June ain’t great for travel; take a riveting book and expect delays.  Try to maintain your pleasing personality, because when your mood sours, you take everyone down with you.  For many Scorpios, more sex = more patience, so work on getting laid regularly this summer.

Sagittarius – hips and thighs

Spend energy creating connections through communication and compromise this June.  Sagittarian cooperation impresses others and leads to a variety of beneficial relationships.  Perhaps even locking down an engagement or major commitment?  Keep the pocketbook shut this month Sag.  June is rife with potential financial complications concerning your credit/debit cards.  Use cash when possible, monitor accounts, and follow up on any suspicious activity within three days.

Capricorn – knees

Family and work feed into an already stressful Capricorn head space this June.  Under times of pressure, Caps often turn from their close confidants who are best equipped to support them.  Fight the impulse to push others away, and make time to decompress with a special someone.  Fail to heed the stars and invite increasing conflict.  June creates a favorable environment for creative expression.  Get back to what you love, or check out something you have been itching to try.  Capricorns aren’t usually big gossips, but listen for the dirt at the work place this month, so you’ll be prepared for the shit that goes down later this summer.

Aquarius – calves

Aquarians battle haters trying to dim your shine this month.  Keep the guard up and protect your interests.  Find support and restoration with good company and light-hearted entertainment.  Trying to conceive?  The stars look favorable for a new edition.  Find a cool, dark room to retreat to for extra rest when life’s pressures become overwhelming, especially towards the end of the month.  Invite others to visit you; Aquarians risk perilous travel in June.

Pisces – feet

Ramp up for a busy twelve month run Pisces!  Family relations brim with positivity and warmth.  In contrast, friendships suffer mid-month.  Don’t let the conflict spiral out of control, especially if plans are already in place for travel with this person later in the summer.  Instead of engaging in tense bitchery with amici, let your light shine by showcasing your extraordinary talents.

Aries – head

The eloquence faerie visits Aries, bringing the gift of mellifluousness.  Deliver grand speeches and professions of love because Aries will articulate thoughts in a particularly clear and memorable manner the first twelve days of June.  Take a holiday the 1st and the 15th, or hell, take a holiday the 1st through the 15th!  Why not?  The piggy bank’s fat with bacon this June.

Taurus – neck

After a busy May, June serves an optimistic and uncluttered outlook for Taurus.  Enjoy sunny bright mornings and lazy evenings on the deck.  Bullheaded as usual, Taurus experiences relationship drama at nearly every interaction, whether personal or professional.  Shoulder some of the blame for the discord.  Always responsible with the dough, look out for the opportunity for more delicious cake to sweeten the deal in early June.




Michelle Williams put a bird on it. Daphne Guinness and SJP in McQueen.

A disastrous Blake and shimmery Anna in Chanel (psst, saw it here first Feb 3rd).  Newd hued for the youngsters.This is not the couples portion of the pageant B. Madonna and that other GuyMarc Jacobs and Robert Duffy send a nod of the knee to McQueen’s heritage.  Tux on top, tartan down low.The ChristinasRicci>HendricksKristen Stewart sliced through the party in Proenza Schouler.Paltrow repped Stella McCartney.More beige-y neutrality from Zellweger and Hayek (also in McQueen), but Salma’s just-fucked hair was the best of the night. JLO served severity and overkill.  Bleeding Armadillo. An unexceptional showing from the supermodels: Gisele, Naomi, Carolyn, and Miranda. Hey Kayne.

17th Annual SAG Fashion: the pretty and the shitty

Best dressed goes to Julie Bowen for her flattering and original Catherine Malandrino jumpsuit.  Julie gets the prize because this may be the best she’s ever looked.  Hitting her fashion stride, the choice highlighted her toned arms and tiny waist.  Christina Hendricks also deserves compliments for reining in her (allegedly enhanced) rack in this elegant long-sleeved L’wren Scott gown.  Modern and slimming, a much-improved showing for our Joanie. Yeah, yeah, Mila looked great in Alexander McQueen.  Finally, she picked a gown that does her justice.  She’ll be the obvious contender for “best dressed” among the mainstream critics.  It wouldn’t be a proper awards show without a Demeter Clarc selection making the cut.  This time Julia Stiles worked this Monique L’huillier ombre from the Pre-Fall 2011 collection.  Don’t love the uninspired hair, but she gives good gown. A trio of cap-sleeved gowns appeared on January Jones, Jenna Fischer, and Nicole KidmanJayma Mayes and Jennifer Lawrence worked detailed variations of the theme.  None were particularly spectacular. On the fug continuum, Jayma sits on the least offensive end and Jenna on the way, way, way other side.  Heather Morris, Kyra Sedgwick, and Sarah Hyland served sexy strapless.  Tina Fey, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Dianna Agron, Julianna Margulies, and Natalie Portman sucked all the seduction out of the silhouette.  Angie Harmon suffered from a serious case of overcompensation.  I’m so mad at WinonaThe one-shoulder women, tasteful Hilary Swank wearing Versace, and budget Kim Kardashian in Marchesa. While originality is always appreciated, the most interesting part of Eva Longoria’s Georges Hobeika gown was estimating how much titty tape went into tacking that strap down.  Sophia Vergara joked that she makes everything look like Cavalli.  Unfortunately, that means she makes Cavalli look like JovaniLea Michele came with a whole different take on the deep-V in Oscar de la Renta.  Overall, it was a very de la Renta-heavy evening.

GOLDEN GLOBES 2011: the chic and the weak

Best of the night, Anne Hathaway in a modern fashion-forward Armani Privé gown (featured here in best gowns of Fall 2010 waaaay back in August).

Worst of the night, Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs serving Neapolitan nausea.

Calvin Klein Collection provided intense color and clean lines resulting in two of the most refreshing looks of the evening – Emma Stone and Claire Danes. The two biggest disappointments were Jennifer Lawrence in Louis Vuitton and Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab.  These were not the most offensive gowns of the evening, but neither selection does its wearer justice.  Since this was one of Scarjo’s first appearances post-divorce announcement, her failure to turn it out is really inexcusable. More than ever, these mega-gowns feel really antiquated.  Catherine Zeta-Jones goes to prom in Monique L’huillier

Pretty pink princess Lea Michele joins her in Oscar de la Renta

Eva Longoria looks like she’s dragging her grief behind her in this Zac PosenWho invited Hewitt?

From the washed-up diva collection, Zuhair Murad dressed both Christina Aguilera and Jennifer LopezAwkward and abysmal asymmetry abounded; unfortch, no one executed this look correctly.

Julie Bowen in Tadashi Shoji – we want so much more for you Claire.

Julianne Moore tried her best to work a Lanvin dress that was in desperate need of a good steam.  Nicole Kidman bored us in Prada.Granny gown girls: Leighton Meester misfired again in Burberry and Michelle Williams continues her defiantly unappealing streak in Valentino. The two most overrated?  Sophia Vergara in Vera loves-a-sash Wang and Angelina Jolie in Versace.  Hey Angie, Joan Collins called and demanded you return her gown.  The most stylish and appropriately dressed youngin’ was Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung. Sarah Hyland could have used some guidance away from this fug Max Azria. Many folks will criticize Natalie Portman’s Viktor & Rolf gown, but who can be mad at this feminine display of whimsy?  Olivia Wilde deviated from the crowd with this full-skirted, sparkly, starry night Marchesa gown.  

The titty committee, January Jones in Versace and Halle Berry in Nina Ricci. The Glee girls gave good gownage.

Single-note strong colors adorn Kyra Sedgwick in Emilio Pucci and Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan.

Most random?  A heavy-banged Sandra Bullock in Jenny Packham

Christmas Cleavage

Another weekend in December means more office holiday parties and more felonious fashion choices.  I think it’s time we sat down and had a little chat about appropriate cleavage.  Honestly, deep cleavage is gross.  More porn than Prada, cleavage is a cocktease, not fashion.  Sporting more than two inches of visible cleavage also guarantees no one will look at your face all night.  Acknowledging that some of you bitches love your chichis, and whether they are store-bought or natural, come cocktail hour, you like to put your girls on display.  Keep the following examples in mind if you must display the bust.

Dita does it right, subtle and sexy.Christina, I love you, but no.  Her titties arrived fifteen minutes before she did.Blake’s so much less offensive when she doesn’t force the girls front and center.Borderline Barrymore, she saves it with soft makeup and covered arms. They shouldn’t face east and west.¡Ya basta! Vergara!A skosh too much moonz, Mz. Greene.

Christina Hendricks on Karen Elson

“I was in Milan, and you would see the same girls at castings.  There was one girl — she was like, ‘I can’t get any work, I’m so sick of this, I’m ready to quit.  I love your hair color.  What do you color your hair with? and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s red.  Here’s my formula.’  It was Karen Elson.  A couple of weeks later, she had bright red-hair.”

Christina Hendricks Bazaar, November 2010