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I’m Really Sad About Joan Rivers


Amy Schumer Live

AMY SCHUMERI’m usually ambivalent about live stand-up, but I recently caught comic Amy Schumer on tour promoting the second season of her funnyfeminist show Inside Amy Schumer.  I’ve posted my affection for Inside Amy Schumer before so I needn’t take you on a redundant stroll down pussy power lane.  My esteem for her only intensified when she snatched the spotlight from those other twats on Girls this season.  MAGIC PUSSYI enjoyed her stand-up less.  Inside Amy Schumer inverts sexism in a manner that exposes the utter absurdity.  Amy Schumer the stand-up comic falls short on completing the flip.  For example, she asserts (the obvious) women have a fuckability shelf-life, that after a certain age society sends them out to sea on a rudimentary raft for a viking’s funeral.  The punchline: men have no fuckability shelf-life.  Men are apparently fuckable to the day they die.  Even if that were actually true, which it isn’t entirely, stating our collective indoctrinated gender stereotypes without subversion isn’t particularly funny.  Unless you are a guy.  The guy behind me was cracking up with a sense of optimistic superiority throughout the show (continuous dork laughing is just one of the problems with live stand-up).  If Schumer did her job properly, he’d be feeling like an asshole and my pussy would feel damn empowered.  The big takeaway wasn’t pussy empowerment, it was learning that a “Cherry Sundae” is when you “bust on a girl’s face and then punch her in the nose.”  AMY SCHUMER LIVE

Even though I laughed, I left depressed.  AMY SCHUMER DEPRESSING

We’ve all been raped a skosh

G-sus TV has recently sucked ass, no?  With such an pathetically vacant DVR, I decided to give the kinda-hyped Inside Amy Schumer a look-see.  This bitch is funny.
Amy Schumer’s humor relies on a certain manipulated vulnerability.  She hangs herself out to dry and takes you with her.  Decidedly feminist without preaching, she subverts our modern gender roles in clever ways that expose their utter absurdity. Smart, insightful, fresh, and super-fucking hilarious in a self-identifying way, get Inside Amy Schumer

2 Portlandia

Thank heavens Portlandia returns tonight with new a brand new season.As many of you know, Fred and Carrie churn out one of the cleverest sketch shows on the scene.  For those who haven’t yet visited Portlandia, grab your bike, catch up and catch on. New and improved formula now includes chunks of Eddie Vedder.  Yum.

Sunday with Mo’Nique

Sunday with Joel McHale