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it Cosmetics

BYE BYE UNDEREYEI received a tiny sample tube of It Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Under Eye concealer.  I immediately loved it and rushed to purchase a full size.  While at the Ulta, I also acquired It Cosmetic’s CC cream.  Yeah, I know, there are about fifty trillion BB, CC, and FU creams on the market right now, so what makes It so special?IT COSMETICS CC CREAM It Bye Bye Under Eye ($24) concealer works wonders face-wide, not just under the eye, and offers sensational coverage on blemishes too.  It CC cream ($38) provides exceptional sun protection, redness neutralization, and rich moisture.  I prefer It CC to Stila, Benefit, TheBalm, and Miracle Skin Transformer.  The moral of this cosmetics story is that I urge you to try those random samples because you never know the product treasure you might discover!    IT COSMETICS BYE BYE

gouged rouge

Know what really gets my goose?  When my makeup gets gouged.  It has happened twice lately to two different expensive gel blushes – Kevyn Aucoin and Urban Decay.  The compacts break and then the hinge digs into my precious product.  Such a bummer.  Fear not, there are remedies.  If the container isn’t metal, you can stick the product in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it down.  A space heater works too with a heat-safe plate.  I use a lip on the top of my fireplace that works well too.  Get creative.  I’ve seen folks do it junkie style with a spoon and a lighter.  Based on my experience, these warming techniques work to reconstitute and resurface creams, gels, or viscous liquids.  As the product melts down, carefully remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool.  Once it sets, your makeup will have that fresh-glazed, right-out-of-the-package look.Remember to supervise this hair-brained scheme because it probably isn’t that safe or smart.  Please don’t set yourself or your home on fire trying to save your blush.  Promise? 


Bridal Makeup: The I do’s and don’ts

My dear friend Sam is getting married soon and she recently inquired about how to achieve a natural, dewy, minimalist look for her big day.  She cited Kate’s (Moss not Middleton, ya’ll) recent nuptials as inspiration.Wedding makeup is tricky business.  The bride must consider lighting, photography, and longevity.  Often what works on camera can look down right freakish in person.  Furthermore, who can be bothered with endless touch-ups on such an important occasion?Most brides aim for subtle enhancement to show their best selves.  The approach for each bride must be individually tailored to achieve optimal results, but there are a few hard and fast rules for wedding day makeup that simply should not be ignored.Despite what you might have learned from last weekend’s Jerseylicious marathon, a smoky eye doesn’t work for everyone.  Those with hooded eyelids or smaller eyes should stick to lighter neutral shadows.  A smoky eye can easily melt into a raccoon eye without proper preservation.  If you insist on breaking out some intense shadow for the big day, have at it, but for the love of Aucoin please no super bright colors.  Save the hot pink and purple; this is your wedding day and not a club crawl through the Jersey Shore.Keep shimmer to a minimum.  A little here and there to catch the light is fine – corner of the eyes, brow bone, a smidge on the cheek bones, a dab in the center of the lip or arch of the cupid’s bow (NOT all locations por favor).  Shimmer reads prominently in photographs.  If you go crazy with the highlighter all over; you’ll appear oily and shiny in your pictures.  Soft matte works best on camera.Dramatic brides may consider a red lip.  Proceed with caution.  Red lips are extremely high-maintenance.  Gotta keep it off the teeth, off the dress, and reapply often for maximum punch.  A scarlet smoocher can easily dominate the face and take over a photo.  The wrong shade of red causes the rest of the face to recede.  The tendency is to overcompensate with too much color elsewhere or look washed out.  Consider a subtle red wash on the lips to keep features balanced.Go easy with the foundation and concealer application.  Let your skin and inner light shine through.  Remember the aim of these products is to perfect the skin, not mask it.  Splurge on high-end foundation and concealer, even if you go budget in other areas.  Without a perfected base, the whole look crumbles.Invest in a primer.  A decent primer provides staying power.  Primer is the key to 8-12 hours of longevity, so you look as good at the end of the reception as you did walking down the aisle.


Covering Dan’s Tattoo

Demeter Clarc fan Dan wrote this week requesting advice for covering his tattoo.  First off, smooches Dan, thanks for reading.  I appreciate your kind words and your inquiry.  Second, this is challenging because I don’t have any tattoos.  My lack of ink roots back to my general policy of not making permanent decisions in my twenties, but I digress…Typically, all products recommended on Demeter Clarc are thoroughly tested in-house, but under these particular circumstances, that wasn’t possible.  After exhaustively reading hundreds of reviews from tatted folks on the quest for coverage, I have included some recommendations as requested.  While generally all of these products were very highly-reviewed, as with any product, there were mixed opinions, with some purchasers returning the product unsatisfied and others rating it five stars.  Since I cannot personally vouch for these products, take it for what it’s worth, and keep your receipt.I loathe Kat Von D.  Not just because she talks like a cross between a trucker and a valley girl, but even more so because of her recent association with that crustacean Jesse James.  Know what else is curious?  An accused Anti-Semite with ArgentineGerman roots associating with another celebrity who happens to be a swastika-enthusiast.  Read your history books kiddies if you need a refresher on Argentina’s history of harboring Nazi’s after WWII.  You are all smart enough to connect the dots.Despite my vitriol for Kunt Von D, she has two products aimed at covering tattoos: tattoo eraser and tattoo concealer.  The products are meant to be used in tandem.  First outline and fill in the tattoo with the eraser pencil, slowly layer the concealer over top, patting not blending, and then set with powder.  The pencil comes in one color and the concealer in eight different shades.  Reviewers also commented this pencil, in conjunction with almost any concealer, does wonders for dark circles, especially the impossible-to-cover genetic variety.

Ben Nye, a super well-respected make-up artist from Hollywood’s Golden Era, has a line of concealers aimed at covering tattoos completely enough to pass muster on film sets under intense lighting.  The range includes neutralizing crayons, tubs, palettes, and wheels containing several different shades.  The sheer variety available in Ben Nye’s reasonably priced line provides the best shot at a perfect skin tone match.  Of the products recommended here, I would put my money on Ben Nye. Dermablend has long been considered the gold standard for coverage in the Drag community.  The creamy, blendable consistency makes it a perennial favorite.  Dermablend is supposed to be waterproof and it pretty much is, but reviewers complained that the product transferred when brushed against fabric.There are a few other brands that popped up in my research: Tattoo Camo, Mehron, and Blood Mary.  Each of these products has certain limitations which kept me from giving them more real estate, but they may warrant your attention depending on your specific needs.With any of these products, the challenge is getting exactly the right color and finish.  This takes practice.  Be prepared to invest some time and effort into getting it just right, or don’t bother trying to conceal it all.  A poorly concealed tattoo is often worse than just letting it show.

Give Good Face

When it comes to giving good face nothing beats Bobbi Brown foundation and concealer.  Even if you go drugstore on every other product, a high quality base is worth the investment, and Bobbi is the gold standard.

Bobbi Brown’s strength as a cosmetic line rests with the creamy, blendable face make-up.  When it comes to eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer — go elsewhere.