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Give Good Hair: L’Oreal EverCreme

I’ve been working my way through the L’Oreal EverCrème product line and have yet to be disappointed.  I’ve tried the Nourishing Shampoo, the Intense Nourishing Conditioner, and my favorite – the Nourishing Leave-In SprayI’m not big on heavily fragranced products, but I frequently receive smell-good compliments when I use this effective detangler.    Overall, EverCrème has proved a highly enjoyable return for little investment.  Worth a try. 


High-end haircare carries the real possibility for disappointment.  As previously discussed, shampoo and conditioner only have a few minutes to do their thing, and then it’s just down the drain.  Is a hefty investment in something so fleeting very prudent?Enjoying Fekkai Protein Rx PM Strengthener led to the decision to invest in Fekkai Glossing KitThe freshly scented Glossing Shampoo performs well enough, leaving hair shiny as promised as well as silky and bouncy.  Not a complete failure, but also not worthy of the substantial asking price since many less expensive shampoos perform equally well.  This shampoo lathers nicely because it is not sulfate-free. Fekkai Glossing Conditioner delivers promised shine, but slacks in the detangling department.  For long locks, get ready for a crippling 2:1 conditioner to shampoo ratio.  For a similar investment, much more effective conditioners are available to achieve more dramatic results.  To this product’s credit, it did soften a particularly rough patch that cheaper conditioners couldn’t soothe. Usually cream = weight, but when used sparingly, Fekkai Glossing Cream tames frizzies, protects against heat, and brings a high-shine finish to the hair.  The bonus Glossing Cream was the pleasant surprise, but any more than a pea sized amount, and enter the greasy law of diminishing returns.  A little goes a very long way, and this cream definitely helps detangle wet hair where the Glossing Conditioner falls short. Overall, Fekkai Glossing Kit performed as promised.  For most, however, the results won’t justify the cost.  Might consider keeping the pair in the rotation for special events, but the price-per-use is a little steep for every wash.