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Honoring Vidal Sassoon: master of precision

Au revoir Blanche Devereaux

Our inner sluts shed a tear for you.

Tori, Discipline Dean.

Mrs. McDermott greeted us this week stewing with resentment which apparently gave her a psychosomatic headache.  Watching Tori struggle with that puppy box for several minutes explains a lot about Liam.

Can we have a moment about this absurd bourgeois eco-gardening trend?  Gardening is not that fucking complicated.

Seeds + Water + Soil + Sunlight = Plants.

While I’m sure McProductplacements got their little set up for free, droves of morons will overpay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this bullshit scam.  If you are too fucking lazy to plant it and tend it, maybe you don’t deserve to reap the rewards you short-cut taking faux-farmer.  Only in fucking America, I swear.At Dean’s movie of the week party, Tori and her Queens held court in the kitchen with too many things to do and not enough time.  This woman has one mode — crazed.  She’s stressing herself to vomit over a fucking movie of the week?Pussy-hurt Dean came into the kitchen and snapped at everyone and then pointedly attacked Mehran.  Oh No He Didn’t.  For a second week in a row, Dean gives Tori grounds for termination.  Thou Shalt Not Attack Thy Gay Husband. Weak-sauce Tori let that shit slide when she should have given him two fingers in the asshole and left him whimpering in the corner.Thankfully, Mehran isn’t the pushover Bori is, and he let Mean know his hostility was not appreciated.  For a second, Dean looked a little scared of Mehran.  Checkmate, and episode highlight.Is it me or is Liam totally going to grow up to be that dick bully from The Karate Kid?Mr. Personality worked a diva attitude at the fashion shoot snapping at the Guncles over wardrobe and Mehran over comic tone.  He is his father’s son.When he’s a little asshole everyone just nervously laughs.  Discipline that little fucker now before he becomes a total nightmare.

Bummer about Uncle Danny.  Bravo to Tori for coming up with such a personal and creative way to honor his life.  I hope he’s getting down in that big shell collector conference in the sky.The tragedy served as a temporary respite from the on-going bickering between Tori and Dean, but by the looks of it they are back at it next week.  Seen or heard one of the numerous statements Tori has made in the last three weeks announcing the peace and tranquility in their marriage?  The damage-control compulsion indicates major trouble, Trust.

I’ll Miss You Julia Sugarbaker


First Female Chief of the Cherokee Nation