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Downton Downer

Downton‘s airing in the U.K. now.  Some described season 2 as disappointing, so we yearned for a strong return.  Dash your hopes.  Though you needn’t lower your expectations of the sublime, but underused, Shirley MacLaine who plays Cora‘s mother and sweeps in from America to drive the Dowager crazy.  This Mary, this Mary is not the Mary we know.  The Mary we know would not tolerate such douchery from the annoyingly and uselessly self-righteous Matthew.  The contrived Downton financial crisis comes suddenly and the imminent solution provided a bit too easily.What remains?  Glorious clothes, food, and decor.  The humor is more sparsely sprinkled this season, but sharp as a fireplace poker.  The show succeeds when the upstairs ladies hold court with the Dowager presiding.   Only three episodes deep, Fellowes still has plenty of time to turn it around and make me eat my words.  

Downton Abbey is Everything.

Now I’m not even trying to front like this hugely popular show hasn’t been all over everyone’s top list for the last year, but I just got around to it, so now I’m going to throw some shine on Downton Abbey too.  Why risk redundancy?  Because it is just that fucking excellent. Obviously Maggie Smith rules, and she is in top form here as a domineering Countess.  She’s just one yummy morsel of an all around delicious ensemble cast.   Truthfully, there isn’t a bad actor in the bunch. So you are thinking period drama = snoozy, right?  Wrong bitches.  Academy Award-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) propels the story forward using death, love, accusations, and swirling intrigue to keep the viewer super engaged.There’s even a little Edwardian style man-on-man fun for those queens that need further convincing. Downton Abbey is everything.  Obtain, devour, and enjoy seasons 1 & 2 now.