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nap time

Have you been pissy, fat and accident-prone lately?  Consider this…

1) Inadequate sleep can make you fat.  Studies show that chronic sleep debt is linked to increased appetite and energy expenditure.  Some argue that Americans aren’t gluttons, but instead just really, really tired.2) Sleep deprivation can make you psycho suggest studies from Berkeley and Harvard.  Lack of sleep can cause distortions, erratic emotional responses, and unpredictable behavior.

3) The American Academy of Sleep Medicine proved that sleep deprivation makes you sloppy.  A person’s driving ability, math aptitude, and general response time significantly diminishes when overtired.4) Sleep deprivation is torture.  At least the Russians, British, and the U.S. have used sleep deprivation as an interrogation technique.  While not every country has defined the practice as “torture,” those that have suffered through imposed sleep deprivation describe it as worse than restrictions on food or water.5) Not sleeping enough can make you vulnerable to illness.  Sleep deprivation causes our T-cells to decrease, and inflammatory cytokines to rise.  A weaker immune system leaves us open to colds, flu, and a whole lot worse…Take care of yourself this fall by extending the sleepytimes whenever possible.  Bright-eyed bitches wake up less hateful, look better, and conduct themselves more competently.  Imagine what a better world this would be if we all had the luxury of a solid nine hours.

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