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February 2015 Horoscopes


AQUARIUSHappy Birthday Aquarius!  The Sun empowers you in February and there’s an undeniable zing to your energy.  Even with your Aquarian glow, mind your manners during Mercury’s retrograde, our collective cross to bear through the 11th.  Miscommunication causes misunderstandings which have the potential for conflict.  Haven’t you seen Three’s Company?  February 18th is a particularly fortuitous day for you.  A new moon brings you the opportunity for fresh starts and planting the seedlings of future growth.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: focus your romantic energy on one person and discover your capability for a deep and lasting partnership.



February requires a good deal of personal tidying up and the excuses must stop if you are truly going to evolve.  Pisces are a bit delusional, and that’s because you aren’t much for the nitty-gritty details.  Apply discipline to get dirty deep in minutiae in February.  Start with the stack of paperwork that serves as a wellspring of stress.  Implement and keep up with simple healthy routines.  Pisces tend towards the elaborate, but often find you lack the attention to detail to follow through on such demanding self-imposed requirements.  You are so romantic Pisces; it is one of your best qualities. Chocolate dip your Valentine in love this year.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: organize your life to support your best health.



February is the month of love and this year is rich with possibilities for romance and pregnancy.  Have you been craving a deeper level of commitment and additional responsibility?  Take the lead and communicate your expectations to your partner.  Everyone appreciates your gutsy personal style, but lately the Aries aesthetic has skewed a bit fug.  One risky statement is fine, but keep the rest of your look simple, well-made, and tailored.  Remember that Mercury’s in retrograde through the 11th, so that explains why your cell phone is on the fritz.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it: propose.



The first half of February illuminates your career ambitions and trajectory, Taurus.  Strip away the superfluous to focus your full energy on where you really want to go.  Make plans through the 11th, and then when Mercury comes correct you can begin to implement action.  Take extra care at work where you are prone to making errors under the influence of Mercury’s retrograde.  Some of you will use the Leo full moon as a good excuse to get up and out of your current living situation.  Go for it; a change of scene would do you good.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, love, and goodwill, your mission should you choose to accept it: let go of that venomous grudge you’ve been clinging to like a like raft.


Mercury your ruler is in retrograde and that has you all misty-eyed for the past, Gemini.  Sentimental and nostalgic on the inside, blunt and offensive on the outside, temper your truth-telling tongue through the 11th.  Your version of the truth is a little too bitter for some to swallow.  Use your knack for technology to connect with others in February. Whatever plans you implement during the new moon on the 18th will see full bloom in July.  Think longer-term.  Also on the 18th, the light shifts towards your career and you get a surge of ambition during an already successful period for you professionally.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: exhibit as much compassion as you do intelligence.


February’s gotcha thinking about a special few, specifically those with whom you share your resources, Cancer.  Family-oriented and homespun, tap into your inner circle to firm up your sense of long-term security.  Cancer drifts towards the dramatic during Mercury’s retrograde, when you hear yourself picking an unnecessary argument, consider whether it’s a battle even worth winning.  Technological, travel, and money glitches are all on the menu through the 11th.  February 3rd is your best day for career recognition.  February 18th is the best day to evaluate your relationship for long-term viability.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: protect your assets with a financial plan.


Mercury’s still in retrograde through February 11th, Leo, and for you that means random inconvenient delays often a result of the 2nd hand effects of other folks’ bad luck.  The third’s full moon stokes your fires of self-expression.  Take advantage of this blessing of energy to recognize what you’ve manifested over the last half year or what you would like to initiate now to bloom in July.  The 18th is Leo’s most sexy and auspicious day.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: use Valentine’s Day to go hard for that cutie you’ve had your eye on.



In February, the Sun stokes your fires of organization.  Messy Virgos may balk at tidy stereotypes associated with your sign.  That’s really too narrow a reading on your kind.  What you like is control and you assert it by organizing, specifically in the areas of health and wellness.  Mercury spins retrograde through the 11th and as a governing planet; you may find your best laid plans run amok.  The 3rd presents a meaningful opportunity for healing.  Finally, you are able to see situations from a bird’s eye view providing much needed perspective.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: enough with the martyr shit.


You’re like a warm hug this in February, Libra.  Get out and flaunt that famous Libran beauty.  You’ll be welcomed at gatherings for the fun, playful, and sexy energy you add.  With this surge of outgoing communicative energy, also comes the allure to manipulate situations.  With Mercury in retrograde through the 11th, there will be times this month you think you’re cute and you’re really just rude.  Much of that discernment comes from sobriety, so ease up on the libations, bitch.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: open your heart to love.


Make way for a softer Scorpio in February.  Tidy up your nest and settle in to a couple good weeks of domesticity.  When your home is ordered, your life is easier.   You and a friend may have a come to Gsus moment this month.  Should such a conversation arise, navigate it with compassion.  You already know you can “win” any argument, but often at the cost of relationships.  Just let her have her say.  February 3rd is your superstar career day.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: focus only on what is essential.



February’s a brainy month for you, Sagittarius.  If you are thinking about sending out a round of resumes this is a great time to interview.  Sags come off especially well-spoken and confident this month.  On the 3rd, a continuing education seminar wouldn’t hurt, especially if you can turn it into a little trip.  Buzzy communication lights up your phone and you love the wellspring of attention, but a few wires may get crossed thanks to Mercury’s retrograde that runs through the 11th.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: read a book.



Capricorn amps productivity in all areas in February making this month super busy and likely to fly by.  Mercury’s retrograde annoys you with clerical errors and computer glitches through the 11th.  February 3rd is your best day for a major merger – personal or financial.  February 18th is your best day for money and setting up the groundwork of future stability.  Take some time the second half the February to enjoy creative pursuits.  Balance the work with with fun play.  Your mission should you choose to accept it: accept change like an old friend.


After a long delay due to music rights disputes, Daria is now available on DVD (albeit minus most of the original music).

The eight disc set includes both Daria movies, Is it Fall Yet? and Is it College Yet?, in addition to the black and white pilot.

Daria’s one of the driest, sharpest shows ever (animated or not).  It serves as a well-written intelligent counterpoint to South Park’s relentless misogyny.  Plus, I still kind of have a boner for Trent.

Excuse me, I have a very important meeting with the fashion club.