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today was a good day

FILLMOREThanks to all my wonderful friends and students who came out to support me on a very big day.  I’m grateful for you.  IMG_0802IMG_0799

The longest night

SNOWY CABINWishing you a warm winter solstice on the longest night of the year.  BABY BIRDS

Many blessings and much love.



I’m Grateful For You


Ty Fixed It!


I’m not sure how he did it, but he wiggled some tubing around and now the washer works!  Thanks TY!

TY FEETIt’s like my washer and dryer are giving breech birth to him.TY WASHER BIRTH

i’m grateful…

PEANUTS THANKSGIVING…to spend the day with kind, welcoming, and gracious people.yoga sunset…even though I’m working today; it’s a blessing because I love my job. VEG…for access to abundant fresh foods to prepare and share.VEG TG…most of all for you!  Happy Thanksgiving! DCPOOH AND PIGLET


Finally Finished Friday

KEEP CALM AND FINISH STRONGFuck Yes!  After a long and arduous 5 weeks I am done with my condo remodel.  I learned so much from this little project about construction, building materials, Home Depot, and human nature. HOME DEPOTI promise to show you pictures, but first I want to clean it from top to bottom and arrange everything just so.  Promise me you will be kind even it if my taste is not your taste.  Would it surprise you to learn that I made some rather unorthodox choices?  My contractors thought I was smoking crack, but ultimately they had to suck my dick and admit that my odd choices actually make the place special and practical. IKEA VARDE

Thanks for your patience over the last week.  As always, I appreciate your allegiance and support. DCUNDER CONSTRUCTION



that’s a grand

Hey ya’ll just wanted to let you know we hit a major milestone today here at DC, the 1000th post.  Thanks so much to all the loyal readers who started following from the beginning and those of you who joined along the way.  Demeter Clarc is for you and because of you.  I’m so grateful.  DC

A mid-week mid-90’s revival with Portishead

This week I had the pleasure of visiting two of my very favorite people in one of the world’s most enjoyable cities for the Portishead show.  No, we did not stumble into a portal which transported us back to 1994.  Before we arrived, one of the crew asked what the crowd would be like.  “Old,” I replied.  Lest we forget that 1994 was 17 unforgiving years ago.Truthfully, I haven’t listened to much of Third, Portishead’s most recent record from oh-eight.  During a certain moment in time, however, I wore Dummy out.  In the mid-nineties, ubiquitous Dummy was in everyone’s collection, at least in my drugged-up slutty circles.  Is there anything druggier or sluttier than PortisheadSour Times for Good Times.Turns out, Portishead live is a deeply conflicting experience.  Apart from some short-lived glitchy sound issues, the selections from Dummy were sublime.  In particular, Wandering Star was a well-executed highlight. With regret I must confess I did not connect to their newer more “experimental” offerings.  At their worst, Portishead sounded like the off-key bastard child of Sonic Youth and Evanescence.  It was two songs worth of misery interrupted by an old familiar fave followed by more loud pain.  The contrast was jarring.  The crowd was especially limp and unresponsive to the less familiar material as is usually the case, but in this instance magnified.  One review described the audience as “rapt,” which really wasn’t an accurate reading of my area of the room.  Curious about the set list?  Silence, Hunter, Mysterons, The Rip, Sour Times, Magic Doors, Wandering Star, Machine Gun, Over, Glory Box, Chase the Tear, Cowboys, Threads, with an encore: Roads, We Carry On.During Glory Box my friend leaned forward and yelled in my ear, “Oh yeah, this is that song from The Craft.  I totally feel like I’m being sexually assaulted in the woods by Skeet Ulrich.”  And that pretty much sums up the experience.

that’s a year bitches

365 days ago Demeter Clarc was born. 

Demeter Clarc is because of you and for you.

Deepest Gratitude for your continued visits and unwavering support.

Hugs & Drugs,