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The longest night

SNOWY CABINWishing you a warm winter solstice on the longest night of the year.  BABY BIRDS

Many blessings and much love.



sorry for the delay, back Monday

Hey ya’ll, sorry for the delay. 

Horoscopes Monday. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

XoXo, DC

Skills for Life: on bullies

ASSHOLEI’m an Alpha.  Nobody who knows me would contest this.  That means in my worst moments I can be a bully.  It’s just one of the many flaws on my mental personal improvement list.  The upside to knowing how to bully is knowing how to handle bullies.  This morning, I encountered a doozy.  This rich, white, entitled asshole is accustomed to getting his ass kissed by everyone.  Boy, did he get a Sunday morning surprise when he quickly realized I’m not in the ass kissing business.  He was rude.  I stood my ground.  He threw a tantrum.  I firmly and politely looked him in the eye, unmoved by his childish antics.  It was as if he’d never heard the word “no.”  Within 5 minutes he relented.  So incredibly uncomfortable with my powerful, direct, and uncompromising stance, he couldn’t cope.  In the face of true courage and strength, he crumbled like an insecure little bitch.  Money and status are common external qualities and neither one makes you powerful.  Power comes (in part) from courage – a much rarer internally-cultivated quality.  Don’t ever let anybody push you around.  Stand powerfully with your courageous heart and watch the weak wither.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear,not absence of fear.

— Mark Twain

a kitchen corner

CAM00611Welcome to my kitchen corner.CAM00616Shelves and cabinet = Ikea.

CAM00607CAM00610Bob Marley Mug.CAM00619


Monday Morning Management Meeting: Put the Cookie Down

WON'T EATI attended a meeting the other day.  As a rough estimate, there were about 40 or so people there.  The professional gathering lasted just over 90 minutes.  During the brief assembly a number of people snacked.  This is a fit crowd and not a bunch of sedentary cubicle dwellers.  Still, they munched.  Some nibbled on some really smelly and random shit.  Like did that bitch just pull out a salmon roll? BUG SUSHI When did eating every second of the day become appropriate?  Barring some sort of specific health requirement, there isn’t any constructive reason to self-soothe through a meeting with food.  I never heard of anyone dying of starvation from waiting a whole 90 minutes between meals.  Furthermore because we care about manners here at Demeter Clarc, it’s rude to eat in front of others and not share.  If you don’t have enough raspberries for the room, then put them away.  GIMME SOME

Finally Finished Friday

KEEP CALM AND FINISH STRONGFuck Yes!  After a long and arduous 5 weeks I am done with my condo remodel.  I learned so much from this little project about construction, building materials, Home Depot, and human nature. HOME DEPOTI promise to show you pictures, but first I want to clean it from top to bottom and arrange everything just so.  Promise me you will be kind even it if my taste is not your taste.  Would it surprise you to learn that I made some rather unorthodox choices?  My contractors thought I was smoking crack, but ultimately they had to suck my dick and admit that my odd choices actually make the place special and practical. IKEA VARDE

Thanks for your patience over the last week.  As always, I appreciate your allegiance and support. DCUNDER CONSTRUCTION



joan crawford is dying.

Is is with much regret that I inform you that Joan Crawford, the little pink laptop that could, is struggling to take her last breath.  It would be unjust to labor her with another post in her condition.  I must set forth to find her replacement today.  If it were not for Joan Crawford, Demeter Clarc could not be.  Let’s all pay her a brief tribute for her tireless service.  We will never forget when she arrived on that fateful Valentine’s Day.  It’s the end of a rose-colored era, darling.  Today is for you dear Joan.

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: Concert Conduct

When you bump me say, “excuse me.”  When I politely say, “excuse me,” move your ass and let me through.

Don’t come stand directly in front of me, rudely block my view, and then say, “who is this playing?”

Don’t fucking sing along.  Don’t shout.  I could give a fuck about your favorite song in the set. Stop weaving through the crowd holding hands in an obnoxious twenty person chain.Don’t push.  I will shank you bitch.

Demeter Clarc Reader Request: Divided Attention

Dear DC,

My boss is recently separated and heading to divorce court.  All day long she talks about her desperation for a man.  Not like I have much to show for myself, but to go on and on about it is so boring!  When we work together, several of her guy friends hang around.  As far as I know, she’s not fucking any of them, although there is an unrequited love scenario with one.  These guys shower her with attention and she eats it up.  On the rare occasion that I stay after work, these guys flirt with me too.  Boss lady gets jealous of their divided attention.  If they are just friends, what’s wrong with them chatting me up?  Have you encountered this cattiness before?  I often think about quitting just to escape the drama, but then I stay to see what happens next.

Dear Divided Attention:

We both know your boss is feeling low on account of her crumbled marriage.  While it is truly pathetic that feeling attractive to a few lazy hanger-ons validates her, that’s her sad little world right now.  Only you can decide if you want to be the kind of woman who snatches her dim shine for a little ego boost of your own.  No judgment.  Before you decide how to play it, I have a few predictions and recommendations.  1) Before long the unrequited love will get requited or rejected.  The mere act of Boss Lady finally choosing among her minions will diffuse the sexual tension.  My first piece of advice with regard to hanging on to the job: wait out this weird energetic vortex and the dynamic will change. 2) I strongly discourage you from hanging out at work when you aren’t working.  Beyond the obvious unprofessional implications, it ruins your mystique by making it look like you have no life outside of work.  If you do end up flirting and/or fucking anybody at work then all the coworkers and regulars will know.  Why set up a potentially messy and undignified situation?  For what?  A sloppy one night stand?  Plus, dudes that spend their evenings wooing a desperate divorcee are so beneath you. 3)  I predict the stool warmers are bored disarming Boss Lady with semi-sincere compliments, especially if their efforts have yet to yield even a lousy beej.  Without engaging in job-endangering flirtation, you can still bask in the shine of the hanger-ons attention by completely ignoring them.  Yup, the more you blow these dudes off, the more they will work to wear you down.  I’m not suggesting you act like a snob, just meet them with polite indifference.  Make them work HARD for it girl.  Nobody is a challenge anymore.  You’ll get a kick out of watching the lengths they’ll go to win you over. 4) Once Boss Lady and her bitch brigade see that you don’t dissolve into a puddle of giggles and swoon every time an attractive man fancies you, they will be forced (even while choking on bitter pettiness) to respect you.  Furthermore, your disinterest in this obvious cock display will make them question their own overvaluation of these sad little stool warmers.